10 Best Ways To Collect Website Leads

10 Best Ways To Collect Website Leads

Lead term is pretty self-explanatory. Metaphorically speaking, the marketer’s goal is to say “hey guys, take my hand” and lead prospects deeper through the marketing funnel to a level where people start buying. 

Lead generation strategies are mostly based on classical purchase funnel.

In a broad sense, lead management is a set of practices developed to generate new clients. Lead management is widely applied to all the B2C and B2B sectors. Let’s skip the offline ways as this post is dedicated to digital marketing. So…

Lead generation in digital marketing 

In a nutshell, here is the scheme of lead generation: visitors become leads, and leads form sales.

The primary objective of any commercial website promotion is to turn visitors into clients of the company that owns the site. More precisely, we should create conditions that make visitors follow offers represented on the landing pages. It sounds pretty simple, but the process is much more complex.

Everything starts when the visitor navigates to a web site—no matter did he or she find it via Google, pop-up ads or maybe clicked CTA button in promo email… The bare fact is the same: a new visitor is on the landing page now. He or she gets acquainted with our commercial offer there… but still may leave if he is not interested. Therefore, our mission is to lead the visitor to the next stage of interaction. This is when a visitor makes a phone or Skype call, fills out the registration form, sends emails or orders some product.

This first real contact is the moment of lead generation itself: visitor becomes a lead, and this turning point is called conversion.

I.e. lead is a prospect who independently gets in contact with the company and shares the contact data being motivated by the commercial offer on the website. In turn, the company will continue the communication with a new customer trying to convert him into a loyal client.

As for lead generation examples, let’s look at an online store order: the new lead is generated when a visitor adds some product in his cart. At the moment of payment, the visitor becomes a client. The percentages of visitors that become leads and visitors turned into clients are called conversion rates.

Factors that impact the lead generation 

There are four factors that convert turning visitors into leads: 

  • traffic rate; 
  • traffic relevance;
  • commercial offer; 
  • landing page usability. 

These factors depend on our marketing skills and efforts. What can we do to optimize the website and therefore to collect leads? There are four basic rules:

  • create a website with a stylish design, user-friendly interface, and well-structured content;
  • write strong and appealing text;
  • describe the benefits of goods or services you sell;
  • provide easy and convenient ways for ordering and contacting.

These baselines are cornerstones for all the lead generation strategies somehow. Now let’s continue with the topic we announced in this post subject. You’re right, we’re about to look at 10 lead generation techniques for your website. 

10 performing ways to collect leads

Diversified pages optimization 

The first solution for collecting leads is to determine the most traffic loaded pages of your website as they have the strongest lead generation potential. Then, apply your imagination and efforts in two directions—to optimize these most productive pages even more, and to improve other pages which gain less traffic load. As we can see, this task is closely connected with your entire marketing strategy. For example, you own the clothing store—and your pages are structured by gender, style, etc. Analyze what is sold better, and which goods require additional promotion.

How to find the “bestseller” pages? It’s all about web analytics and tools like Google Analytics to the rescue here. Go to Behavior page, then to Site Content, and then to All Pages where you will find stats on page views. Then, pay attention to other rates like average time visitors spend on your pages, etc. Comparing the various metrics rates you will see the entire picture and figure out your strong and weak content. 

This is priceless data to optimize not only the website but the whole brand strategy. Using this data you can also collect leads as an income.

Lead magnet helps 

Remember, that the email is still the most effective marketing channel. The email always fills more personal, thus, becomes more effective promotion. Emails are easy to share and easy to manage. Comparing to the technologies even 5 years ago, now it’s super easy to create a professional campaign, even without any HTML skills using a drag-n-drop email editor or ready to go templates.  

Why visitors should share their contact addresses? Don’t overestimate their independent initiative, people aren’t predisposed to predict your wishes. You need their email addresses. So take care of this and think about how to motivate visitors to share contact data. Of course, the best way to do this is to offer something in return. This is what is called a lead magnet—profits and benefits offered for customer action.

Lead magnets are typically digital products—ebooks, software trial versions, etc. Just make sure that reward products are relevant and help clients to solve problems in everyday life. If so, visitors will surely share their email addresses, you can keep in contact with them.

Another idea for generating more leads is giving discounts and personal coupons. It especially works for online stores. Invite visitors to webinars—according to stats data, up to 40% of those who accepted webinar invitations become leads.

