15 Best Landscaping Websites to Gather Inspiration

15 Best Landscaping Websites to Gather Inspiration

The landscaping and gardening business is a great niche that will be relevant and interesting for many different customers. However, creating a website for such a business requires more responsibility because you need to attract customers immediately. 

Photos of incredible gardens, reviews made by your customers, years of experience, and even information about your team will be great for such a website. However, it is understandable that there is no specific formula for such a task, and many users may struggle with site creation. 

So, in this article, we will show you the best landscaping websites to find inspiration. 

Please note that this is not a rating or a top list. All landscape websites on the list have unique advantages and designs. Feel free to browse them and find inspiring features to improve the web design of your site.

livewell outdoors best landscaping design

Livewell Outdoors is a great landscape website with many photos and work cases. On the website, you can see the working process and instructions and learn more about the company’s experience.

The website is made good, and each scroll on the homepage gives you more information about this landscaping company. You can learn everything successively. It is an excellent approach to attract customers and make them choose your services. You can find all the links to contact the company in the website’s footer. It comes as a great conclusion.

Strong points: Great navigation, highlighted advantages, and amazing photos of completed projects. 

burger landscape best landscaping design

This is an example of a landscaping website created with Weblium. The website looks like a magnificent catalog of service photos. At the beginning of scrolling, you can see what company owns the website. After that, you can see this business’s advantages and learn more about the company. 

And the whole homepage is a gallery of successful examples of work. All photos are divided into categories, and a customer sees why to choose this company. 

Strong Points: Many photos, complete information about the company, convenient navigation, and enough encouragement to order their services.

huntergreen best landscaping design

Huntergreen can be another breath of fresh air. This landscape website took a step away from classical landscaping designs. It is minimalistic and only contains squares and straight lines. The photos greatly complement the overall style of the website and are made in the same green and beige colors. 

The header contains all the links, but on the homepage, you will find only the 3 most crucial buttons that lead to their projects, services, and contact information. For such a website, 3 buttons are just perfect. 

Strong points: balanced design solution, overall minimalism, and photos that complement the conception.

hummingyard best landscaping design

This landscaping website has a classic combination of green and beige colors. The storytelling on this platform is made mainly with images. From the beginning, they inspire their customers and offer to “Create a dream landscape”. After that, they show the detailed process of how the dream landscape can be achieved. 

Each scroll is smooth due to varying animations. Information about packages is also on the homepage; customers who were inspired enough and learned everything about the working process can purchase them. 

Strong points: Great animations, good photos on the website, and complete information with brief messages.

benny's best landscaping design

Benny’s Landscapes is a website that represents a personal brand. The color scheme of the website is slightly different. While competitors use a combination of green and beige, this website is entirely white, light blue, and purple. The photos are well implemented into the design scheme, and the filters complete the conception. 

The navigation is also excellent. First, you can see the company’s name; one scroll down, you can see the aspects of their work. As a summary, you can see the showcase of their projects. It is a great example of a landscaping website design that has a consistent conception. 

Strong points: Unique design solution, focus on the combination of warm and cold colors, convenient navigation through the advantages. 

luxury landscapes best landscaping design

Luxury Landscape represents its approach with the name and the different design solutions they have on the website. At the start of the homepage, you can see varying photos of workers with a passionate motto.

After that, you can learn about the company’s services and even watch a video.

Customer reviews are also included; you can see what people think about this landscaping company website. In the footer, you can find all the crucial links and rewards this company has. 

Strong points: Great photos, much information to help make up a choice, and a convenient user path. 

estina best landscaping design

This exterior design company offers a great and convenient landscape website for its customers. The website is minimalistic, and all homepage parts are made in white and gray colors. However, the photos are full of light and warm colors. It creates a great contrast and lets one see all the advantages more precisely. The landscaping website design is rather on a strict site with aesthetic components. 

The homepage is relatively small but full of information. The floating header allows customers to order services when they are ready. A map is also integrated, making it easy to find the company’s location. 

