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Creating a website has never been so easy!

Start with an impressive Weblium website template. Add sections you need, remove those you don’t. The builder is intuitive. The learning curve is fast. Building a unique site with Weblium is free, efficient, and attainable for everyone. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy web designer—the only thing required is a clear vision of why you need a site! 

Check the free bookstore website templates:
Bookstore template Bookstore template

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Bookstore template Bookstore template Bookstore template

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Regardless of whether you want to open a simple small e-bookstore and sell your own books or a large online marketplace with a huge catalog of the world’s latest novelties, keep in mind that such a business can be very profitable!

And the most important thing you should start with is creating your bookstore website and increase your online presence.

Creating such a website can be a difficult task, but using the website builders you can create a good website easier, faster, and cheaper and start attracting new customers from all over the world. You simply choose the free bookstore website template you like, change the design, if necessary, upload your content and go online!

Here are a few online bookstore website must-haves:

Home page. You are not just selling books – you are selling emotions. Create an inspiring, beautiful copy that will encourage a thoughtful reader. Do not forget about the terms of delivery and payment, work schedule, contacts, feedback, and CTAs, located in the most prominent places.

Clear directory structure. For example, you can divide your products catalog into such sections: national and foreign literature, textbooks, children’s books, documentaries, mysticism, modern literature, gift editions.

Do not forget about the subcategories: modern literature can be divided into detective stories, horrors, romance novels, cooking, needlework, parenting, hunting and fishing, children’s literature (categorized by the age).

Product catalog descriptions. Each product item must be presented in the best possible light: the most detailed description, a high-quality scanned image, edition details. All this will attract potential customers to the site, as well as demonstrate that you are a serious and responsible bookseller.

Create a unique description, use keywords to improve SEO optimization.

Payment and delivery. PayPal is by far the most common and reliable payment method, but there are countries where it’s not supported yet. Make your customers’ lives easier and add all popular payment methods (Payoneer, Moneybookers, MasterCard, and Visa) to your site – and get more buyers!

Be sure to offer a delivery (adding the courier delivery option is a good idea).

The blog. Check out the blogs of famous stores: they look like full-fledged online magazines with professional articles and reader comments. Here are some blog ideas:

  • reviews of new/specific books;
  • author’s biography (fascinating facts);
  • great quotes;
  • translated articles from foreign resources;
  • market news;
  • entertainment content.

Create an email list for your customers.

Any site has a great opportunity of receiving potential buyers’ contacts. Offer your visitors the opportunity to subscribe to the bookstore newsletter in exchange for their emails.

An interesting weekly newsletter will encourage many customers to come back to your site and make purchases.

Using the young Weblium site builder, you can create an effective site without writing a single line of code! Each bookstore website template is created by experienced web design gurus based on a deep niche study, so you don’t even have to think over your website’s structure!