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Tips and tricks for a creating an education website

Tips and tricks for a creating an education website

Global e-learning market grew by 9.2% during 5 years and is worth around $107 billion.

81% of learners admit they have started taking classes for personal development.

65% of those, who prefer classroom studying, name online search as the most trusted source of information about companies.

Start with thinking through your education website homepage

Here the world’s best practices how to make an effective education website that we’ve done for you More About Weblium

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Put an accent on the quality of materials, not the quantity of available courses or specializations. Although the latter can help to attract more users, people thoroughly check everything to choose only useful content.

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Let users know that they aren’t going to gain piecewise knowledge. They can level up current skills and learn more about a particular issue. The others can enroll to a program for beginners and learn everything with you.

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Video lectures, online library, podcasts, worksheets — these and similar materials can be either an extra for classes or just a bonus for users.

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Introduce people, who are going to share their knowledge and professional experience. This will help new students feel more comfortable. In fact, some may enroll to classes just because they like teachers!

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Tell visitors what makes your education website, school or courses different from other similar resources. Tell about your goal, values, benefits, exclusive courses or materials.

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Even if you don’t go with being available 24/7, make it easy for people to reach you. Phone number and email are the must; social networks are highly desirable and a huge bonus for your reputation. Popup chat or callback form will be just perfect.

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The homepage should be motivational.

Whether you decide to describe your school or online education system in a nutshell, go with a catching logo, tell about advantages or simply go with a motivating image, it should encourage website visitors to contact you and start studying immediately.

Final touch: nice-to-have education website pages

Schedule When your school offers many classes, providing schedules may be a bit tricky task. Nevertheless, personalization is appreciated by students. As an option, display this info in a personal profile.
Blog From efficient learning strategies to the recent trends and personal experiences, here you can tell about everything you consider important and interesting for students.
Community You can develop the entire educational society on the base of your education website. It may be a forum, events, discussion club or any other option that encourages communication between students.

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Use the tips listed above to create your oen perfect education website. Check this template if you still have any doubts!

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Education Website Templates

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