Meet the Artist Templates and Get Totally Inspired!

Meet the Artist Templates and Get Totally Inspired!

If you still don’t know us, we are Weblium, a website builder of the 5th generation! We start each new day with monitoring the most crucial (and not only) news in the world of web design. Today we decided to share with you the artist website templates that will definitely blow your mind and inspire you to create something unique!

Let’s roll!

Who is an artist?

For first, you’re an artist if you think you’re an artist!

But, of course, this is not enough. It is crucial that the artist could create something that inspires other people! And it doesn’t matter who you really are:

  • tattoo master,
  • photographer,
  • writer,
  • art gallerist,
  • model,
  • videographer,
  • musician,
  • dj

– any of them can be called an artist! 

There will be no long and exhausting introductions: now we will show you the coolest artist website templates that we created – so just watch and enjoy!

Meet the artist templates

1. The model: Charlotte Ginsburg artist website template

View template:

The most important elements of an online model portfolio are photos and contacts. Charlotte Ginsburg artist template has both rights in the header, along with social media buttons.

Of course, «About me» and «Vital stats» sections are available after scrolling.

Use this template for free 🚀

2. The tattoo master: Amanda Tether

tattoo template - weblium

Visit template:

Blue, violet, and red… the colors of the tattoos were chosen for the site of this tattoo artist website template for good reason.

The important “Make an appointment” button is located in the header next to the menu, prompting the visitor to immediately “get down to business”.

Use this template for free 🚀

3. Meet the photographer artist template: Nora Hovard

artist photo template

Visit template:

Nora Hovard artist template immediately and very professionally captures the visitor’s attention with an interrogative tagline and the “Request a quote” button, located at the very beginning of the page. If you want more information you can use the menu or just scroll the page down. Everything is so simple and convenient!

Use this template for free 🚀

4. The videographer: Susan Allen artist website template

The videographer website template - weblium blog

Visit template:

The header of Susan’s artist template is simple, endearing, and very effective.

“Susan” template has excellent «About me», «Services», «Prices», «Team», «Why me» sections. Wherever they are needed, there are social media buttons, improving ranking and attracting a new audience.

Use this template for free 🚀

5. The writer: Antoine Choley

Visit template:

Antoine placed the most important buttons, «About me» and «Buy a book» on the banner.

This artist template has all the necessary information that can motivate the visitor – there’s even a portrait of a potential reader of his best-selling book!

Use this template for free 🚀

6. The art gallery template: «2,3»

art gallery website templates - weblium

Visit template:

Meet the artist template, created according to a good, classic design scheme for the site of an art gallery: a full-fledged navigation menu, the ability to view the most important events by switching banners in the header, plenty of white space and light color scheme.

The footer space is competently used for the map and contact information with the CTA button for feedback and a laconic subscription form.

Use this template for free 🚀

#7. The music band: Spaghetti Blue Blues

The site looks very stylish in black and gray! And, despite the huge amount of information, it does not look overloaded.

If you want to know more about the band, you can easily find everything you need – from «About us» info to buying tickets for their shows.

8. The Dj & MC entertainment company template: Sinclair

dj website template - weblium blog

The website banner does an excellent job: the “what we do” line and the “Invite MC” button are all you need to make a decision!

If you want to get to know the guys better, you have a detailed menu and informative blocks accessible by scroll at your disposal.

So, how do you like these artist website templates?

Welcome to Weblium and create the same good website yourself, without having any special web-design or programming skills!

Create your artist website right now 🙂

Got no time or ideas? It’s not a problem with ordering a ready-made, unique website from a Weblium studio!

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Apr 30, 2024 8:54 am

Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks.