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Are forums still alive? Yes, and here’s the reason:

Tips and tricks for creating a forum


users admit that they like to interact with like-minded individuals. Forums guarantee up to 10% participation rate and raise awareness overall.


of the Internet users love sharing knowledge with others. 12% of marketers used forums for promoting their products.


of forum users make friends or find business partners via forums.
Most successful forums — Reddit and Quora — see 100 to 250 mln users monthly.

Forum Website Builder

How to find interesting conversationalists? Create your own forum! Yes, this isn't the easiest way, but the most effective for sure. Besides, it will be not that difficult if you let Weblium developers help you.We have a huge experience in creating forums, and you can find the proof on this page. Scroll down to discover the examples of successful forums on diverse subjects. Here you can find inspiration and ideas for your own forum design.
Don't hesitate whether creating your own forum is a good idea. Just think: you are going to create a place, where people can share their personal experiences in order to help others to avoid and prevent some problems. You will create an outgoing community, willing to discuss significant issues and assist other members. Forums are not about arguing. They are about support.
Let's start with our support for you: create your own forum by using one of the templates you find here on Weblium and let our team customize it for you.

Start with thinking through your a forum homepage

Here are the world’s best practices how to make an effective a forum that we’ve done for you

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Before starting a business talk, introduce yourself. You can keep obvious connection with a company or play around with the words to make it creative.

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Show visitors what information you can provide. Show menu with categories, you specialize in and write about.

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Search & subscribe

Choose what to feature: latest materials, popular reads, video content, gallery etc. This part should be engaging and persuade a visitor to stay and read.

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Ask question

Let people find your company in social media so they can stay connected and keep up with the news.

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There are many visitors willing to receive newsletters. Suggest them to subscribe and make sure they won’t miss a single thing.

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Social media

Users get lost sometimes and need to find an article quickly. Searching function is the solution.

Final touch: nice-to-have forum pages

Our sites Forum isn’t your only resource, right? Tell about your other websites, where users can find answers to their questions, too.
Blog/articles On a certain stage, your forum can outgrow its initial purpose. When it comes to the point to expansion, think about launching a thematic blog. 
Podcasts Considering to make the content more diverse and interesting? Here’s one more challenge for you and one more bonus for your forum.

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