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Tips and tricks for a creating a food & drink website

Why do you need a food ordering/delivery website? That’s simple:

People aged 18-35 spend an equivalent of 5 days during a year browsing food images.

Half of Americans already shop for food online, and this number is predicted to reach 70% in 4 years.


Giving food as a gift is a trend which shaped a market niche worth $18 million.


Companies selling food gifts can increase traffic from new customers by 90% and revenue by 77% during 6 months.


Start with thinking through your food & drink website homepage

Here the world’s best practices how to make an effective food & drink website that we’ve done for you

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Meet your visitors with a true hedonistic paradise!

The simplest option is to show some of your masterpieces or just mouthwatering foods customers can order on your website.

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You can go further and offer some interaction

For instance, let customers mix their own cocktails, pick ingredients for pasty etc through drag & drop interface. If you decide to go with links to other pages, don’t forget about nice images and animations.

Final touch: nice-to-have food & drink website pages


If you have stores in the city, show them on a map. How about marking them with a cupcake, a bottle of wine or your other specialty?


 Show your ordinary day or cooking process. Share some tips. Share a recipe with an ingredient concealed and engage readers to experiment. Tell about the history of some specialties.


Beautiful photos attract new customers. It doesn’t mean you can publish random images found in stocks. Make it real — show that your foods are good-looking and absolutely tasty!


Are you ready to take your business to the new level? Then help to organize tasty events that later will be remembered thanks to your delicious foods & drinks in particular. 

Food & Drink website templates

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Wow Sofi

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La Famiglia

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