Weblium Spring Product Updates #March–May 2020

Weblium Spring Product Updates #March–May 2020

Despite these challenging times of pandemic caused by COVID-19, this spring has been extremely fruitful for Weblium. Our hard-working designers and developers teams have been working on improving your user experience with Weblium even to a greater extent! 

We are so very excited to share with you our latest cool features that will make your website even better! Ready to impress your clients and ripe even more fruitful results with our amazing spring product updates?

Customized Headers and Footers

Good news is that now you get even more freedom in terms of your website customization! 

From now on, you can create your custom website header and footer by designing whichever layout you want and adding the needed rows. You can also add your logo as well as other elements that you find essential, such as social media, language menu, various buttons etc. 

What a flexibility, huh? That’s how you can add even more identity to your website design by adjusting your headers and footers however you wish!

weblium updated header and footer

Image Hover Effect

weblium update – image hover effect

If you want to showcase your products and services with stunning design, it’s high time for that! 

This new image hover effect is truly amazing as it helps you display some extra info on the image when the mouse is hovered on it. Basically, it lets you add text, change the image overlay, filters, and even set animation. 

Not only does it make your website more informative without wasting extra space, but it also looks really great! 

image hover effect update

Form Replies 

Starting from now, all your customers’ responses are stored in one place – form replies. What’s cool about that?

First of all, all the replies from your old and active forms are now stored in the form management section of your website. So, you’ll get access to all the data even if you delete any of your forms or forget to add your email. In such a way, you won’t lose any useful data that may bring you profits. What a salvation, huh?

Secondly, in the form replies, you can easily track all of your forms performance, specifically, figure out which of them has more submits. That’s how you can easily improve your marketing campaigns. 

Finally, you can copy whichever queries from the forms you want and use them for your further marketing campaigns, which is extremely convenient and helps to save your time!

updated form replies

DNS Records Management

With this new DNS management feature, you can add and remove your domain records, verify domain, connect subdomains, and add your own mailboxes. This feature is really important since it lets you easily make your domain changes on the Weblium platform. 

Just a kind reminder, if you still don’t have your personal domain and use the free one by Weblium, it’s a great time to buy it. That’s how you can make your website look even more professional and trustworthy. 

updated DNS management

Site History

This new site history feature serves to let you manage different versions of your website, specifically save and store them. It’s really helpful if your website is still in the process of development. Or if you are making any experiments with design and on a certain stage decide to get back to the previous version.

What is truly helpful about this site history feature is that you can restore whichever version of your website any time you need. So, it’s really a great way to keep all of your data and content safe. 

Bear in mind that it works only for the changes you make in the editor. In contrast, general website settings can’t be restored. These include search results visibility, applications like blog, integrations like Zapier, and analytics.

For now, you can get 5 backups of your website in the free plan and as many as 100 website backups if you have the Pro subscription.

site history update

Adding Table 

We have updated our table feature so that you can display important information on your website in a more organized way. 

For instance, you can add and delete rows, adjust the columns’ width etc. This feature is particularly helpful if you need to display your schedule or prices.  

table update

New Marketing Integrations

We do know how essential it is for you to interact with your customers, so we keep doing our best to provide you with all the necessary tools for that. 

Thus, we are pleased to offer to your attention AWeber and Snov.io These integrations will help you to collect the leads and process data for your marketing campaigns. 

In case you are interested in more advanced tools, check out Webhooks. It lets you send your clients’ forms submits from the website to any supported app, such as Slack, Google Sheets, or even your own app. In such a way, you will always get easy access to your customer’s responses.f

New Templates

Do you know that Weblium has over 200 ready-to-use templates so that you can easily create whichever website you want? 

Good news is that our collection keeps expanding all the time so that you can find the template that perfectly suits all your business needs and design preferences. Now, we have 231 temfplates in total.

Check out some of the templates we have added this spring! 

Bear in mind that all these templates are easily adjustable for any niche. So, you can choose the one that appeals to you most of all (disregarding its theme) and start editing it to meet your business needs.

Try new features

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