30+ Best Black Friday SaaS Deals for 2022 💰

30+ Best Black Friday SaaS Deals for 2022 💰

Black Friday is almost here, but Cyber Week has already started! So that you don’t get lost among the offers, we have teamed up with our partners and collected discounts on the best online services for business owners and marketers in one place.

Choose the right tool, follow the links and make your business even more efficient with lower costs. Black Friday happens only once a year – and benefits from it last for the whole year after that!


Weblium is a smart website builder that makes design fun. 300 templates, site blocks for all occasions, automatic mobile version and styles for the entire site will immediately save your time. Business owners and marketers will get everything they need: from variable products and advanced forms to ready-made integrations and flexible SEO.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: -30% on annual Pro subscription

Promo code: the discount is applied automatically during payment.

The promotion is valid: November 21, 2022 – November 30, 2022


Brand24 is a reliable social listening solution that collects all publicly available mentions from various sources such as social media, podcasts, blogs, and forums. With Brand24, you can identify brand ambassadors, measure your marketing efforts, monitor online discussions, or conduct competitor analysis.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 50% off for any plan for 3 months.

How to avail: the price will be automatically reduced on the pricing page.

Offer Validity: November 25.


Yespo is an omnichannel platform that offers ready-made tools and campaigns for medium-sized ecommerces. It allows you to instantly receive additional income from existing customers. Using Yespo, marketers can effortlessly integrate product feeds, choose suitable campaigns from ready-made ones, or set up custom segments and workflows.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: a free month of CDP functionality. Pay for two months of any CDP Features Pricing Plans and get 1 extra month for free.

Coupon code: FRIDAYPROMO

Offer Validity: ends 10 December 2022.


HelpCrunch is a multi-functional platform that combines live chat, chatbot, knowledge base, and shared inbox tools for all communications with your customers, no matter the channel. Marketers can leverage additional HelpCrunch features like email marketing automation and popups for better engagement and higher conversions.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 30% discount on your first payment. The deal sums up with annual discounts, so you can save up to 50% in total by signing up for a whole year..

Coupon code: BFCM2022

Offer Validity: 14.11.2022 – 30.11.2022.


MySignature is all-in-one email signature and email tracking platform. It allows you to easily create professional email signatures and make your business emails stand out from the crowd. With MySignature you can build brand recognition by turning yourself and your team into brand ambassadors.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 50% off for the first payment for all yearly plans.

Coupon Code: SigFriday2022

Offer Validity: 25 November 2022 – 30 November 2022.


Newoldstamp is the leading email signature management platform that enables businesses to create, customize and deploy brand-consistent signatures across the entire company.  Newoldstamp turns emails into a powerful marketing tool. It allows you to drive traffic to your website, generate leads, upsell products, and announce online and offline events. 

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 25% off on any plan (recurring discount for all next payments).

Coupon Code: BF2022NOS

Offer Validity: 25 November 2022 – 30 November 2022.


Breadnbeyond is an award-winning explainer video company specializing in producing animated explainer videos. Breadnbeyond creates engaging animated explainer videos that help you introduce your brand, product, or service to the world – all from scratch, no template.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: to 40% OFF for an ultimate explainer video.

Offer Validity: by December 5th.


CustomFit.ai is a No Code website personalization tool for marketing and sales teams, allowing them to exhibit the best pitch for each visitor without requiring any changes to be made to the code. You may boost the number of conversions on your website by using messages that are dynamic, goal-oriented, and tailored.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 25% off the price of the website personalization tool.

Coupon Code: CFBF25

Offer Validity: till Nov 25th, 2022.


Klenty is the ultimate sales engagement platform that helps sales teams book more meetings with less work. Using Klenty, sales reps can execute hyper-personalized, multi-channel outreach by leveraging emails, calls, LinkedIn, and text messaging.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 25% off on all of our annual plans.

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY2022

Offer Validity: till Nov 30th.


Narrato Workspace is an end-to-end content workflow management platform that helps you manage your entire content process and team in one place. The platform offers content planning tools like an SEO content brief generator, content calendars, and an AI topic generator. Narrato helps you create high-quality, search-optimized content with minimum effort.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: get flat 30% off Lifetime on any plan on Narrato Workspace. 

