Best Pizza Websites to Find Inspiration in 2024

Best Pizza Websites to Find Inspiration in 2024

Running your own business is always full of both exciting experiences and significant challenges. Your website will help overcome such challenges, but it must be completed as best. For companies focused on pizza delivery, it is crucial to make websites convenient and remarkable.

Such websites will attract more customers, bring more income, and users will be more likely to recommend your services to their friends. But finding a proper reference for your website might become one new challenge. There are a lot of templates to use when you want to create a pizza website.

And in this article, we will show you 15 Pizza websites that will give you inspiration to create the best pizza website for your needs.

This list of websites is not a top list or rating. These are references you can use while developing your pizza website design solutions. Feel free to seek inspiration from all these websites to create your own stylish and functional site.

Timonier best pizza websites

This is a French pizza food truck with a minimalistic design. The main advantage of it is that you can see all its features immediately, without additional clicks and actions. 

The website provides basic information about the pizzeria, its menu, and upcoming events. The site works in a specific niche and implemented different design solutions to simplify ordering a food truck.

There are main links with Events and Contacts, a Menu link, and additional contact information so that customers can reach Timonier without any difficulties and additional actions.

Strong points: use of calm, relaxing beige color, menu style that encourages people to make an order, simplicity of getting all necessary information about this food truck.

Andreucci is an excellent example of a pizza website with a nice image and smooth animations. Each scroll on the website gives a clearer idea of the services and provides additional convenience. 

The website highlights advantages, shows photos of its work, provides information about all ingredients, has links with contacts, and has a great navigation bar. 

The homepage of the website is made like one complete canvas where people can explore different design solutions. You can see photos, animations, infographics, and buttons to see the menu. Such a variety of design solutions don’t distract, makes customers more involved in cooperation, and stimulates their appetite.

Strong points: a combination of classic images with modern design solutions, exciting exploration, convenient user path, and complete information about services.

This is a conceptual pizza website from Ukraine that has fascinating solutions. The very first thing is the animated logo on the homepage. The eye on a pizza tracks your mouse movements, which creates an excellent presence atmosphere. Using such a logo is a great way to improve the brand recognition.

The website’s dark tones support the mysterious Illuminati concept that comes as the website’s central theme. Also, the homepage contains a menu with convenient filters where clients can choose what pizza they prefer. 

Strong points: brief but full storytelling, modern and convenient design, and comfortable navigation bar with different filters.

Pizza California is an excellent example of a classic pizza website design. The website highlights the main points of cooperation by making all the advantages and features visible from the beginning. 

A gallery with services immediately supports the header with navigation links and explains the services you get, such as “Craft Beer”, “Menu”, and “Catering”. And immediately, you can see photos of happy customers who enjoy the pizza, which creates the warm vibes of a family pizzeria. 

Strong Points: convenient design, classical red-and-white color scheme, emotional aspect, minimalism.

Espania Pizza is a Greek pizza website that was created with Weblium. This is a qualitative website with numerous advantages. The website starts the customer’s journey by telling about the pizzeria. After that, a gallery with nice and appetizing product photos. It is a great example of a local restaurant where people can have a calm and delicious dinner. 

Then, you can see links to the Apple Store and Google Play to install the application and exciting offers. Several CTA buttons are implemented well and don’t appear annoying to a customer. 

While creating a website with Weblium, there are other solutions present that will help create a nice and convenient website for other types of restaurants and cafes.

Strong points: professional product photos, minimalistic design, consistent storytelling, offers, and CTAs implemented well into the overall structure. 

This is an aesthetic website with light colors and an interesting concept. This American pizzeria has a remarkable style and minimalistic content that represents the work properly. 

The website’s header contains information about cashback that immediately shows the advantage of ordering pizza there. The navigation bar is complete and summarizes with an “Order Online” button. 

The homepage shows seasonal menu positions, advantages of techniques they use, locations, and a claim that the liquors you can order in the pizzeria are homemade. 

Strong points: a remarkable and chic design, visible advantages of PV services, minimalism, and special and limited offers. 

This is an American pizza website with interesting accents. The logo is made in newspaper style, and the navigation bar is at the beginning of the home page, allowing one to learn more about services immediately.

