The Best Cleaning Websites to Find Inspiration

The Best Cleaning Websites to Find Inspiration

Cleaning websites are unique. Cleaning companies focus on entirely different types of work. Some companies will only provide services, while others can sell additional products for their customers. However, in both cases, it is crucial to highlight the advantages of your business and the working process and encourage customers to order your services.

Weblium is a platform where you can effortlessly create your own cleaning website using a wide variety of templates. Develop your site easily and without any difficulties using professionally-made designs.

In this article, we will share 25 housekeeping websites that will help you find inspiration for your site. Please note that this is not a top list or a rating. This is just a list of significantly great websites that will help you find exciting and inspiring moments for your projects. Let’s begin!

dry clean best cleaning websites

DryClean is an amazing example of a developed design and user experience. This template offers a recognizable image of clean clothes and CTA elements that will lead customers to the crucial pages. 

Strong points: convenient navigation, catching phrases, a lot of details about the company, and appealing photos.

Shiny House best cleaning websites

The ShinyHouse template is a brilliant solution for any cleaning website. This template shows the company’s work, including varying processes, highlights the key points of cooperation, and includes varying CTA elements to attract customers’ attention. 

Strong points: amazing design solutions, convenient main page with varying elements, and footer with social links.

bling cleaning best cleaning websites

Bling Cleaning is a website created with Weblium. It has a firm conception. Shades of pink and white dominate the website, while gradients add more style to it. 

The website includes a lot of images, emotional photos, information about the working process, and discounts. 

Strong points: convenient navigation, consistent design, and complete information about the company.

maid marines best cleaning websites

This website has a lot of advantages. First, the information is complete and is empowered with plenty of images. Secondly, the website shows their partners, which are respectful enough (e.g., New York Times). 

After learning more about the company, a customer can see different prices to make up their mind. 

Strong points: enough information for customers to make a decision, great photos of employees, and the focus on advantages.

innovative cleaning best cleaning websites

Innovative Cleaning is a great website that is focused more on minimalism. The color solutions here consist only of blue and white. Photos of employees are shown in blue uniforms that perfectly match the color scheme of the website. 

The content is focused on the advantages and the backstory of the company so customers can know why they selected this company.

Strong points: innovative design, minimalistic approach, and a convenient path created via emotional content. 

clean life best cleaning websites

This cleaning website is an example of a project created via Weblium. It is focused mainly on white, which is associated with cleanness, and implements fresh colors of green and orange. 

The home page is rather massive, but it does not exhaust the reader and helps the reader choose the services of the company. Great photos and icons do support the text. 

By using templates, you can also create a magnificent website with advanced usability and user experience. 

Strong points: exciting design solutions, complete information about the services, and excellent photos and icons.

luxury clean best cleaning websites

The design of this cleaning website proves that it gives luxurious services. The cover image of the home page contains a great photo of a living room. While the design is relatively brief, the customer can get all the info about the company.

Photos of employees, prominent advantages, and a brief motto will encourage one to order cleaning. 

Strong points: brief and beautiful design solutions, consistent conception, and minimalistic design with white color.

merry maids best cleaning websites

Merry Maids uses shades of green, white, and purple, which can be used as a way to show that their services are fully ecological. It is also text-oriented, which is crucial for the cleaning business. 

The photos are on the emotional side so that customers can feel more bonded with the company. 

Strong points: many texts about the company, good emotional photos, and a convenient user path.

upholstery cleaning best cleaning websites

Upholstery was created with Weblium, and it is made with the use of green, beige, and white colors. The home page begins with a photo of a sofa that looks perfectly implemented into a site. 

The website contains advantages of the services, reviews from customers, and a FAQ section where users can have their concerns vanished.

Strong points: complete information about services, many photos that show the result, excellent and consistent design of the website.

cleaning authority best cleaning websites

This site catches the attention of the customers with the emotional photo of a woman with a child. It immediately allows people to understand that the methods used are entirely safe for families and the environment. 

The “Learn more” button opens more information about the company, and you can find out everything you need to know. Prices, methods, and locations are included.

Strong points: convenient design and an excellent emotional aspect.

cottage care best cleaning websites

Cottage Care greets customers with a video that shows how inspired and motivated their workers are. They offer the working process and keep the overall design solutions brighter with blue and green colors. 

The other content is mainly focused on the provision of information about the services, types of them, and prices.

Strong points: high-quality images and videos and brief but understandable content.

dust queen best cleaning websites

Dust Queen shows that it has a lot of great features immediately. The homepage of this cleaning website starts with a nice cover image and a trailer of the company. You can immediately feel a boundary with this company. 

The second part contains brief messages about the overall working process and security measures. 

Strong points: great design, unique combinations of brown, green, and white colors, and a convenient path.

moura cleaning service best cleaning websites

This site decided to use bright-white colors and parts of yellow to make a remarkable design. The cover page is also incredible because rather than showing a house interior, it shows a large office. 

