15 Best Linktree Alternatives in 2024

15 Best Linktree Alternatives in 2024

A social media presence is crucial to developing a business or personal brand. Most social networks allow you to add only one link to your profile description. To gather all your valuable resources under one URL and add a link in bio, Linktree is often used. If you are unsatisfied with Linktree’s functionality and are looking for an alternative to optimize your links, this list is for you.


Later is a social media management tool. Besides the link in bio feature, it allows you to schedule posts, facilitates content creation, and provides access to analytics.

A particularly beneficial feature for online stores is the ability to add up to 5 product links to each post. Due to the integration with Google Analytics, you can track which posts with links generate more sales.

Later plans

Later provides a free 14-day trial. There are also 3 plans available:

  • Starter plan — from $16.67 per month
  • Growth plan — from $30 per month
  • Advanced plan — from $53.33 per month


Tap.bio is a simple alternative to Linktree in the form of Instagram-like stories. You can create a series of stories with the necessary links and add them to your profile bio.

Tap.bio plans

The significant advantage is the free version. If you need to create a link in bio for one profile, the Basic plan will fit the bill. To get access to analytics and the ability to add multiple profiles, you should go for the Silver or Gold plan.

  • Basic plan is free
  • Silver plan — $5 per month / $36 per year
  • Gold plan — $12 per month / $96 per year
weblium website builder

The website builder is perfect for creating a landing page with links. There are 300+ website templates available on the Weblium platform. Using the intuitive interface, you can easily create your page from blocks. You can customize them and modify their position, color, size, and style.

The free plan works well for getting to know the platform. If you are planning to build your webpage with links or a website, consider the Pro plan.

Weblium plans

  • Free plan
  • Pro plan — from $8.25 per month


Another Linktree alternative is Shor.by. With this service, you can create your landing with links and add videos, blog posts, or products. It also allows you to integrate messengers and automatically create link previews.

Shor.by plans

  • Rocket plan — from $12 per month
  • Pro plan — from $24 per month
  • Agency plan — from $82 per month

Pallyy was primarily designed for planning a social media feed and scheduling posts. Now, it also offers the function of creating links in bio. The interface is simple: you can choose a theme and colors, add links and previews of posts.

Pallyy plans

  • Free plan
  • Premium plan — $18 per month + 14-day trial

Campsite.bio is another tool for link management. It offers 18 pre-made page themes and the ability to customize your theme, 1000+ fonts, and 4000+ icons. You can add an unlimited number of links in Campsite.bio. There is a free plan and two paid plans with advanced features such as analytics, additional themes, carousel function, forms, etc.

Campsite.bio plans

  • Free plans
  • Pro plan — $7 per month + 10-day trial
  • Pro+ plan — $24 per month + 10-day trial


Smart.bio is an alternative to Linktree from Tailwind, a marketing management tool. It provides unlimited links, customizable design, auto-updates of your bio page, and advanced analytics. You can create a link in bio for free or choose one of Tailwind’s plans that include additional marketing tools.

Tailwind plans

  • Free Forever plan
  • Pro plan — from $14.99 per month
  • Advanced plan — from $24.99 per month
  • Max plan — from $49.99 per month

The Link in Bio tool by Beacons lets you create a landing page with different types of content: links, music, photos, videos, GIFs, and docs. It also allows you to choose your domain and set up email subscriptions. Integrations with Shopify, Etsy, Mailchimp, and Patreon are available.

Beacons plans

  • Free plan
  • Marketing Bundle plan — $30 per month
  • VIP plan — $100 per month

Feedlink offers unlimited links, 40+ templates, customized design, analytics, and the ability to remove Feedlink branding in the paid version. You can add a specific link to each post. It is also possible to blog, schedule posts on Instagram, and automatically send newsletters based on your latest posts on TikTok and Instagram.

Feedlink plans

  • Free plan
  • Pro plan — $6 per month +7-day trial
  • Business plan — $19 per month +7-day trial
  • Agency plan — $29 per month +7-day trial


Elink is a platform that lets you create link in bio, web pages, newsletters, RSS widgets, save bookmarks, and more. The service provides unlimited links and 50+ layouts for various industries. You can change a header image, colors, fonts, and themes. An Elink subscription also includes access to other tools.

Elink plans

  • Free plan
  • Pro plan — from $10 per month
  • Auto Pilot plan — from $30 per month


Bitly is a well-known Linktree alternative, a service for shortening links, creating QR codes, and link in bio. The platform provides standard features: the ability to customize backgrounds, colors, fonts, shapes, and shadows on the page, as well as tracking analytics. A paid subscription also includes QR code generation and link-shortening features.

Bitly tariffs

  • Free plan
  • Core plan — from $8 per month
  • Growth plan — from $29 per month
  • Premium plan — from $199 per month


Lnk.bio is an easy-to-use service that requires no additional registration. You can log in through your Instagram account, choose a template you like, and create your landing page. The platform uses the official Instagram API and does not ask for your password. You can add as many links as you like.

Lnk.bio plans

  • Free plan
  • Mini plan — $0.99 per month
  • Mini plan without subscription — $9.99 one-time payment
  • Unique plan without subscription — $24.99 one-time payment

Milkshake is an app that enables you to create a landing page with links in the form of cards. You can swipe them like Instagram stories. You need to choose a card and fill it with content: text, images, GIFs, videos, links, blog posts, or podcast episodes. After that, the app will allow you to choose a design and add your brand colors, logo, or photos. With Milkshake, you can create up to 5 pages and track click-throughs. The free plan is a perfect fit, while the Pro plan allows you to remove the watermark.

Milkshake plans

  • Free Forever plan
  • Pro plan — the cost depends on your location

Choko.Link is a Ukrainian service for creating multi links. This tool has a simple interface. You can add links to social networks, messengers, a website, a store, blog posts, etc. Choosing a design from the proposed themes and connecting Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel is possible.

The free plan allows you to create one page with multiple links, add up to 5 blocks, and track conversions. With the Plus plan, you can build up to 11 pages, add up to 25 blocks to each page, create a feedback form, get additional design options, and set up detailed analytics. 

Choko.Link plans

  • Free plan
  • Plus plan — approx. $1-2 per month


Snipfeed is a platform for monetizing digital products. It allows you to create a page with links, schedule appointments, organize events, leverage marketing tools to engage customers, and more.

Snipfeed offers a library of templates for various industries, unlimited links, automatic newsletters after the product purchase, etc.

Snipfeed plans

  • Starter plan — $9 per month
  • Pro plan — $29 per month
  • Pro Plus plan — $59 per month

What is the best Linktree alternative?

Our list of the link in bio services includes paid and free Linktree alternatives with additional marketing tools. You can pick the option that suits your needs and budget.

If you need not only a service for link in bio, but a platform for creating a fully functional website for your business development, then the Weblium website builder is your option. On this platform, you can easily create a web page from blocks. Try out the 14-day trial and create your landing page today.