However, the homepage is a hub where you can learn the menu, the process of making pizza, and information about the pizzeria. One of the main advantages of this website is that it also gives a lot of information about the chef of Vittoria. 

Strong points: Convenient interface, hub with all necessary links, and information about the chef, so a customer knows who is responsible for your diner. 

Franco Manca is a remarkable website where all interface solutions are performed in a doodle style. The main thing of website attraction, it makes the customer think like he is reading a notebook of a chef with interesting drawings but still fantastic product photos. By using such ideas, the creators of the website made this one of the best pizza websites that express its family-friendly and genuine attitude. 

It has complete information about customers’ questions, such as a seasonal menu, dough features, registration, and testimonials. And links to social networks at the end of the page let users get even closer to the site concept. 

Strong points: Universal doodle style, full storytelling, nicely implemented images. 

Jersey Pizza is also a great example of a pizza website design. This is an American pizzeria that is focused on a straightforward approach. A dynamic animated pizza image with 2 CTAs on the very first screen immediately attracts one to make an order. This is a brilliant design solution used by many top restaurants

One scroll down, and a customer can see information about the company with a nice gallery of product images. Below are links to the mobile application. Special deals are included, so the client can see beneficial offers moments after he starts using the website.

Strong points: straightforward approach, information about special deals, well-made CTA, beautiful and diverse product photos.

Mellow Mushroom is a website that has a hypnotic effect. The main advantage of this resource is that it gives much more interesting interactions to its customers. It might be the best pizza website to look for inspiration. 

The dynamic name, many animations that make it more fascinating to explore the website, reverse-psychology CTA buttons, dynamic background, and a brief explanation of all services make this website an interesting place to find inspiration. 

Strong sides: animations, reverse psychology, elements of retro style, hypnotic design. 

Wilton Pizzeria’s website has a unique vintage design with modern vibes and one-line drawn images. The calm tone of the website allows one to relax and think wisely about ordering something. This pizza website can be literally used as a template for creating a working and profitable pizza site.

The homepage contains a menu, which one can print, and it adds more vintage and authentic vibes to it. Ingredients and prices are also described, so a visitor can see what is included in his dish and whether it is possible to get more toppings. 

Strong points: balanced and mature design solutions, full information about cooperation, calm and vintage vibes. 

Piz`za-za is a magnificent website where one can see the familiar and warm vibes of a family restaurant where people can enjoy all events, such as a regular lunch or a romantic dinner. 

The logo represents two main sectors of this pizzeria: pizza and wine, while product photos and aesthetic images create an image of a niche club that a person would like to join. 

Strong Points: warm and calm colors, beautiful product and restaurant photos, great accents on services, feedback forms, and special offers.

PINZA will become a breath of fresh air when you seek inspiration. This website has a bright and remarkable design with many dynamic interface solutions. You can see how pizza names change dynamically while rotating a magnificent circle of pizza slices. This is one of the best pizza websites in the world, and you can find inspiration here without any doubts. 

Also, a compilation of Instagram Stories from happy customers brings an additional level of confidence that the products here are great. And a dynamic image with abstract and emotional takes give even more willingness to purchase something here.

Strong Points: bright colors, incredible animations, genuine reviews, convenient navigation bar.

Rubiosa Ristorante has the design of a classic café with bright colors. The main page is brief but contains all the information people need to know. Information about primary services, menu, and delivery can be spotted immediately.

Moreover, pictures of food are located on the first screen so that customers can immediately see what they will find in this pizzeria. Such solutions make this pizza restaurant website attract more people.

Strong Points: bright appearance, appetizing food photos, brief.

Pizza Moto has a remarkable but still minimalistic pizza website design that will be remembered. This is pizza catering, and it doesn’t need to show many things. The main goal was to create an image of a mobile place that will bring party (as said on the website) whenever you need. 

This is why you can see only a few buttons on the website. Moreover, neon parts create cool vibes for the party, which is the website’s main goal.

Strong Points: minimalistic design with straightforward messages, focus on the main advantages, and convenient user path.

Create Your Websites With Weblium

If you want to create a pizza website design that will fulfill all demands of your customers and will manage all your design solutions, then Weblium is the correct choice. You can find both great templates and other inspiring websites to create a site for a restaurant.

With our website builder, you can easily create a great and convenient pizza restaurant website. And one day, it will inspire other people who want to start their own businesses.

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