How To Choose Icons For a Website

How To Choose Icons For a Website

Icons are an essential element of a website. They are equal to images, text, and buttons. Often, icons act as interactive elements that improve user experience. 

However, choosing icons is a much more complicated process. They should be modern, harmoniously complement the site’s concept, and be understandable to the user. So, in this article, we will tell you where to look for high-quality website icons.

The services described below offer different icon libraries and tariff plans.

noun project best icon websites

Price: $39.99 per year; free access is available.

Noun Project is a library with over 5 million icons. This service offers access to 100 of the most common symbols, but with a paid subscription, you can access the entire library. 

On the site, you can find a large collection of icons, choose icons for a certain mood or theme, or divide them by functional components, such as icons for menus or headers. You can also find stock photos and textures separately. 

Weblium has an integration with Noun Project so that you can add icons to your website directly in the editor.

iconscout best icon websites

Price: $14.99 per month; free access is available.

IconScout is a handy service for finding icons and 3D illustrations for websites. The main feature is that you can see all the free icons at once. The icons are divided by style, so you can choose only those that complement your website’s design. The library itself has more than 230 thousand icons. 

You can search for new icons by color palette. This solution allows you to choose functional symbols for your website. For example, the library contains variations of the Instagram logo that suit different website styles. 

In addition, you can find less classic icons that will suit niche websites.

font awesome best icons websites

Price: $99 per year; there is a free version.

Although the name might suggest that it specializes in fonts, Font Awesome specializes in icons and gives you access to a large library of symbols for websites. There are over 26000 icons in total. 

You can add and edit icons using code. The library is updated automatically. The free plan provides almost all the benefits of the paid plans, with one exception: the limited display of icons on pages. The free plan provides 10,000 impressions, which is enough for small companies.

icons8 best icon websites

Price: $299 per year. There is a free version.

Icons8 specializes in many stock elements. You can find icons, music, and images on the sites. However, icons remain the main focus of the service. 

The service’s library contains more than 1.3 million icons. They differ in style and purpose. Many of them can be used for free. 

Weblium has an integration with Icons8 so that you can choose icons from this resource directly in the website editor. 

icons8 best icon websites
flaticon best icons websites

Price: €7.50 per month if you purchase an annual plan; Free access is available.

Flaticon is an extensive library of icons and stickers with over 1.2 million positions. One of the main features of this service is that access to the library is immediately free, which allows even beginners without a big budget to enjoy all the benefits.

However, when using the free plan, you may need to specify the author of an icon or image. This solution will be fine if you use images or stickers, but it will be less convenient with icons. 

iconfinder best icons websites

Price: from $9 per month.

This library contains almost 8 million icons, images, and illustrations. The library has more than 6 million positions. Here, you can see icons from different authors. 

You can also download icons for free. You can open the author’s collection and select individual icons that you would like to use on your website. The free version will be a good solution for small companies and businesses that want to fill their website with unique symbols quickly and conveniently.

feather icons best icon websites

Price: free of charge.

Feather Icons is a unique solution. It is a customized library of icons with only 287 characters. However, the main feature is that you can customize the icons to match your website’s style and vision. 

You can change the thickness, size, and color of the icons. Thus, you can download the library in one style, change specific settings, and download all the icons again. 

Such a free library will allow you to experiment with styles and choose the most appropriate combinations for your website.

vecteezy best icons websites

Price: free

Vecteezy is a stunning library with over 12 million icons. All collections are available for use by all users without the need to indicate the author. However, some unique libraries require attribution and are marked as Pro.

This service is great for small business owners who create websites themselves. Designers can also diversify their icon library and have more space to create unique websites. 

icons-icons the best icons websites

Price: free.

This icon library contains thousands of positions in various formats. The icons are organized by theme. For example, you can find seasonal offers for Halloween or Christmas or choose more universal symbols created for websites about cooking, computer technology, clothing, etc. 

This library offers different styles of icons that will suit your website. The platform also allows designers to publish their work, which is an excellent opportunity to share their achievements with other users.

Which icon library to choose?

At first glance, all icon libraries may seem to contain roughly the same symbols. Indeed, if someone only needs to find social media icons, the library choice will be based mostly on price. However, if they want to create unique designs, they need to significantly expand the library and consider more advanced solutions. 

Weblium offers pre-integrated icon libraries with more than a million elements for your websites. In addition, you can add your collection of icons. Create functional websites with a unique design even more efficiently.