15 Outstanding Medical Website Design Examples You Will Add to Your Wish List

15 Outstanding Medical Website Design Examples You Will Add to Your Wish List

If you are a healthcare provider willing to succeed in your field, follow the simple rule: make sure that your services are of excellent quality. Today, when everyone looks for high-quality services online, a perfectly designed website is a must as it makes the impression before the client even enters your clinic.

A medical or healthcare website, as an important competitive tool, must be attractive, well-organized, user-friendly and, what’s more important, informative.

We used these criteria to find 15 excellent medical website design examples.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital

The Royal Melbourne Hospital website - WebliumVisit the website: https://www.thermh.org.au/

The hospital’s website is a combination of old good website design traditions and best usability practices. You can see the results – it has a trustworthy and regal appearance that is the best solution for the hospital’s 17o-year history.

All the detailed information you may need is right at hand and the website homepage is very actionable, encouraging you to continue interacting with the website through various CTAs and links.

 Cleveland Clinic – healthcare website example

 Cleveland Clinic - healthcare website example - WebliumVisit the website: https://my.clevelandclinic.org/

Nobody needs a clinic website design that is too complex. Often, it is a great idea to show a looping video on the website homepage so that every visitor can get acquainted with the medical institution.

Also, the developers decided to use real photos of doctors as a background image.

More cool ideas implemented here:

  • you can easily find the contacts in the header
  • you can see a user-friendly navigation bar on each website page
  • there are easy-to-find testimonials, patients’ stories that build visitors’ trust  


Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago - WebliumVisit the website: https://www.luriechildrens.org/

The website’s appearance is inviting which is especially important for the hospital serving children. You can understand it at a glance when you see a smiling face of a child as a welcoming image.

Taking into account that the website is targeted at parents, it is created very well.

All the crucial CTAs – like “Find Locations”, “Find a Doctor” or “Request an Appointment” – appear immediately, so you can easily find what you want.  


Fitwise Physiotherapy – best medical website design

Fitwise Physiotherapy - best medical website designVisit the website: https://www.fitwise.com.au/

The website is a great example of a combination of a rich color scheme and pleasant images.

The first thing you notice is the pleasant design: high-quality images are everywhere on the website, sending a positive message to visitors.

All the services and timetable are also at hand. Moreover, there is useful a Patient resource center helping to address clients’ common questions and concerns.

Doctor Steven Park – good medical website design example

Doctor Steven Park - good medical website design example - WebliumVisit the website: http://doctorstevenpark.com/

The first thing you see is the practitioner’s photo – a proven way to build the trust with visitors immediately.

The website of this medical institution allows requesting appointments if needed (in a click of a CTA button). Besides, you can watch different related videos on the website, buy books written by the practitioner, visit guestbook to share your thoughts, etc.

NYU Langone Medical Center websiteNYU Langone Medical Center website - Weblium

Visit the website: http://nyulangone.org/

The website makes an excellent first impression. The captivating photo of New York sunset along with the calming phrase “Your Care Starts Here” do their job.

Thanks to an intuitive search tab, you can find doctors, filtering them by specialty. Each doctor’s personal page has all the detailed information and contacts.

In addition, you can find features like “Patient Login” & “Patient Forms” right at the top, so every patient can securely view his medical charts, download and complete forms before making an appointment.

Oscar health website

Oscar health website - WebliumVisit the website: https://www.hioscar.com/ny

This is a formula for a good website: it is simple while giving you all the necessary information along with related graphics and images.

The “Get a Quote” CTA appears immediately, but you can also easily find info & learn more about the various insurance plans, read patients’ reviews and FAQ.

Northern Health

Northern Health website - WebliumVisit the website: https://www.nh.org.au/

The website highlights the positive attitude straightaway. The logo of a lotus flower, the colors and overall design of the homepage (especially the use of white space) gives off a feeling of serenity.

All the information is easy to find thanks to intutive menus and navigation. By the way, the website has accessibility features for people with eyesight and hearing problems. 

Huntingdale Dental Clinic

huntingdale dental centre website - webliumVisit the website: http://www.huntingdaledc.com.au/

This is a great example of a compact website design: you see all the basic info on the homepage while the details are provided on separate web pages.

Moreover, the homepage offers you a simple and quick appointment form beside the hospital’s working hours.

You will also be impressed by the amazing use of call-to-action buttons throughout the website.

Knoxville Pediatric Associates

Knoxville Pediatric Associates website - weblium

Visit the website: https://www.knoxpediatrics.com/

The slider with photos of smiling children immediately welcomes you to the site.

The navigation features, such as “Meet Our Practitioners,” lead to a page with photos, names, favorite color, and cartoon character – a great idea to make a site equally attractive for parents and kids!

Visitors can easily show and share the info with their kids.

The Royal Women’s Hospital

The Royal Women’s Hospital website - WebliumVisit the website: https://www.thewomens.org.au/

The entire website is made for women, even the color scheme.

The banner shoes beautiful positive images, reflecting the most amazing thing in a woman’s life – the motherhood.

The feminine website design and well-organized presentation of facilities and services quickly and clearly provide people with everything they’re looking for. You will notice the comprehensive support page, offering to help women that have faced violence.

Trask Industries

Trask industries website - webliumVisit the website: https://www.trask-industries.com/

The things we like here are the unique user interface design, original icons and correct use of high-quality videography. This website is an amazing example of responsive design and side navigation.

Nudge Psychology

Nudge Psychology website - WebliumVisit the website: https://nudgepsychology.com/

Visiting Nudge Psychology website, you’ll immediately notice rich design color scheme, pleasant typography combinations and a cool use of geometric shapes. 

Due to the use of colorful landscapes, the website instills the feeling of peace without compromising its main purpose.

Macquarie University Hospital

Macquarie University Hospital website - webliumVisit the website: http://www.muh.org.au/

This is one of the unique sites among the many healthcare providers.

The homepage is designed to highlight the company’s focus on scientific research. The website uses striking images of individuals with geometric insignias on them. The background also uses geometric shapes, reinforcing the message.

Meanwhile, other pages offer the detailed info about advanced procedures and equipment employed.

RedBrick Health

redbrick health website - webliumVisit the website: https://home.redbrickhealth.com/

The main idea is supported by a bright color scheme and vector-based design, which is implemented throughout the entire site, which looks very organic.


As you can see, there is nothing difficult about creating a perfect medical website that will become an ideal tool to attract maximum customers – you just need to find the expert to make it for you.

Use Weblium and get a high-quality, fast and responsive website perfect for your medical institution in just 3 days!

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