AI For Marketers: 20 Best AI Tools For Business Growth

AI For Marketers: 20 Best AI Tools For Business Growth

AI marketing tools can help marketers increase the efficiency of their work, improve their interactions with clients, and find really unobvious insights. 

In this Weblium article, we are going to see the best AI-based services for marketers. To make things easier for you, there are groups:

  • 1-3 – SEO
  • 4-7 – Analytics
  • 8-10 – Customer experience
  • 11-16 – Work organization
  • 17-18 – Presentations
  • 19-20 – UX/UI

Keep in mind that AI for marketing and business can work with different qualities in different languages. Moreover, some languages can be unavailable in some AI tools. The best way to use AI tools for marketers is to use them in English. But if you need only one AI, just wait. They are constantly developing, and soon the service you prefer will have the language you need. 


1. Outranking

Outranking ai tool for marketing

Price: starting from $49 per month if one pays monthly.

This is one of AI content marketing tools that helps optimize your content for SEO, find keywords, generates the structure of pages, and creates headlines with description for different SEO tasks. Outranking also automatizes the creation of SEO briefs and helps determine the most efficient keywords. By using AI-based templates, you can easily create different types of content, such as product pages and blog articles. 

2. INK

INK ai marketing

Price: starting from $49 per month if one pays monthly. Trial period available.

This is a platform for the creation of qualitative content with the assistance of artificial intelligence. There are a lot of available tools:

  • SEO optimization;
  • Audience increase;
  • Brand protection from plagiarism and AI search system ban;

The clusters of keywords can be turned into a content plan with an SEO accent, while the research of keywords will be simple due to a simple understanding of the core audience. This tool is a great AI advertising tool, which will improve the experience of content optimization to attract more potential customers.

3. Frase AI

ai for marketing<br />

Price: starting from $14.99 per month if one pays monthly.

This is a complex solution for the creation, SEO optimization, and analysis with artificial intelligence. Frase offers the creation of all types of SEO content, existing content optimization, analysis of growth perspective, and comparison with top competitors in the search output. 


4. Zoho Analytics

ai marketing software

Price: starting from $30 per month if one pays monthly.

This is a universal AI-based business analytics platform. It allows you to analyze data from different sources by using artificial intelligence and generating automatic conclusions. The interaction with reports is simple and available from a convenient control panel. Zoho Analytics is really useful for companies that are working with production when they need to create and analyze visual data for optimization of supplies management and detecting trends and growth opportunities.

5. Luminoso

ai marketing platform

Price: Individual subscription plans after the trial version.

This is an AI-based tool for public opinion, reviews, online conversations, and visualization analysis, which works depending on qualitative measurement analytics.

The platform offers an analysis of the review tone that supports 15 languages. Luminoso makes the review analysis process automatic and allows marketers to get unexpected insights for business development.

6. Einstein GPT

best ai marketing tool

Price: Starting from $25 per month if one pays monthly.

This is a generative AI for Salesforce CRM, which sets all parts of cooperation with the client by using email, chats, and special offers. Einstein GPT tools allow the creation of individual predictions and recommendations without the need to use data management specialists’ services. Einstein GPT provides the work with Customer 360 in the sales sector, serving clients, marketing, commerce, and data, directive sellers from interactions with potential customers to the deal. 

7. Namogoo

ai for marketers

Price: invidual subscription plans after the trial version.

This is an AI platform that helps to form a practical user path. The service has several major sectors:

  • Digital Journey Continuity and Customer Hijacking Prevention help remove distracting elements and interruptions on the customer path. 
  • Affiliate Extensions Management helps evaluate the efficiency of partnership networks. 
  • Intent-Based Promotions and Personalized Email & SMS personalize promos for every customer and send special offers.

Customer experience

8. Netomi

ai marketing app

Price: individual subscription plans after the trial period. 

This is the platform for improving the customer experience, which is based on AI and works in online chats and email letters. Netomi ensures that its AI can solve 80% of clients’ routine queries in a real-time. Netomi can be integrated into different client interaction services, so this AI marketing software will significantly help your support team. 

9. Intercom

using ai in marketing

Price: starting from $74 per month if one pays annually. 

This is a solution for interactions with clients based on AI. The option of automatization includes chatbots for managing repetitive queries and analyzing communication with support. The incoming messages feature increases the team’s efficiency by implementing smart task distribution using omnichannel contact. The proactive support feature helps in the creation of information centers, checklists, banners, and product reviews. The platform allows creating detailed reports, managing client data, and connecting more than 300 applications.

10. Kommunicate

ai marketing app

Price: starting from $40 per month if one pays monthly. Trial period available.