Coupon code: BFCM22

Offer Validity: October 24th – December 5th 2022.


nTask is a project management software focused on simplicity, user experience, and breadth of features. The software solution boasts all of the most important features for running successful projects, including; project planning, task management, issue tracking, timesheets, task time tracking, task assignment, team collaboration, risk management, Kanban boards and a ton more. 

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 40% OFF on all the Premium annual, and Business annual plans.

Coupon code: BFCM2022

Offer Validity: 25th to 30th November 2022.


NapoleonCat offers a whole stack of features for social media and customer service teams. In the unified inbox, you can track and reply to messages, reviews, and comments from multiple social media profiles and platforms. You can also schedule posts, automate repetitive tasks, analyze the results of your social media performance, and generate reports.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 50% off NapoleonCat’s annual subscription. No coupon needed.

Offer Validity: 25-28 Nov, 2022.


Apploye is a time tracking and remote employee monitoring software. It provides a secure platform to keep track of working hours and monitor online activities for remote teams, big businesses, and independent contractors. 

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 15% off on all Apploye plans.

Coupon code: apploye-15

Offer Validity: 28th November to 3rd December 2022.


SmartReach is an all-in-one sales enablement platform specializing in cold email outreach focusing on email deliverability. The easiest and fastest way to grow sales is by helping you find prospects, automate email outreach & follow-ups, and sync to multiple CRMs. It offers ProspectDaddy (Linkedin Email Finder Tool) free with all plans.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 20% off on all annual plans for the first year.

Coupon code: SMARTREACHBF20

Offer Validity: till 3rd December 2022.


EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing software which combines lead generation, email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and social media engagement. Designed to help businesses to acquire, engage, nurture, and close leads, EngageBay allows users to create email campaigns and automate marketing processes and sales funnels. 

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 40% off lifetime for new signups.

Offer Validity: between 14 through 25 November 2022.


ContentStudio is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a way to streamline their social media management. With this easy-to-use platform, you can quickly and easily grow your social media channels without spending all day online. Sign up for a free trial today to see how ContentStudio can help you grow your social media channels!

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 20% off on annual plans.

Offer Validity: 2 November 2022 – 25 November 2022.


Vadoo is video hosting and marketing for creators and brands Alternative to Vimeo. You can setup your video hosting platform in minutes without any training with vadoo. Join thousands of creators – marketers, teachers, artists, professionals to engage and grow your audiences.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: lifetime deal at 50% off of the recurring plan and 30% off on yearly plan. 

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY30


SalesBlink is a sales outreach automation suite using which you can search for prospects, put your cold outreach sequences on autopilot, maintain and manage pipelines and prospects. It is a full-stack cold outreach platform that can take you through prospecting to outreach to closing on full throttle. 

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: a Lifetime Deal at just $149.

Offer Validity: 1st Nov – 31 Dec 2022.


InstaCopy is an AI-based content creator that generates marketing copies, ad copies, Quora answers, headlines, blogs, and more! It generates high-quality content almost instantly using advanced artificial intelligence. So, you just need to enter your writing goal, topic, and other essential parameters to get well-structured SEO content automatically!

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 50% off on all yearly plans.

Promo code: BF2022

Offer Validity: 1st Nov – 31 Dec 2022.


PlayStory is a fully-loaded interactive video creation tool that helps increase viewer engagement. The tool is the best for marketers looking to create highly-converting videos. You can upload videos or record them using the tool, and add interactive elements such as questions, meeting links, etc.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: Get a Lifetime Deal at just $19.

Offer Validity: 1st Nov – 31 Dec 2022.


VYPER lets you create viral giveaways and contests to build your email and SMS lists. Build stunning on-brand giveaway pages (no VYPER branding) and gamified bonus actions to incentives social shares, tags, and other engagements. 

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 50% off VYPER plans for life. Includes the Viral Brand Building Course (worth $500).

Offer Validity: Nov 22 – 29.


ZeroBounce is an award-winning email validation and deliverability platform. It helps 200,000+ companies around the world to land their emails in the inbox. With ZeroBounce, you can validate your email list, test your inbox placement, and get useful subscriber activity insights.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 40% more credits – free – on top of any purchase.

Valid through: November 30, 2022.


