Pop Up Tutorial: How to Make More Sales with PopUps?

Pop Up Tutorial: How to Make More Sales with PopUps?

Want to boost sales on your website? Just one window can increase the number of sales and requests on your site, and retain a loyal audience. Yes, we’re talking about pop-ups!

The main thing is to use them correctly. In this pop up tutorial, we’ll share with you different types of pop ups, emphasize the most effective ones, and teach you to create them for free.

PopUp Meaning and Benefits

Pop-ups are user interface elements that are displayed on top of a web page in a browser. They suddenly appear without a user request or on click.

They can carry additional information, invite customers to subscribe, leave contact information, or take advantage of a discount.

Typically, if a window pops up right in the middle of a session, it only scares users away. Therefore, on most sites, pop-ups appear when an action is taken: for example, if a customer has confirmed an order, left a phone number, etc.

Popup significantly increases the capabilities of your web resource. Here’s how just one well-configured popup can help your website:

  • Increase sales and conversions. A pop-up can appear when visitors have spent some time on your site but hesitate to make a purchase. In this case, the pop-up can motivate your customers to take action.
  • Retain a potential client and increase loyalty. Using pop-ups, you can offer users discounts on the next purchases with a special promo code.
  • Manage the internal traffic of your site. You can mention other pages of your site in the popup and put hyperlinks. In this way, you link sections of your site with each other and help customers find what they need faster.
  • Get more subscribers from different social networks. Using popups, you can remind about your social networks and encourage your website visitors to subscribe.

Types of Pop-Ups

A pop-up can cause a negative reaction if it appears at the wrong time, does not make sense, or totally blocks the content on your website. Therefore, it is important to choose the right types of pop ups that suit your goals.

Click Pop Up

Click pop up appears when your customer takes a certain targeted action. For example, clicks on a certain link or button.

Click Pop Up

Benefits. This type of popup saves space on the page and allows you to organize a convenient interface that is not overloaded with elements.

Disadvantages. If users don’t perform the required action, this pop up won’t turn up.

When to use it. This type of popup can be used to display a subscription or feedback form. On-click pop-ups can also show hints or clarifications. For example, a customer clicks on the “Call me back” button. A window immediately pops up with a callback order form.

Exit Pop Up

Exit popup is displayed when the visitor is about to leave your site.

Exit Pop Up

Benefits. An exit popup will keep visitors on your site by offering a great deal they won’t miss.

Disadvantages. Such a pop-up makes no sense if it doesn’t offer anything valuable to make the visitor stay. 

When to use it. The exit pop-up is aimed at keeping your visitors’ attention. Therefore, the window is usually used to offer additional relevant material. You can invite customers to another section of your site, or get an email.

Sidebar Scroll Pop Up

Sidebar scroll pop up turns up when customers scroll a certain percentage of the page.

Sidebar Scroll Pop Up

Benefits. It’s a nice type of the popups for sale, special offers.

Disadvantages. If such a popup appears at the wrong time, it may not bring the expected results. For example, if you show a discount for products that customers have not yet scrolled to. In addition, many users do not scroll to the bottom of your site at all. Use the statistics on average page scrolls to determine the best time to show such a popup. 

When to use it. In the sidebar scroll pop-up, you can tell users about news and current promotions, offer a subscription to the newsletter, or an exclusive discount on the specific product.

Timed Pop Up

A timed pop up shows up after a certain time customers have spent on your page.

Timed Pop Up

Benefits.You can specify the exact time (e.g., 30 seconds of being on your site) when the pop up should turn up. We will show you how to do it on Weblium below in our popup tutorial

Disadvantages. There is no consensus about the exact time to show timed popups. The best option is to show popups no earlier than 60 seconds after your site is loaded. This time is enough for visitors to assess your site and decide whether to stay or leave. Still, only multiple tests will determine the best time to show a popup.

When to use it. You can offer to subscribe to your newsletter. Attract leads, collect requests for a callback, provide a demo access to your service, and more. A nice example would be a deal of the day banner appearing when visitors have already familiarized themselves with your assortment. 

Entrance Pop Up

An entrance pop up shows up immediately on page load and blocks the content until customers perform a required action.

Entrance Pop Up

Benefits. You can use this kind of popup for collecting leads or redirecting users to another page. It’s a perfect layout to draw users’ attention to your special offers, sales, etc.

Disadvantages. Most visitors will simply close your site if you have not provided anything of value, So, don’t show this pop up just to say “welcome”.

When to use it. More often, welcome popups are used for emergency communication with visitors. For example, you can notify about technical problems, invite to webinars, tell about a major update or total sale. Entrance popups are also used to collect emails and generate leads through gated content. 

Opt-in Bar

Just like the sidebar scroll popup, the opt-in bar remains visible to visitors while they are exploring your site. Usually, such a block is fixed at the top or bottom of the page.

Opt-in Bar

Benefits. All customers will see your promotion or offer at all times. In addition, an opt-in bar does not irritate users and does not overlap other elements on the web page.

Disadvantages. You can’t put a lot of information on a narrow strip – just one sentence and a couple of buttons or an input field.