This is a platform for the creation of intelligent chatbots without code. With this platform, you can improve clients’ experience, automatically spread their queries among support operators, increase the number of leads, and get communication analytics. Kommunicate supports different integrations, including messengers, CRM systems, websites, and mobile applications. The platform has a centralized control panel for chat analysis and tracking. 

Work management


best ai marketing tool

Price: starting from $16.99 if one pays monthly. Free access is included. 

This is a service with Artificial Intelligence that can record audio and video, make notes and screenshots, and create transcriptions and summaries of online arrangements. Automatically created notes can be commented on, while you can easily select key moments to assign tasks. This is one of the best AI marketing tools, which allows to significantly improve the cooperation between different departments.

Otter can be integrated with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. After online meetings, Otter generates summaries and sends them to the email of all meeting participants. 


ai marketing tools

Price: starting from $19.99 per month if one pays monthly. Free access is included. 

This helper service for online meetings allows you to create summaries of your online arrangements. The service can be integrated with Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Zoom, and Google Docs. The AI-based transcription tool can convert Zoom and Google Meet conversations in a real-time. allows assigning tasks and making decisions depending on meeting summaries. 


ai marketing service

Price: starting from $18 per month if one pays monthly. Free access is included.

This AI tool was developed to help teams to capture, transcribe, search, and analyze voice conversations in different applications for video meetings. allows one to quickly find key information, track time and tone, and make all working processes automatic, by integrating with popular applications for coworking.


ai digital marketing tool

Price: starting from $15 per month if one pays monthly. Free access is included.

This is an AI tool that allows automatizing routine tasks without the necessity to write code. Bardeen can be integrated with a ton of popular services by sending data from one application to another. 

Bardeen is one of the artificial intelligence tools where one can manage marketing processes, generate leads, control sales processes, and quickly research information about people and companies.

15. Timely

ai marketing tool

Price: starting from $11 per month for each user. 

This is a smart time tracker for automatizing the accounting of working time. Integrations and open API allow connecting data to any other digital tool. Timely never makes screenshots and doesn’t track the button push. However, it provides complex analytics of the allocation of a company’s resources. By visualizing the budget and activity of projects in real-time, Timely allows you to effectively plan the work.

16. SheetGPT

ai tool for marketers

Price: starting from $9 per month if one pays monthly. Trial tokens of content generation are available.

This application for Google Sheets integrates with it analysis opportunities, evaluations, and content generation of the GPT language model. With this tool, you will get options for content creation, reviews analysis, task automatization, data exclusion, and text translation in your favorite Google Sheets. The service works as a browser extension, and you don’t need hard settings or API keys to work with it. 


17. SlidesAI

ai tool for marketing

Price: starting from $10 per month if one pays monthly. Free access is included.

This is a smart presentation generator. To quickly generate a presentation with SlidesAI, you should just input your text query, set up the appearance of your slides by using color and text templates, or create your design. Slides AI is also available as a Google Workspace application, and users can get access to it by using Google Slides directly. 


marketing ai tool

Price: starting from $12 per month if one pays annually. 

This is a cloud service for the creation of effective presentations. Intuitive management, template settings, and smart drafts allow one to quickly start the work on ideas and provide a sole style for each slide. The service offers galleries of smart slides and drafts, diagrams, schedules, charts, and millions of free photos, videos, and shortcuts. This service can show one of the main advantages of the implementation of artificial intelligence in marketing, helping with a pretty common but difficult task.


19. Sketch2Code

ai tools for marketing

Price: completely free.

This is an AI service from Microsoft that can help turn simple doodles into ready-to-use prototypes. Sketch2Code recognizes texts and quickly adds them into a well-made design. Azure Cloud Platform is used for placing the design draft and generation of the final HTML code. Designers can cooperate with marketers and draw prototypes via Sketch2Code. After that, they can check the received code to test their new ideas. 

20. Uizard

Price: starting from $15 per month if one pays monthly. Test generation is included.

This is the tool for automatizing the design that helps marketers turn their ideas into professionally decorated drafts. With the help of Uizard, you can quickly transform screenshots of applications or sites into edited drafts and use AI Design Assistant to create unique UX styles. Moreover, Uizard offers wireframing, prototyping, and UI design options. 

Use the smartest tool to be effective!

Weblium will also be a great tool in your marketer toolbox, because it will complement the described AI marketing platforms significantly. By using an efficient design based on templates, integrations, online store blocks, 15 payment methods, and analytics, you can quickly create a functional site or landing page. 

Furthermore, the Weblium editor provides an AI writing tool that is based on the GPT language model. You can immediately generate text for your website without any generation speed issues and queues. Join Weblium. With all the features of our platform, your website will be created really fast.

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