Advanced banners—more messages 

Your business has a lot of pros you may boast (yeah, this is not bad, why the false modesty?) It’s even difficult to choose the strongest sides to make accent upon and to inform your target audience—wider collection of shoes, advanced software features, rewards, participation in charity or environmental protection events? It would be good to explain all that at once… but the website banner is not infinite.

Surprise—there is enough space when it goes to modern interactive banners! An interactive changing banner may display elements, switching in rotation. So you may include in one banner the series of messages that show all your main pros or targeted to different segments of your audience… It attracts attention, people stay to learn more—and some of them proceed deeper into the funnel. Voila, lead generation process in action!

Welcome visitors 

What page of the website does gain higher traffic? Sure, this is a home page. This virtual “reception” is the place where you can hook people up… as well as lose their attention. If they find homepage boring or even loathsome (especially when the design is an example of “madskillz” meme), they will leave… and unlikely will ever come back.

To prevent clients from bounces and collect leads, try performing solutions like a dropdown overlay that slides after a couple of seconds, with an option to dismiss. You can tell newcomers about your site and company, advice the most important pages, ask them a quick question, etc.Another way is to add a video to welcome visitors, this is an eCommerce trend in 2019 that boosts performance.

And of course, make sure to add noticeable call-to-action—sign up for the newsletter, take the special offer, etc. People often have no idea what this is all about until you point it clear, so this is the key aspect of website leads generation.

Signup form in a proper place

The next important condition for boosting website leads is a signup form location. Yes, it often being ignored by visitors just because of the wrong placement. If you need more leads, try to find a convenient and noticeable position for the form.


A performing solution: add the special landing page to subscribe. As for design, don’t make this page complicated—it may only distract or scare visitors. You need only an image, a headline, a text description, and an opt-in form to collect the required client data.

Provide live chat 

As we said above, one of the lead generation strategies baselines is to provide easy and convenient ways of contact or order. Using live chat is a good implementation of this. People like to communicate with others, so live chat is where they can talk and discuss. It’s great for the site leads generation.

Moreover, this tool is an opportunity to talk to visitors and solve their problems before they leave. This way customers will be satisfied—and it boosts your conversion rate and bring more sales.

If you cannot be online 24/7, use chatbots that respond regularly and without delays.

Interactivity rules 

Interactive and dynamic content is among the hottest trends of this year, and forecasts say it will be even more important in the future. It particularly caused by Google AMP technology which allows decreasing the number of steps from the email to the purchase. No wonder that interactivity is among top lead generation techniques today. It builds brand awareness—and generates site leads. So it’s no good to skip interactive website elements to grab visitors’ attention. Which types of interactive content are worthy to embed first?

  • quizzes and tests;
  • polls;
  • surveys.

You could also add pop-ups with a single question as an alternative solution.

Play on strings of urgency 

You can intensify the lead generation process on your website using good old marketing trick: make play with a sense of urgency.

We don’t like to miss and lose. This is a common feature of human nature known as loss aversion. When we know that time is ticking away, we feel the need to hurry up and get something.

How to do this? The best lead generation examples here are:

  • a timer added at the top of the homepage or as pop up;
  • a noticeable sales message that reflects urgency;
  • a pop up with a limited offer.

Gate your content 

What is the content gating? Everything is simple but performing to gain website leads—and we all met this thousand of times. Gating is when some part of the content is available only for registered users.

It works. So, how to do this? You can publish only the part of the blog post—while the full version is available only when people sign up. Another way is good when you offer content to download. Sign up and you’ll see the “Download file” button.

As long as your content is valuable, all the ways of content gating are really effective lead generation strategies.

Don’t let them go, grab attention!  

Never surrender! Even when visitors are about to leave, you still have an opportunity to stop them. Try to grab their attention and keep people engaged. Use your marketing tools to add a slide-in offer. It doesn’t annoy them when they are browsing—and suddenly makes them interested.

Curiosity matters, so when visitors click, offer them something they need—and you’ll see the results. Offer works, it’s proven.

To try this on your website, use exit-intent triggers to detect the moment when people are about to leave—and hook them up right then.

Summing up

That’s how it looks like. Now you’re equipped with a set of performing lead generation strategies. The rest is a mission of your skills and imagination—the primary goal is to analyze everything thoroughly and craft your personal strategy of website leads generation. Remember that mentioned methods will unlikely win if implemented without system approach—sales lead form conversion only when everything arranged in a complex way.

And of course, leads these ten recommendations are not something 100% completed so you may invent more ways. If you have some ideas or experience to share—feel free to contact us.

We sincerely wish you the best of luck!

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