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Tips and tricks for a creating and designing your own engagement website

Create engagement websiteThe engagement site is a very good idea because the guests can get all the info they need in one place, at any time. And you will get the bonus free time to browse Pinterest for the coolest ideas for designing your wedding and future home!
It is very convenient, isn’t it? But before you create engagement website, let's think about the important things that should be present on the site.

1. Wishlist
Help the guests to hit the target – post your wishlist, and let them choose from the winning options!
2. Love storyYou can easily remind the guests about the general reason for the celebration: post your love story on the site and tell everyone how it all began!
Everyone wants to know:
• How you met each other.
• What the first date looked like.
• How you decided to have a dog.
• Who made the wedding offer and how.
For instance, you can share some romantic stories about your trips to the eatery, and how it became your favorite.
3. Entertainment for the guests
Ask guests to leave comments on the Website, to express their wishes. It will be great if they remember and share some fun facts or interesting stories about the two of you!
4. Countdown timerDo you already count the days before the wedding? Let the invitees also do that with the countdown timer, so they will know how many days, hours and minutes left before the start of the celebration!
5. RoadmapEveryone should know how to get to the place, so put a map on the website and draw a route. Do not forget to check out if the mobile version works well.
6. Weather forecastForewarned is forearmed, so add a forecast app to the website!
7 .Invitation confirmation form
Paper cards are old-fashioned and expensive. Send an online invitation to immediately find out if a person will come or not.
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