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The war and genocide in Ukraine. Weblium’s official position.

On the 24th of February, at approximately 5 am Russian troops shelled military bases of the sovereign state of Ukraine, then they started a full scale attack. Contrary to official statements by the Russian authorities that their main target is military facilities, the victims of this war include a large part of the civilian population of Ukraine. Opposition to Russian aggression obliges everyone to act — inaction in this case is a form of assisting the aggressor.

Weblium is an American company, but most of our team is located in Ukraine. All of them, like all Ukrainian people, have suffered from Russian bombs. Some of them have lost their homes, others — their relatives, and some people are still in the hotspots without any opportunity to escape.


We cannot stand aside, and we want to make our position clear:

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Weblium condemns Russian aggression against Ukraine and all related actions: shellings of Ukrainian cities and killing civilians, destroying Ukrainian infrastructure, threats of man-made disaster due to Russian destructive actions in Chernobyl and other nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

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 We terminate all cooperation with Russian clients. All services provided to those users will be canceled and their websites will be disabled.

We urge everyone who can financially support Ukraine and its people to stand up alongside them in the fight against the invader. Send funds to:

To the special accounts of the Serhiy Prytula, "Come Back Alive" and PeoplesProject charity foundations — if you want to support the Ukrainian army directly.


Serhiy Prytula FundJoin our fight for freedom


Fund "Return Alive"A charity fund helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine


PeoplesProjectAll-Ukrainian Volunteer Center

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We provide FREE ACCESS to our Pro subscription for all of those who create web-sites to support refugees and help the Armed Forces of Ukraine or portals for information warfare with the aggressor.
See examples of these websites below.

We believe in our victory over the Russian invaders, and we'll do everything we can for it to come sooner. We will provide troubleproof operation of websites built on our platform. Even this war will not get in its way, because our infrastructure is located on Google Cloud servers outside of Ukraine.Stay strong, dear friends! Glory to Ukraine!
Sincerely, Weblium team.

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