Reply is your all-in-one sales engagement platform to create new opportunities at scale while keeping every touchpoint personal. Reply automates outreach across multiple channels and comes with an email finder, deliverability suite, AI assistant, CRM integrations, and analytics – everything you need to grow a small business into a big brand!   

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 75% off the first 4 months on any Reply plan.

Promo code: HOLIDAYOFFER2022 

Offer Validity: until December 31.


Mockplus RP is a powerful web-based prototyping tool that allows you to create, test and share prototypes. You can create all levels of visual designs, from sketches, wireframes to interactive prototypes that work like real things. With Mockplus, also co-design with your team anytime and anywhere, create repsonsive prototypes and test them out on any real devices, and share them via a single link to collect first-hand feedback, all without code.

Black Friday Deal: 

Deal: up to 65% discount on all Mockplus plans.

Promo code: MPBLACK2022

Offer Validity: Nov 1 – Nov 30 , 2022.


trendHERO is an advanced influencer marketing platform. Main features: huge database (100M+ Instagram accounts), in-depth account analysis, tracking (competitors monitoring included), ad posts, outreach and more. It’s perfect for SMB and freelancers.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: up to – 50% OFF on subscription

Promo code: the discount is applied automatically during payment.

The promotion is valid: November 23, 2022 – November 28, 2022.


UserGuiding is an all-in-one product adoption platform that helps websites and web products improve their user onboarding and digital adoption. With interactive UX elements such as product tours, tooltips, hotspots, checklists, and resource centers, UserGuiding helps you level up your user training and boost conversions. All without a single line of code!

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 50% off on all plans.

Discount Code: BLACKFRIDAY22

Offer Validity: November 14 – December 16 2022.


SendPost is an email delivery service. It provides developers, businesses, and ESPs with a solution to reliably deliver, measure, and optimize emails. They have API SDKs in 14+ programming languages. You can use their API to send and validate emails, measure stats and manage domains/IPs.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: get credits to send a million emails for free.

Coupon Code: not applicable.

Offer Validity: 25 November – 28 November 2022.


YouTeam is an outsourcing marketplace with a vetted network of 50,000 engineers from hundreds of software development agencies across Latin America and Europe.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 3 months without the YouTeam service fee. Register on the website for a quick call, and contact the developer.

Promo code: Perfect Match – say it on a call w/ Team Advisor.

Offer Validity: November 25th – December 31st.


AUGmentecture is an augmented reality platform for design collaboration that enables the viewing of 3D models in AR format. Architects, engineers, and design professionals are using the AUGmentecture platform to display their 3D models in augmented reality on mobile devices and share them with colleagues and customers.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: 30% off on all annual subscriptions.

Coupon code: no coupon code is needed.

Offer Validity: from November 23- November 30.


BoldDesk is a cloud-based, modern help desk ticketing system and knowledge base software for serving a wide range of customer support activities. You can organize support requests, collaborate with customers and teammates, automate repetitive tasks, and improve overall customer experience.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: save up to 40% on an unlimited agents plan at $75.

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY2022

Offer Validity: November 1–December 3, 2022.


Groupboss is a Facebook group automation tool that helps Facebook group admins to collect unlimited leads. Using this tool any group owner can collect the answers to the Facebook group membership questions asked to the new members with a single click. It has direct integrations with popular email marketing autoresponders.

Cyber Monday Deal:

Deal: 25% discount on all the plans on Cyber Monday.

Coupon code: MONDAY25

Availability: 22 Nov 2022 – 31 Dec 2022.


Scribe is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to share how to do any process. By capturing your browser or desktop workflow, Scribe automatically creates visual, step-by-step guides with text and screenshots. Hour-long walkthroughs and customer trainings are a thing of the past. Scribes are ready to share, link or embed instantly.

Black Friday Deal:

Deal: one free month of the Pro plan ($29 value). 

Coupon code: BF30DAYS

Offer Validity: until Dec 2nd, 2022.

Wrap up

Newsletters, advertising campaigns, analytics, customer service, sales, content, project and personnel management – you will definitely find something unique among the offers from our partners! We have prepared something for you as well. Sign up for an annual Pro subscription to Weblium and save 30% of your site costs! The discount is applied automatically when paying for the subscription.

Have a successful Black Friday – and may the success last all year long!

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