When to use it. Such pop-ups should be eye-catching, so they are best used on pages that do not have a lot of graphic elements. Opt-in bars can be used to navigate between sections of your site, offer additional discounts or subscription to your newsletter.

Pop Up Tutorial: How to Create a PopUp on Your Site?

While there are many costly popup services like GetSiteControl, Weblium offers this functionality for free. Popups are already included in the Pro plan. So, rest assured there won’t be any upsells! 

To create a pop-up on Weblium, you will need about 15 minutes and just a few clicks. Follow this pop up tutorial below to create and customize your sales boosting pop-up.

Open the Weblium Editor and choose the Pop-Ups section.

How to Create a PopUp

You will see all the existing pop-ups in the list, or an invitation to create your first pop-up. Click on [+] to add a pop-up.

You can choose one of the ready blocks to use it as a pop-up. They are all divided into 9 types. If you haven’t found the proper solution, you can use the custom block to create a layout from scratch, or request a block.

add a pop-up

Let’s add a CTA pop-up to your website. Choose the one you like the most from this section, click on it. It will be added to the list of existing pop-ups on your website. 

Now you can rename your pop-up, duplicate, delete it, and configure settings. 

popup editing

  • In the Triggers section, specify when you want to show the pop-up and don’t forget about its frequency. You can choose multiple actions and configure additional settings for each of them. 
  • In the Layout section, you can choose the size of the pop-up. 
  • To add animation effects, go to the Animation section. 

In order to open a pop-up by clicking on any button on your website, simply open the button settings in the editor, and choose [open popup].

configure popup settings

To edit the text and style of your pop-up, click on its name in the pop-ups menu.

edit the text

You can customize everything, from background to buttons and links. Editing a pop-up in the Weblium Editor is no different from editing any other block on your Weblium site. 

The awesome feature is that the chosen site styles, fonts, and color schemes will be applied to your pop-up automatically

When everything is ready, publish your site and check if everything works exactly the way you wanted.

Here’s how a well-selling pop-up works! Check it out to get a tasty bonus 🙂

Weblium team constantly works on the Pop-ups section, adding more stylish and efficient blocks, new settings, and triggers. You can always refer to our pop ups tutorial or contact the support team if you’re stuck with editing your pop-ups. 

We hope you will enjoy our pop-ups as much as we do. That’s how you can boost your sales like crazy! 

User-Friendly Pop Ups and Best Pop Up Ads

Your main goal is to set a popup that will bring you some benefits and will not be annoying for customers.

Here are 7 rules for a sales-boosting popup:

Intuitive interface. Your customers should be able to make a decision immediately. That’s why the text and buttons should be large and prominent.

Design matters. Pop-ups should match the design scheme of your whole site. Use contrasting buttons and vibrant colors.

popup design matters

Copy optimization. Pop-ups have little space for text, so use simple and clear language with only one call to action. Do not mix different offers in one popup.

Weblium popup optimization

Adaptability. Keep in mind that a large portion of your traffic comes from mobile users. Your pop-up window must be fully compatible with a smartphone screen.  

Demonstration relevance. Take into account the logic and relevance to the current actions of customers. For example, it is inappropriate to show subscription forms to those who have already left their email. 

popup relevance

Pop-ups shouldn’t be intrusive. If a customer has closed the popup, it should not show up again. Also, don’t offer the same thing several times in a row. 

A clear call to action. Users need to understand what actions are expected from them. For example, “Subscribe to the newsletter”, “Visit our store”, “Get a 20% discount”.

Increase Your Conversions with PopUps 

When used correctly, pop-ups are a valuable marketing tool. For example, SUMO analyzed 2 billion pop-up ads and found that their conversion rate could be as high as 40%+.

To achieve high conversion, it is important to follow these three don’ts:

  • Don’t show pop-ups right at the moment customers enter your site. With a great degree of probability, they will immediately leave the page. This is not only a good call to lose a customer but also affects your positions in search results.
  • Don’t use call-to-action widgets prematurely. If a pop-up appears when customers are not ready yet to subscribe to the newsletter or place an order, they will close it.
  • Don’t hide the option to close the pop-up. It’s the main advice in our pop ups tutorial. Visitors react extremely negatively to such pop-ups, especially when accessing your site from a tablet or smartphone.


Pop-ups are an effective and simple tool to increase your visitors’ engagement and conversion. The main thing is to give visitors useful information or additional value (e.g., a discount). Don’t annoy users with sudden windows they can’t close.

Creating a popup on Weblium takes no more than 15 minutes. You can create different popups for different events, test them, and find the highest converting options. Try and experiment for better results!

Add a popup on your website now to see how it works!

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Harris Long
Harris Long
Aug 5, 2020 3:35 pm

A very cool update! Pop-ups can do a great job of engaging your audience. If you want to get carried away and invite a buyer to take action, this is a cool idea.

Melissa Watson
Melissa Watson
Aug 5, 2020 3:52 pm

Already on this page below I saw a pop-up. It looks interesting, cool that you are developing and implementing updates to please us, your users.

Pratibha Maurya
Pratibha Maurya
Aug 23, 2020 5:33 pm

This is one of the greatest update because it helps us to have interaction whenever we visit the website. Which also makes easier for us to gather information in a short time.