On the other hand, you can see a lot of text and learn more about the specific nuances of the services, see how you can order them, and inspect the company’s background. 

Strong points: unique design solutions, excellent navigation convenience, and complete information about the company.

emaids best cleaning websites

The website of eMaids is about convenience. You can immediately see the form to fill out so customers can order services instantly without any further actions. 

A couple of scrolls down can give more information about how modern and convenient the services are. It is crucial to mention the advantages, and this website is quick to tell more about them. 

Strong points: strong calls to action, chat-bots, and complete information about each separate service.

clean my space best cleaning websites

The name of the cleaning website shows that it is focused on resolving some sort of issue. It implements more purple colors, which is good and makes it a remarkable solution. 

This cleaning site focuses more on selling goods, so you can find a store here and many valuable articles about cleaning and practical tips. 

Strong points: convenient menu, nice design with purple and pink colors, highlighting useful articles.

better life maids best cleaning websites

The first thing to see on this website is an advantage statement. They tell you that you can experience a “better, safer, and healthier” cleaning, which is already a great option. 

The combination of colors they use contains white, pink, blue, orange, and even green. It is bright but not distracting, so the customer can focus on all the text and visual content, such as users’ reviews. 

Strong points: multiple bright colors, no hesitation in telling about advantages, and qualitative text content.

berry clean best cleaning websites

Berry is one of the best cleaning websites you can find online. It looks just perfect and has an incredible conception. On the homepage, you can see the magnificent art of a cleaner. 

However, when you scroll down, you can find a lot of helpful text and, what might be even more critical, Barry, a mascot dog, who welcomes you. 

Strong points: great art, heartwarming atmosphere, convenient navigation.

sunlight cleaning best cleaning websites

Sunlight Cleaning complements its name with its website. It is bright and remarkable, made with yellow, blue, and white colors. The website contains nicely designed images that represent the company’s work. 

You can also learn more about what this company does, its origins, and more about the details of the service immediately. 

Strong Points: great design conception, warm colors, and a lot of information about the business.

maid to shine best cleaning websites

This cleaning website uses white, purple, and blue colors, which match their logo perfectly. On the homepage, they show that you get top-quality services and even include links to different reviewing platforms. 

The years of experience, number of completed orders, and percentage of happy customers are also included. People are more likely to understand why they choose the services. 

Strong points: focusing on advantages, convenient navigation, and a lot of qualitative emotional photos.

mclean tools best cleaning websites

McLean Tools site was created with Weblium, and this has a remarkable cleaning website design. This store is focused on selling goods and copes with making customers sure that their products are excellent. Its design is a great example of cleaning business websites where you can find many inspiring elements for your site.

The site encourages people to visit their store, provide categories with goods they have, tell about their store, and, of course, include reviews from customers who were happy with their purchases. 

Strong points: remarkable design, convenient user path, and great content.

handy best cleaning websites

Handy sticks to the classical things in designing a cleaning service website. Light green and light-blue buttons with an overall white interface keep the customers interested in scrolling through the website to learn more about the content. 

The content is focused mainly on the advantages, but you can also see here that they offer professionals to work with their company. It shows that the company is open-minded and not hesitant to hire more people to complete orders. 

Strong points: excellent design solutions, open-minded content, classical but not banal elements.

you got maids best cleaning websites

This platform greets you with the most inspiring message. Live, Laugh, and Love. It already makes users at least think about ordering services here, as it saves time for more mentally valuable things. 

The overall design is also great. The combination of great icons, videos, emotional photos, and soap foam at the bottom gives you enough ways to understand what this website is focused on. 

Strong points: inspiration through content, great photos, and a nice navigation system.

breezy maids best cleaning websites

This cleaning service website is another creation made with Weblium, and it can be called one of the best websites on the list. 

A video on the first screen will represent the working process. Each scroll down opens more information about the services the company has and, of course, shows you more photos and icons. And all the site is made in a cloud-like shape that represents the foam. 

Strong points: remarkable and welcoming design and a lot of content to learn more about the company.

maid in nola best cleaning websites

The site is excellent. It is brief but manages to provide potential customers with everything they need to order. The cover image is a brilliantly clean kitchen.

On the page, you can also find texts that describe the services, the backstory of the company, and, of course, include customers’ reviews. 

Strong points: nice design solutions and a pretty brief homepage.

more hands best cleaning websites

More Hands is a site that will catch attention. An animated cover with a dominating cyan color remains an outstanding solution. You can learn everything from their home page.

They also add pretty decent buttons with CTA, and you can either order services or download the app. 

Strong points: perfectly balanced website with convenient navigation and understandable content.

Create Your Cleaning Website with Weblium

Creating cleaning business websites is a relatively easy task now. With the help of builders, you can embody your vision perfectly. Whether you need to create websites for cleaning services or just a store with cleaning goods, you can find plenty of solutions for varying needs. 

With Weblium, you will be able to create a website you and your customers will like. Use templates or create cleaning company websites from scratch, add marketing and SEO tools, and manage your orders with an in-built CRM system.

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