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Tips and tricks for a creating your own personal trainer website

Create personal trainer website

Today, the benefits of personal training are obvious for every modern and conscious man. If you make a living working as a personal fitness trainer, it is worth considering the steps of your professional activity in advance.
The ideal option to attract the attention of customers is to create personal trainer website!

1. Sections, site moduls• Homepage. A very important part of the site, it should be minimalistic, convincing, contain clear benefits, your advantages and contact information.
• Site header. Upload the logo in the header. It will be your main distinctive sign not only on the website but also on your personal business cards. Also, download the favicon to be identified in the search. Also, place the contact info in the header, configure the search, callback module.
• Slider. Put some beautiful bright photos into an interactive slider. Create an advertising text. Make your own photos don’t hesitate to spend money on professional photo session!
• Text on the main page. Place a welcome message that tells visitors about your benefits, services, and, in general, why your clients should choose you.

The main navigation menu of the site

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• "About the coach". Describe your success, achievements, the things that differentiate you from the other trainers, what you can offer, tell people how you have made all the way to success (it is better to create an interesting high-quality video!).
• «Services». Tell about all your services in detail, ranging from personal training, spa services to personal diet planning. Make separate subsections for each service and place links on the main page.
• «Prices & Promotions». Make a prices section and give all the detailed descriptions. The more detailed and understandable the prices are, the greater is the chance that visitors will turn into your clients.
• «Schedule». The regularly updated schedule will be very useful for your customers!
• «Our trainers» (optional). Be sure to make a section with the pictures and resumes of your coaches. It’s a fact that people fall in love with the trainer whom they trust, so they may want to read the information about them in advance.
• «Contacts». Place all the addresses of your clubs, contact phones, e-mails and other contact info here. Make a feedback form.

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