Top 10 Informational Website Examples For You To Follow in 2018

Top 10 Informational Website Examples For You To Follow in 2018

Informational websites are the sites that provide dynamic information in the most user-friendly way. A successful high quality informational website should not only look elegant but also offer a smooth user experience. These type of site is really important for small businesses.

Usability comes first in this case. Mobile compatibility, well planned, web design, and easy-to-scan content architecture, fast loading, simple yet effective navigation, pleasant color scheme are the main features of a winning website today.

You will never get a second chance to make the first impression – that’s why you have to go through this informational website examples top to get the clear idea of what your own website should look like!

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Great Informational Website Examples

Hopmonk Tavern Informational Website Example

Hopmonk Tavern website - webliumVisit the website:

As we can see, the owners of the North SF Bay Area’s top destinations for outstanding beer, food & unforgettable music had a clear idea what makes a perfect website.

As a result, they have got one site that unites 3 distinct locations, lots of interactive elements and сustom graphics. These include self-sufficient navigation menus for each location with the huge galleries, menus, and information imported from the ticketing service to show info on the site so you do not need to enter the same place twice.

FreshBooks Informational Website Design

FreshBooks website - weblium.comVisit the website:

The website is very easy to consume: the entire site looks like an exciting story – you just scroll down and continue reading.

There is also a great use of contrasting elements; while all the primary CTAs are distinctive and well-placed.

The testimonials showed on the website’s homepage tell you the real stories, explaining the reasons why you should buy the product. In addition, you will find a cool sub-headline that says: “Join over ten million business owners using FreshBooks”. This automatically gives a few plus points to the business credibility.

Airbnb Website

Airbnb website - weblium.comVisit the website:

The website includes the date and destination in a smart search form, which is the first info that visitors will see.

The primary CTA (search) visually contrasts with the background; the secondary one is for hosts: it offers excursions that you can book on the same website. You can see which of these offers are the hottest.

William Mcdonough Informational Websites Examples

William Mcdonough - webliumVisit the website:

The sections of the website are customized. The hero slider functionality is rather complex, there is a unique tag cloud on the home page. The grid blocks on the home page look very neat and well-organized.

On the whole, the website is a good multifunctional solution that meets all the requirements of a quality personal informational website.

Mint – Informational Website Design Examples

Visit the website:

The design if this website is ultra-simple, and it has a strong headline.

The website’s homepage gives you secure and relaxing vibes, which is crucial for the financial firm.

It also contains direct and simple CTA: “Sign up free.” The design of this call-to-action button is awesome — the secured lock icon enhances the concise copy.

Dropbox for Business Website

dropbox business - webliumVisit the website:

The design of the website is simple and user-friendly – you will see nothing but the important info you really need: a huge image with simple and compelling copy and a “Try free for 30 days” CTA.

The homepage is an excellent illustration of simplicity. It embraces whitespace while limiting the use of visuals and copy.

The sub-headline is also quite simple, but strong: “Dropbox Business simplifies your work, with a central place to access and share your files”.

Mosaic Art Now

Mosaic art now - weblium websiteVisit the website:

The website is full of meaningful content and you will find plenty of interactive elements here. That accommodates the amazing range of mosaic artists and arts.

The website maintains trendy simplicity and user-friendliness, being very responsive to any screen size. The deep customization resulted in a varied content display.

The custom Artists webpage has a flexible grid and many images with bigger rollover views. The articles subsection has a unique style layout.

Polygon Informational Website Examples

Polygon - weblium website

Visit the website:

This video game review website had to get a place in this top for many reasons.

The first thing you see is the correct use of the whitespace – nothing distracts the visitor from the important info. The articles feature long-scrolling, unusual layouts; the text is accompanied by large and beautiful imagery.

In addition, you will find an impressive real-time search bar at the top of the browser window.

The Verge

The verge examples - weblium

Visit the website:

The website’s homepage meets you with a colorful and huge puzzle of hot stories’ headlines, showing a glimpse of the articles.

An image carousel, drilling the reader into a story, divides every webpage.

The top stories are given more space to draw the reader’s attention to the hottest news.

Conde Nast

Conde nast - weblium

Visit the website:

The visual hierarchy is something you notice as soon as you enter the website.

The giant content slider in the header is really helpful in finding the Conde Nast’s beliefs.

The customizable filters are a great idea: you can choose what information you will see based on your interests.  

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