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Tips and tricks for creating a freelance website

52% of freelancers look for improved methods for finding work and clients.

47% of people aged between 18 and 34 participated in freelance projects last year.


43% of workforce in the USA is predicted to be freelance by 2020.


63% of freelancers choose work-from-home career over traditional job, particularly thanks to the opportunity to have 4-5 clients per month and create a diversified portfolio.


Start with thinking through your freelance website homepage

Here are the world’s best practices how to make an effective freelance website that we’ve done for you

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Every freelancer wants to get answers to three questions:

1) what does the website offer?  2) is it credible and secure?  3) why should someone choose it instead of a familiar one?
A good freelance website won’t answer everything on the homepage, but you can provide the key facts and show the selection of available categories. It will be enough to catch attention and fuel the interest.

Add some more pages to your freelance website

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Lead a freelancer to a place, where they can find proper jobs and projects. The more diverse opportunities are, the more people will join and start using your platform regularly.


Those, who are looking for a team, will be grateful for a chance to discover people, who use your freelance website and are open for new projects.

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Post a job.

In case a person finds it difficult to choose a freelancer, they are going to post a job descriptions and wait for applications. Just make it user-friendly and easy to fill.

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How it works.

Explain the rules of participation and legal terms. Newcomers may be not familiar with the entire system – applications, deadlines, delivery, payment procedure etc. And everyone should remember your freelance website is not a place for fraud!

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The best option to go with is email address and online chat. You may also provide links to social networks and hotline number customers can use in case of emergency.

Final touch: nice-to-have freelance website pages 

Membership Depending on your policy and expected development, you might consider paid usage or various packages of services. In this case, make sure loyal customers have enough benefits that encourage them to stay with you. 
Blog Start with tips & tricks – freelance benefits, ways to work from home effectively, expected difficulties and how to overcome them, freelance trends and so on. Tell about real situation in freelance sphere, and more people will consider joining.
Clients Some companies already practice working with fully packed remote teams. If you’ve got partners, who can impress users, mention about your cooperation.