What is DDoS, and how do you stand against it?

What is DDoS, and how do you stand against it?

Varying attacks on websites and other online infrastructures are not rare. There are a lot of examples, such as recent game-development hacks, which have led to massive information leaks. Since many users think that attacks can only happen to huge companies, smaller companies become an easier target for hackers. 

In this article, we will look closely at DDoS attacks, show who can become the victim, and how to stand against hackers.

ddos how to be safe online

DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-service) is an attack method focused on interrupting or stopping the work of a particular resource. 

The main goal of a DDoS attack is to make a website unavailable for its users. DDoS can target not only specific websites but also the servers of large companies. The attack occurs by sending numerous packets to the website, making it spend all its resources to process them. 

Hackers create a virtual network of devices or use many physical devices to make their actions effective. However, in many cases, hackers can process the attack using only one PC.

Furthermore, even your device can be a part of the network. We will tell you further in the text how to know whether you are a part of a DDoS network. 

What are the goals of a DDoS attack?

ddos goals how to get protected from ddos

The main aim of the attack is to make the website unavailable. In some cases, the attack might have no specific goal. For example, suppose there is a massive attack on some company. In that case, the overload of the site can be just an additional influence method, even if the website is just a navigational hub for visitors. 

In some cases, DDoS is aimed at stopping the work of the store. The longer the website is down, the more money the company will lose. 

The reasons for the attack might be different and, usually, individual. Most often, reasons why someone can DDoS you. They include the following:

  • Competitors. Competition is always an extra motivation. However, in some cases, people can go too far and order a DDoS attack on your store. It is not that hard to find specialists who can overload the competitor’s website, and their services can be pretty cheap: up to $20 per hour for the website not responding. 
  • Unsatisfied customers. You never know how far a customer can go if he dislikes your store’s service. Having specific skills or resources, he can start an attack. 
  • Random attackers. Sometimes, your store can become a random target. When the website is overloaded, criminals can send you a list of their demands. 

However, it is hard to know the exact reasons for the attack. It is possible only in cases where the attacker contacts you. But the main thing you need to know is how to overcome the consequences of attacks.

How do you ensure you are not a part of a DDoS attack?

As we mentioned before, any PC can become a part of an attacker’s network and become a part of criminal activity. Potentially, any customer can be in a risk zone. The following things can make the situation worse:

  • Downloading pirated software. You never know what is included in the software you download. If you decide to use pirated software, you can call trouble because it might make your device a part of a DDoS attack. 
  • Downloading software from unknown sources. Sometimes, you might need an application to complete some minor tasks. You find one, use it, and, in the best case, delete it. However, you will never know what is implemented in this application. 

You should only download legit applications from trusted sources. This way, you can be sure that your device will be safe. To exclude the possibility that your device will be infected, you should do the following steps:

  • Install antivirus software. It is a simple step, but you should at least activate the default Windows Defender. It will be able to detect whether there are issues with the system. 
  • Reinstall the OS. This step is never pleasant, but it will help you start working with your PC from scratch. From this point, you can begin downloading only licensed and trusted applications. 

You should also pay attention to all changes in the work of your PC or phone. Sudden interruptions can mean that there is a virus on your device.

How does Weblium protect your websites?

ddos attacks how to get protected

The safety of websites is Weblium‘s priority. DDoS is one of the most common types of attack. This is why we have a lot of measures to prevent DDoS. 

  • The analysis of activity. The constant analysis allows us to react to all the threats immediately.
  • Using cloud servers. Cloud servers can process much higher load than local services. It means that even while the attack is happening, the website will be available to users, and our support team will have time to stop the attack preventing losses.
  • Redirecting the packages. It is essential to understand that DDoS is always about a vast amount of data. This is why if suspicious activity is detected and our specialists see huge loads of data transferred to the website, the actions will be taken. Harmful data will be redirected so that the website will continue its work. 

When the attack is in action, our support team does everything required to exclude all possible issues as soon as possible.


DDoS is one of the most common methods of attacking yet one of the most effective. Anyone can order the attack at any time. 

But Weblium protects users’ safety. We regularly update our security measures and implement new tools to make your websites even more secure. Moreover, if you notice strange activity on your website, report it to our support team for further investigation.

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