Web Page vs Website: So, What's the Difference?

Web Page vs Website: So, What's the Difference?

Even if you are an experienced Internet user, you may make these annoying mistakes by confusing terms. If you use the words web page and website synonymously, then you fall for a frequent misplay of words.

While these terms may seem synonymous, web page vs website has a lot of differences, and once you learn them, you can see why it is so important not to confuse these two words.

By the way, more than 1.7 billion websites are online right now. Imagine that each of them has at least 3 pages on average. That makes billions and billions of webpages on the Internet! 

If you still don’t have a website, you and your business literally don’t exist on the Internet. Weblium suggests fixing this in just a few hours. You can use our website builder and bring your business online right today!

But first, let’s see what is the difference between a web page and a website. 

Web Page vs Website

Both of these words begin with “web”, so many users think they are synonyms. To understand the difference between webpage and website, let’s study them separately.

What Is a Web Page?

Think of a paper book. Its pages are very similar to web pages. Each page contains some info that can be read. Turning over the page, you see another one with new content. 

That is, a web page is a document that you can view on the Internet. It can be of any length, including different types of data, and contain some code. Just like paper pages have numbers in a book, so every webpage has a specific URL that takes visitors to it.

What Is a Website?

Paper pages make up a certain book. In the same way, a website is a collection of webpages with a common topic. A web page is stored on a web server. Each site has a unique domain name.

What Is the Difference Between Webpage and Website?

If a site is an entire book, then webpages are pages of this book.

Pages that belong to one resource usually have the same domain name. For example, http://www.site.com may include multiple webpages with the same domain name and different endings after a slash, such as:

Your site can consist of just one page (this is called a one-pager), or multiple sections.

Web Page vs Website: Why the Difference is So Important?

Understanding the difference between a website vs web page will be useful when promoting your site. Search engines rank individual pages rather than sites entirely. This means that you have to do SEO settings for each webpage. There are many general site settings that Weblium provides by default. All other optimization tasks (such as using keywords) must be done for each page separately.

When you search for something on Google, it does not show you the entire site but a specific page that is relevant to your query. Therefore, while working on the effectiveness of your site, you need to consider each section of your site separately.

Difference Between Webpage and Website With Examples

Better to see once than read several times. Let’s take a look at what a site and a webpage look like to understand the difference between a web page vs the website.

A great example is Weblium site. It has the main page as well as many other webpages. Some of them you can see in the header and footer.

website example

Let’s say, if you click on the Templates section in the menu, you will be redirected to www.weblium.com/templates. It’s another page of the website, linked with other sections that together make up the Weblium site.

web page example

Please note that in the address bar, the webpage name is written after a slash. This helps users understand which section of the site they navigate.

Best Webpage and Website Examples

When creating a site, you need to carefully work on each section. We recommend deciding on the overall style of your site first and then creating its pages one by one.

On Weblium, you can use templates, which already have ready-made pages with all the content. You can remove unnecessary sections, add new ones, change content, remove or add blocks.

Let’s take a look at some great examples of sites and pages made on Weblium. By the way, in the templates list, there is a Pages section, where you can find some useful ready-made templates for different topics. Let’s start with them.

Coming Soon Web Page Example

This is a great example of understanding what’s the difference between webpage and website. When you see such a page, it doesn’t mean that it’s the whole site. There may be other sections on the site that are currently hidden. This template can be used when your site is not available or is still under construction.

Coming Soon Web Page Example

Career Page or Site Example

Many sites have a career section. Using our template, you can create a career site for your company. Or you can take it as a basis, add other sections about your business, and keep this career page as one of the sections of your site.

Coming Soon Web Page Example

Baby Shower Web Page Example

Do you want to invite your friends to a party? Use this template! You can find it in the Events section of our Templates Explorer. By the way, you can easily change this template to a different topic, from a children’s birthday party to a wedding ceremony.

Baby Shower Web Page Example

Residential Complex Website Example

Now let’s take a look at what Weblium websites might look like. As we’ve mentioned above, your website can be a one-pager. This template perfectly illustrates how all the important information can fit on one page. You can use this website as a landing page for paid advertising.

Residential Complex Website Example

Chatbot Website Example

This is a multi-page website template. There is a section with prices, functions for different platforms, and a FAQ page. This example illustrates the difference between a website vs webpage well. There are several pages in this template that are interconnected.

Chatbot Website Example

City Guide Website Example

Some people wonder what is the difference between a website and a blog site. This template is actually a stylish blog site as the accent is made on articles here. Moreover, each article is posted on a different page.

City Guide Website Example


Understanding the difference between web pages and websites is quite important for making a great site. You should understand that a website is made up of webpages. Each of them can have different kinds of content. Also, a site can be either a one-pager or consist of many pages.

When creating a website, you shouldn’t confuse the web page vs the website. First think over the structure of your site and the interconnection of its core sections. Then decide on their general style and the type of content on them. You can also use Weblium templates to speed up the process. Delete pages you don’t need, add new ones, adjust the content, and voilà — you have a beautiful website!


What is the difference between a website and a blog site?

A blog site consists of articles on specific topics. You create a separate page for each article. A website can consist of any number of pages with different types of content, not only articles.

Is it a website or a web site?

In modern English, only a website is used. However, sometimes you can still meet web site, but it is an outdated form that is gradually replaced by a website.

Is it a web page or webpage?

A web page form is most commonly used. Also, it can be just a page.

Is it a website or a site?

Both forms are used. The site is considered short from a web site, the two-word form that is outdated. So, today, it’s a website or simply sites

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