How to Update Facebook Link Preview of Your Website

How to Update Facebook Link Preview of Your Website

When you make any changes to your web page, you might face a problem when posting its link on Facebook. The Facebook link preview might contain old data from your website (including, page title, description, and featured image), since the social network caches information and doesn’t update as often as we would like. 

Unfortunately, you cannot update link attributes on-the-go while making a post. But you can ask Facebook to scrape the page again to update the necessary data.

Thankfully, the changes will become effective as soon as you make a request.

Here’s how to do it. 

How to make Facebook scrape your page again

Follow these 4 simple steps to update your Facebook link preview after changing some information on your website and republishing it:

1. Copy the link to the web page you’ve recently changed or updated.

2. Go to Facebook Sharing Debugger.

3. Paste a link to your web page into the field at the top and click Debug.
Update Facebook Link Preview. Use Facebook Sharing Debugger


4. Click Scrape Again.
Update Facebook Link Preview. Ask Facebook to Scrape the URL Again


That’s it. The Facebook link preview will be updated immediately.

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