Small Business Website Packages

Small Business Website Packages

What do cloud services, mobile operators, and design agencies have in common? They all offer package solutions for entrepreneurs. The market of website packages for small businesses is as dynamic as the rest of them.

You can launch a website without any help or order it at an affordable price with a few clicks. At your disposal are innovative tools, eye-catching designs, exclusive templates, perks for Premium users, loyal prices… But what is of the highest importance when for build online presence?

How to choose small business website packages

The competition is high, so every company tries to come up with the best package to win your attention. But are they ready to keep those attractive promises from marketing materials? Before making any commitments, conduct small research of the company that offers outstanding small business website packages. Here’s a checklist for you.

  • Company’s website. A company that offers website packages for entrepreneurs should take the lead and start with making a good site for themselves.
  • Service portfolio. It is more convenient to get an all-in-one solution instead of using different providers for every purpose. 
  • Customization. Check if a template collection is diverse enough and whether you can edit everything. Otherwise, it may go against your brand style.
  • Pricing policy. User-oriented companies always suggest starting with a free trial. Look for flexible payment solutions. Check if there are discounts.
  • Highlights. Is there something special a provider can offer, like extended branding packages for small business or one of a kind feature? It may help your business to stand out.
  • User reviews. They are not the most essential criterion, but feedback still matters. Look for real reviews. 

Risks to consider when you choose a small business website package

So you have conducted the research and still keep wondering what can go wrong? It isn’t paranoia, it is awareness. There are some common risks entrepreneurs encounter when they sign up for small business website packages.

  • Security. It must be your first concern. Ask about the hosting, domain name, and SSL certificates. 
  • Opportunities for integration. To track the statistics, you will need to connect Google Analytics and other tools. Sometimes it is necessary to add code or additional frameworks. 
  • Reliability. Consider a trusted provider that has been on the market for a while. Choose a new service only if it can prove an ability to deliver the promised results. 
  • Support team. Usually, they promise to stay tuned 24/7 but that’s not always true. Find a service that is ready to provide technical backup. 
  • Limited opportunities. Remember that this is a ready solution open to customization. The customization, however, isn’t limitless. Know what you can do before paying a package. 

What’s the solution? 

Use a small business website package by Weblium!

Why choosing a small business website package by Weblium is a good idea?

  • Templates. We have a big library of unique templates for diverse business niches. Users can use a chosen template as it is or customize it according to the brand style. All settings are managed from one place.
  • AI design supervisor. AI helps to make sure that the customization is going well by suggesting tips on optimizing colors, fonts, and page blocks.
  • Mobile-friendly design. A website will look good on any device. Forget about the additional development or settings. 
  • Image library. Get access to the library with over 100K images accessible directly from the template editing mode. 
  • Shared editing. Ask for help or a fresh perspective from your friends or co-workers. 
  • Tech support. There is no need to worry about hosting and website security. The support team will cover the technical complexities.
  • SEO. The website is open to search engines after you press “Publish”. Advanced SEO settings help to increase site rating so the clients can find you easier.
  • Integration. Built-in Mailchimp, Google Analytics, and Zapier tools help to boost your online presence. 
  • Flexibility. We have several plans for different needs – Do-It-Yourself solution, packages for Agencies and Studios. Also, users can order a brand-new custom design. 

SEO packages for small business 

SEO settings don’t guarantee that your site will appear at the top of search results in Google. Without proper SEO settings, however, it won’t be ranked high for sure. 

Get more leads with Weblium’s small business packaging for SEO.

What’s included in the Basic SEO Package? 

  • Keyword research – we find and select the right keywords and key phrases for your website. 
  • Content optimization – we use relevant keywords to make your texts more attractive for searching engines. 
  • Meta tags optimization – titles and descriptions will become more attractive, too.
  • Image optimization – images appear among search results only when they have relevant tags and descriptions.
  • Service setup – you don’t have to deal with Google Search Console and Google Analytics alone!
  • Recommendations – we don’t just farewell, we show you the right direction for future promotion!

The Advanced SEO package has even more to offer!

  • Canonical (human-oriented) URLs for all website pages.
  • Basic semantics to use when you decide to add more pages. 
  • Niche analytics with the research of competitors and traffic potential.

Sign up to get the best of small business website packages by Weblium!

Choose the best of small business SEO website packages

Sign up to get the best of the small business website 🙂

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May 23, 2023 3:33 am

The point of view of your article has taught me a lot, and I already know how to improve the website!