What Is a Business Portfolio: Business Portfolio Examples

What Is a Business Portfolio: Business Portfolio Examples

Business Portfolio Definition

A business portfolio is a set of company’s products, services, strategic business units and allows it to develop its mission and to achieve its strategic goals. 

By demonstrating your expert knowledge and the results of its application to practice, with the help of a well-designed business portfolio, you build and strengthen the trust of potential customers and your competitive position. That is, you answer the most important customer’s question: “What can your company do useful for him”.

The main thing is to properly design your business portfolio. And now that you know what is a business portfolio, we will tell you in detail how to do that and show you some amazing award-winning business portfolio examples that will inspire you!

Product Portfolio Definition

A product portfolio is the set of all the products and/or services offered by a company.

Its analysis can provide nuanced views on the stock type, company growth prospects, profit margin drivers, income contributions, market leadership, and operational risk. 

 The difference between business and product portfolio

The product portfolio is focused only on the physical items sold by the company, while business portfolios s focused on a wider range of elements including productive assets such as equipment, machinery, and fixed assets. 

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How to Make a Business Portfolio

1. Complete the company profile

In addition to brief information about the company’s activities, history, founders, team, strengths, you should give the visitor the information about himself, his interests and needs. He must find out how you solve his problems and why you are sure to do it.

Make a smart move: a video message from the owner of the business adds personality to it.

2. Add information about education and certification

The business portfolio should include brief information about the education of the team’s strongest players, their experience and awards, the refresher courses that they have taken, and a list with the company’s awards.

3. Mission statements, standards, and objectives

After conducting the portfolio analysis,  give a potential client a clear vision of the prospects for cooperation with you, clearly answering the following questions:

  • Why was the company created?
  • What are you doing?
  • Who are your potential customers?
  • Where exactly you offer your products/services?
  • How do you do this? («What makes your business unique?», «What are your competitive advantages?»).
  • «What is important to you?».
  • «What your business is going to become in the nearest future?» and «How are you going to achieve your long term goals?

4. Describe your products & services

Each product should be described in detail: indicate its purpose, advantages, sizes, optional color options, materials that were used. It is important to add pictures of different angles and even a product demo video.

5. Visualization

It is a good idea to illustrate each project using high-quality photography.

In addition to photos of ready-made solutions, add photos of customers using your products or services. The «before» and «after» photos work perfectly, illustrating the way your product or service improves the customer’s life.

6. Describe the successful projects

Describe each project:

  • the project parameters – what was its goal, the terms;
  • the detailed description – how the project was being performed, what difficulties you had encountered, how you’ve managed to overcome them;
  • the result – what goal was achieved (show some numbers). For example, some people prefer to see how the budget has increased, the others would like to see the positive dynamics in progress.

7. Add information about professional affiliations

Be sure to add the information about the large corporations or prestigious organizations in the industry your company is working/had worked with.

Summarize your company’s participation within the business group. For example, if you own a construction firm, list the affiliations you have with the United Construction Workers Association.

8. Add testimonials and references

One of the best ways to increase the customers’ confidence in your company is to show the clients that are happy to cooperate with you.

A short paragraph with a customer’s photo will be enough. If the client does not mind, you can specify his contact details for new clients to contact them for references.

business portfolio example - weblium blog

9. Add the customer success stories

As a complement to the previous paragraph, you can add some detailed customer success stories. Post information about the customer’s experience of using your product/service, and how it helped him to solve the problem.

10.  Add CTA

Feedback is the most important step. Add your CTAs to the main page and place some of them on the project pages.

For example, if you have a web-development studio, you can add the «Order a website like this» after the project description. This encourages the visitor to make an order and simplifies the process.

11. Fill out the contact information

Leave the full contact information of the company:

  • address;
  • phone number;
  • e-mail;
  • add social media buttons.

Also, be sure to create a contact form that your visitor can use to send an inquiry. Make sure to ask for just a few important things, such as name, email, and phone number. 

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Business Portfolio Examples

#1. Serious: business product portfolio examples

business portfolio examples - weblium

Awwwards loading animation collection

After enjoying a cool minimalistic loading animation, you find yourself on the website with a laconic menu, a scrollable colorful tagline in the header and an unusual contact form on the right.

When scrolling, the main white blocks are interspersed with pink blocks with interesting animations and illustrations. The unique feature of the site is the well-created and successfully located catchy CTAs that are almost everywhere where you need them.

#2. Oui Will – business portfolio examples 

business portfolio examples - weblium

site of the day Awwwards winner

The website is the perfect combination of white background, vertical and horizontal scrolling, contrasting large letters. It has very simple and clear navigation and attractive animation elements that emphasize the overall style of the site.

#3. Bensen website: business portfolio example 

site of the day Awwwards winner

The website developers managed to create a very simple design that allows to successfully include all the most important, primary information.

The product lines section is well-structured, and large, professionally-made photos look perfect in contrast with a white background. 

#4. Muraflex

site of the day Awwwards winner

This website design uses a parallax effect, which draws your attention to short text blocks. Despite the huge amount of white space, the site does not look empty; on the contrary, it gives the design a touch of elegance. The scrollable header represents the most popular designs, and you can find all the detailed information below.

#5. Weblium

business portfolio examples


The project page of the 5th generation AI website builder is simple, yet quite illustrative and well-structured.

It looks like everything is taken care of: white background, bright illustrations of different sizes with the short project descriptions, a menu in the header and footer, standard «sign up» and «login» buttons and a bright online chat icon that is available anywhere on the page.

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