How to Create a Dance Studio Website: Tips and Tricks

How to Create a Dance Studio Website: Tips and Tricks

Today, a good site is always an option. Even (or, especially!) for the dance studio.

Dance studio website is a perfect way to increase your online presence to get new customers, strengthen your brand, and show your studio’s classes, trainers, facilities, and special offers.

We’ve made this article for those, who want to create a stunning dance studio website, but have no idea where to start and where to go.

So we will give you some practical tips (based on the examples of best dance studio websites and the progressive Weblium website builder website prototypes) on how to create perfect dance studio website design and get to the Top!

Choose a way to create a website that is right for you:

Creating a dance studio website from scratch:

  • Pros: low-cost choice, and guaranteed results that you expect.
  • Cons: requires special web-design and development skills, hard work, and lots of time

Ordering a website from a web studio:

  • Pros: Professional approach and teamwork, fast (and, in most cases, good) results, turnkey solution.
  • Cons: crazy prices, possible misunderstanding (the developers/designers have their own vision of your future website).

Using website builders:

  • Pros: simple, fast, and inexpensive solution.
  • Cons: the website features largely depend on the options that the platform offers.

If you are a beginner, you just want to get a 100% working website for your small business and do not want to delve into the technical details, we recommend you to try the progressive Weblium website builder since it has the simplest visual editor and advanced design customization options for creating your unique dance studio website design!

dance studio website

Define what to put on your dance studio website:

  • First screen: take a lesson from the best dance studio websites: add an atmospheric picture, a logo, and an inspiring tagline, a CTA button to sign up for a trial lesson.

dance studio website - step 2

  • About us: besides the text, we recommend adding a video-mix with the best lessons.
  • Dance styles: use large, expressive photographs of the dancing people with short descriptions.
  • Trainers: add short trainers biographies and achievements to inspire clients.
  • Premises: add colorful photos of bright spacious rooms to attract the attention of new clients.
  • Testimonials: just a positive text review is not enough! Add a person’s name, photo, and occupation. This makes the reviews look more realistic.
  • Prices: combine your subscriptions into blocks, specify clear prices, conditions, and expiration dates.
  • Trial lesson: create a convenient application form with a couple of fields (name, phone number, and a “Sign up” button is the best choice).

Trial lesson:

  • The schedule should be short and clear (you can create a schedule using Google.doc, and add just a link to your dance studio website).
  • Questions & Answers: here, try to answer the most important questions about studio rules, restrictions, group membership, teaching outfits, etc.
  • Location and contacts: this info should be present on every website page.

 Location and contacts

  • Social media icons: let people share their opinion about your studio!
  • Photos and videos (taken in your studio) section.

Think about what a good dance studio website design should look like?

  • Your website design should be aesthetically pleasing and of high-quality;
  • the color scheme should match with your logo, your style, and your studio brand;
  • the world’s best dance studio websites show that experimenting with a bold palette and choosing bright, sparkly colors is always a good move! But remembering that “less is more” you won’t overdo with the colors. If you’re not sure about something – opt for beautiful and clean web design;
  • use different colors to split up the site sections with different content;
  • the main thing that always works for any dance studio website design is dynamics!

Dance website design examples

Shobana Jeyasingh dance studio website

Shobana Jeyasingh dance studio website


Pay attention to how stylish the dark background of the choreographer’s site looks, and how it emphasizes the high-quality dynamic photos!

TDS dance studio site example

TDS dance studio site


Take a lesson from the TDS website’s homepage: it is bold and contains links to most important site sections registration, classes, news, and shop.

Tapio dance studio website

Tapio dance studio website


Large photographs are always a good idea for a modern website and Tapio follows this rule.

Also, the site has a very clear and understandable structure, and big and clear icons immediately draw attention.

 London Ballet Studio (professional dance studio website template)

dance studio website - step 2

This template features a clean, crisp white background with watercolor fragments. The combination of delicate shades and eye-catching typography makes it really stand out!

View Demo

Use this template for free

Just Dance studio (professional dance studio website template)

Just Dance studio (Weblium professional dance studio website template)

The dark background works well with the purple gradient boxes and buttons. The site has a very logical consistent structure, and professional photos give the design a special charm.

View Demo

Use this template for free

Capoeira school (professional dance studio website template)

Capoeira school

Take a look at how interestingly the site design blocks are separated, and how many background color options you can use if you skillfully highlight them with the correct color of buttons.

View Demo

Use this template for free

You should definitely come up with something like this for your own website!

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in creating a modern dance studio website: you just need to use your imagination to fullest and take simple web design rules into account.

If you are going to use a website builder to create your site, we recommend you trying Weblium. Professional templates based on the analysis of the world’s best dance studio websites, an intuitive visual editor, advanced design customization options along with an integrated AI assistant, a bunch of innovative tools for website promotion and analytics will definitely come in handy!

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