Copywriter Portfolio Examples: 10 Best Examples

Copywriter Portfolio Examples: 10 Best Examples

The number of people, who prefer working on freelance or projects instead of spending 40 hours weekly in the office, keeps growing. Copywriters value independence more than anyone else. They are creative people, for whom working in a big corporation is a burden. The freewheeling starts with a good website!

Oops. We forgot that you need the inspiration to get started! So check out our jaw-dropping copywriter portfolio examples below!

Copywriter portfolio examples

What is a copywriter’s portfolio? If you want to succeed, you should consider it your best job ever! Let your portfolio demonstrate your personality, ingenuity, creativity, brevity, literacy. You need to show that you have a way with words.

Keep in mind that a copywriter portfolio is something more than just a list of your successful projects: this is a tool to convince the customer that you are the best candidate for a certain role.

The following examples of a copywriter portfolio will show you how to properly design your website, and help you find inspiration for creating something new, something DIFFERENT!

Copywriter portfolio template

copywriter portfolio template

This extremely stylish and concise template was created based on the most important rules of modern digital marketing, in-depth niche analysis, and the most relevant web design trends.

The impressive full-size photo in the header and the concise website menu, the opening word, and the “About“ and “Books” buttons allow the visitor to go directly to the most important things.

The website design uses a combination of gray and white colors, making it look extremely elegant. Site navigation is simple and convenient, which is one of the most important factors in converting visitors into customers. The copywriter portfolio template looks perfect and works flawlessly on all existing mobile devices. 

The most interesting thing is that you can customize the design as you like: you can add blocks, individual pages, and elements (photos, descriptions, texts, buttons, forms, еtс.), change their design, creating your truly unique website for online business. You can even create a blog on the site absolutely free!

copywriting portfolio template

This minimalist copywriter portfolio speaks for itself and tells that you need a website like this, too. The good thing is that this is a Weblium website template you can customize without problems.

The unique feature of this copywriter portfolio template is bright elements and a combination of exciting textures. The text is conveniently placed, and there are no difficulties reading the information.

free copywriter portfolio template

This website isn’t just a portfolio but a CV showing all your strengths, work experience, and positive recommendations. This is also a ready-made copywriter website template you can choose for yourself and change how you like it. 

The main accent on the website is the yellow color, which is used in photos, buttons, and highlighting information. At the same time, the website contains only a few essential sections, such as personal info, experience, and client information. This portfolio is perfect in its simplicity and aesthetics.

copywriter portfolio templates

This is an exciting and very minimalist copywriting portfolio. The most important thing here is the text, which is what the copywriters produce. This is also a website template that you can use for yourself.

The combination of yellow, blue, and light gray complements each other. The website focuses on the value that content creation brings to the business. If you want a website like this, try this copywriting portfolio template.

copywriter portfolio

This is a classic freelancer’s website. About, Services, and Blog links in the navigation menu, abstract high-resolution image related to the occupation, the author’s name in big letters, and orange “Contact me” button. Everything is put in simple words. Intuitive navigation help to lead a user to target action.

Davina Van Buren: copywriter portfolio website

copywriting portfolio

This is an example of a serious copywriter website. Its owner is not just a traveling freelancer, but a Journalist, Content Marketing Strategist, and Brand Development Partner. Each of these occupations has got a separate page with links to samples. There is also an impressive list of clients represented by companies’ logos. White, gray, and navy colors make the site look serious as well.

Create a a winning copywriting portfolio with Weblium
copywriting portfolio examples

Nowadays, people prefer to choose everything based on recommendations. This must have been the main motivation for the next copywriter on today’s list. As you land on a homepage, you discover a list of newspapers and websites Aly J. Yale writes for, including Forbes. Minimum colors, minimum menu sections, only the essentials. That’s minimalistic design at its best.

portfolio copywriter

A great copy of a copywriter’s website? It sounds like something too obvious. However, only a few writers decide to use it on the homepage. Jose Benitez attracts attention to his person by a funny greeting written on the black background in white letters. And as you scroll down, you discover all the rest. The copywriter just gives you some time to focus before discovering a bunch of colorful and animated plates.

copywriter portfolio examples

Gari Cruze does exactly the opposite. His website is similar to an album with bright images that remind us about happy moments. Each of them is a cover of a project. There are no names of the projects directly on the page; they hover as you move a mouse on a particular picture, saving a perfect visual unity. The approach to the website is creative in general. The writer includes “17 random things page,” places a link to a blog at the very top of the page, featuring only the latest post, and keeps the friendly tone of voice in general.

portfolio for copywriter

For her portfolio, the freelance copywriter used calm colors: white combined with lavender and light green. This combination of colors has a calming effect but also works with the copywriter’s audience. Christy’s customers are small businesses, whom she suggests relaxing while browsing her portfolio.

Where to create a copywriting portfolio?

Today, it’s no secret that the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to build a copywriter portfolio (or any website you need) is to use a website builder. Website builders are becoming the de facto standard of what the future of website building looks like)!

All you need to do is to choose the RIGHT solution (and, sometimes, young companies offer some more cool benefits than the market giants).

One of such is Weblium, a progressive website builder that puts the emphasis on simplicity in creating a website. At the same time, it allows you to create an absolutely unique portfolio for free and get a modern, effective tool for building and promoting your brand, offering a reliable hosting, domain, SSL-certificate as a bonus, and a set of SEO-settings to show up on the first page of Google.

copywriter portfolio template

We still have a huge number of cool modern templates that you can use to create your website, building your perfect copywriter portfolio block by block. Now, you’ve got some vision – so bring your ideas to life using Weblium’s convenient editor. It will take you about 30 minutes to create your perfect website!

Is it hard to believe? Just try it now and see for yourself!