Strong points: minimalistic design that highlights the advantages of photos, convenient navigation, and brief content. 

gibbs best landscaping design

Gibbs greets customers with inspiring words that describe their company, “Creativity. Quality. Experience”. The company uses more classical color combinations, such as green and beige. This landscaping website’s design contains nice photos of working results and even some schematics.

The content is not brief but allows the description of the company in the best way possible. You can see how they work, what they do, and even how many awards they have. It will show that this is one of the best solutions in the area. 

Strong points: not hesitant to show advantages, the classical and understandable appearance of the site, and a lot of information supported by photos. 

acacia best landscaping design

Acacia is one of the brightest solutions here on the list and definitely one of the best landscaping websites. It immediately greets customers with an aesthetically attractive video of an exterior design with a green tree. The homepage of this site contains 3 main categories:

  • Who we are;
  • Our work;
  • Contact us.

The first one briefly describes a company with a button to learn more. The section with work contains many photos that represent the work with this organization in the best way possible. “Contact us” allows customers to finalize their research by completing an order. 

Strong points: Minimalistic design, great animations, well-implemented video, and understandable navigation.

fieldstone best landscaping design

Fieldstone is a great website that implements classical design solutions for the best landscaping sites. The color scheme, however, focuses on the combination of brown and white. 

The website is mainly focused on photos of beautiful landscapes. You can see brief messages and inspiring quotes, but the images here are brought to the next level. The cover image is also a part of their projects, while in the middle of the home page, you can find even more pictures representing the company’s work. Also, you can see how many projects were finished and the years of experience, which also helps customers make up their minds. 

Strong points: Nice photos, convenient user path, excellent color scheme.

plant whisperer best landscaping design

Plant Whisperer was also created with Weblium. This website has rather classical color solutions, such as shades of green and white. However, in their case, you can see that the website mainly focuses on describing the company’s benefits. 

While photos here are more focused on working processes, the text content perfectly describes the services, prices, and ideas of work. You can create a website like this or implement your vision differently using the proper template

Strong points: Understandable content, convenient interface, and good photos perfectly depict the working process.

marktessier best landscaping design

Mark Tessier is an unusual and uncommon website to see. This is one of the best landscaping websites that will catch customers’ attention due to the solutions it uses. 

The content is more than just brief; the homepage is more like a gallery. You can see many pictures of projects, and by placing your cursor on any of them, you will see the project’s name. The click on the photo will show you more details about projects. 

Strong points: Impressive gallery, exciting interactions, brief messages.

lavocat best landscaping design

Lavocat’s Family is probably the brightest website on the list. It is just full of a warm and friendly atmosphere. The website’s background is full of hand-drawn flowers, which is already a great sign. The menu is also convenient; customers can immediately browse the exciting topics. 

You can also see the photos of the family on the home page to learn more about motivation. The picture is emotional; it includes a big, happy family, even little kids. It will work great to encourage customers to order their services. 

Strong points: Great design, bright colors, emotional photos that encourage to perform actions.

green options best landscaping design

The design of this website significantly complements the primary purpose of the website. It is green and white, which is perfect for a landscaping site. It has a variety of pretty modern and massive projects on the page. You can see that the design of the website is really related to the goals of the landscaper. 

The photos are qualitative. Some of them are significantly cropped to complement the leading design solutions. The content is also great, briefly describing the services and providing users with news about the company. 

Strong points: Consistent conception of the website, excellent quality of photos, and brief content.

mbc best landscaping design

MBC is an outstanding example on this list. The site’s main feature is that it takes a step away from classical landscape design solutions and offers a more modern appearance.

Instead of offering photos of green landscapes or lawn care, the website has modern architecture in the middle of the city. The color scheme is also built up around the flashes and city colors. 

Strong points: unique design solutions and color scheme, convenient navigation, and no distracting elements. 

Build Your Landscaping Website

Building the best landscaping website is not the most demanding challenge ever. If you have your conception ideas and gathered enough inspiration, you can turn your ideas into a site. 

Weblium will help you create a qualitative, effective, and unique website for landscapers. Choose a template or create a website from scratch. Fill it in with content, connect varying integrations, and start your business online.

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