Best Restaurant Websites: 37 Design Examples

Best Restaurant Websites: 37 Design Examples

A good website of a bar, restaurant, cafe, and even a fast-food shop can sometimes work better than a cool high conversion landing! The main thing is to know how to submit information, how to choose an attractive restaurant website design and how to work out all the elements that motivate a website visitor to visit your place.
In order to give you the restaurant website design inspiration, we have found the top 37 examples of mouth-watering restaurant websites design that really boost sales.

These famous sites will surely inspire you to create your perfect website or make a re-branding of the existing one!

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Notre-Dame simple restaurant website


One of the most amazing tricks of the Notre-Dame website is the menu items: you enjoy the vivid photos of dishes, and you can even view them from the different angles! When you hover the mouse over a croissant, it turns around its axis, demonstrating the presence of the dish and showing you that it is the tasty thing you were looking for!
As for us, this is a very stylish web restaurant design: it really intrigues visitors with its simplicity and gives them a slight hint that there is something more… Therefore, the user is interested to find out more about the restaurant’s cuisine, plunging deeper into the website’s menu sections.

Quay restaurants sites


This restaurant has an ideal location: it is situated on the shore of Sydney Harbor directly opposite the famous Opera House. Only this fact encourages it to have a luxurious website!
The focus of the main page is a video series, which smoothly demonstrates the appearance of each dish, as well as the process of its preparation. Juicy, pompous and rich – these are three words that come to your mind when you look at this website.
These Australian guys focus on the amazing beauty of top quality seafood, once again proving to the world that excellence is in simplicity!

Everything is thought out here: design, structure, navigation, functionality. The site is convenient and so interesting that you do not want to leave it. In addition, the categories dedicated to staff and chef, organizing events and special occasions are underlined with the obvious elements of luxury.
There is also a photo project overlooking the beautiful theater that completes the amazing website journey.

Eleven Madison Park cool restaurant websites

restaurant web examples


This excellent restaurant web design is made in a minimalistic style. There is a huge amount of white space on each page that helps to draw attention to the small blocks of text and beautiful thematic images.



This Connecticut restaurant website is quite concise and very beautiful. The style is ideal for the place of this type, each website element is tastefully decorated.

Chef Fest beautiful restaurant websites


This one-pager has an amazing design that creates a feeling of sincerity, comfort, and relaxation.
The video on the first page shows a small history of the restaurant, revealing its inner life – the process of cooking, the emotions of customers, the unique atmosphere of the restaurant. The website design shows great attention to detail.
The website is full of content: various information, rich photos. You can notice certain attention to details.

Baltazar – restaurant website example


Did you notice that your mouse cursor turns into an elegant arrow when you move it to the website’s horizontal scrolling areas?

We immediately noticed that the restaurant owners thought out the cool web design to the last detail!
All special offers and menu favorites are on the main page, so you don’t need to search the entire website for the menu novelties.

Osteria Francescana


As you can see, the carefully selected images play a great role in the website’s design. The neutral background creates a beautiful contrast. Each menu position that is shown on the website gives the impression of a complete composition.
That’s a real restaurant website’s art!

Quince – great restaurant design example 

restaurant example - weblium


This website is quite easy to engage with and very easy to navigate. It is full of very detailed content.

The visitor literally gets acquainted with the restaurant, immediately diving into its history and philosophy.

The main page is made in the form of a centerfold, that demonstrates the photos of dishes and reveals the navigation menu, created in the form of 6 transitions to various website categories.
There is a special category dedicated to the staff, as well as a category where the owners emphasize the fact that all vegetables, fruits, and spices are grown on the farm, specifically for the restaurant.
It’s a very bright, fresh and appetizing website that inspires confidence and makes you want to visit the place!

Drury Buildings


The competent combination of images with text blocks and soft red color has become the signature of the Drury Buildings restaurant. The creators themselves say that the restaurant is “a mixture of the exterior of Berlin and the interior of New York”.
A touch of an Irish spirit makes this place a perfect space to make a good European movie. The nature of the website is emphasized by interesting perspectives and textures in the pictures, and a simple chopped-up font does not make it pretentious!

El Celler de Can Roca


The web designer has chosen an interesting style: the first page shows us the team of this establishment. The rest are made in a vintage black and white style. The idea of horizontal an interesting feature of this website.

FUD  website


This is a dynamic, bright and very tasty example of a burger bar website.
The concept of the site is very simple – a single page, the main background in pastel colors, maximum information about the place, menu and many photos, and each one of them is a masterpiece.
Do we really need to tell about the quality and style of photos? We can say only one thing: this is a mouth-watering design!
You don’t even want to read anything here: you are fascinated with the pictures of dishes and cool interior photos.

Shizuku restaurant website


Each page of this Japanese cuisine restaurant website is decorated in the style of brutalism. This trend can help you create both the best design of an online store or the design of a restaurant.
The owners of Shizuku claim that you can feel the wonderful taste of ramen just by looking at their dishes. The restaurant’s website fully reflects the concept of the place: innovative dishes with traditional taste!

Restaurant André


Firstly, this website’s design makes it rather simple and effective, and secondly, the blocks with content are placed in a very interesting way.


Visit the website:

The site of the pan-Asian cuisine restaurant impresses with its functionality at first sight. There’s a form on a dynamic background, which allows you to find out if there an opportunity to order an option to organize a buffet or banquet where the event takes place.
At first glance, you understand that you are looking at the website of an unordinary restaurant.

The website reveals the philosophy of the place: its traditions, preferences, and methods to satisfy the desires of the client.
The developers paid great attention to the menu: there are plenty of high-quality photos of each dish with its detailed description.
The possibility of online booking, the feedback form and the possibility to make an online call using the special app – all these things tell us that the owners of this restaurant know how to contact their customers, providing them with a great choice of functional options.

Green Rebel


This is a completely organic vegetarian design that will inspire even the die-hard meat lover!
The website welcomes you with a video demonstration of the dishes, interior, and well-fed customers. Animated lettuce leaves, bunches of carrots, slices of onion look very naturalistic, as if they are already in front of you, lying on your plate. These things accurately attract the attention of potential customers!
A straight background with the «corky» texture makes the design look crafty. Green Rebel creates a feeling that the food is cooked in an eco-friendly environment. All that ingratiates you, and we can say for sure that this is the best web site design for a vegetarian restaurant!

Piazza Duomo – restaurant website design example


The essence of this restaurant’s cuisine is modern Italian culture. The website’s design is made using parallax and complemented with the soft and tender floral theme.

Black Yard Burgers 

Black Yard Burgers restaurant | weblium


This website is a vivid example of how good USP can work!
Beautiful high-quality photos, perfect usability, allowing you to quickly navigate the site and functionality, that is enough to make the final decision – visit this amazing place!

Il Buco: restaurant website

Il Buco restaurant website | Weblium

This website offers a neat combo of horizontal and vertical scrolling, amazingly animated sections, stylish and delicious content... The color scheme gives the impression of timeless luxury and style.
This is what you get when you use one of the cutest restaurant and cafe website design templates and do all the work to refine it!

We bet that such awesome design solutions and unusual navigation will help this website win an Awwwards Honorable Mention award that only the best websites can get!

The in-depth analysis of the huge number of decent restaurant websites helped us to identify all the important elements that the perfect website may need. We combined them in one ready-made, carefully considered business solution

Weblium cafe and restaurant website templates!

D.O.M. – great restaurant website

D.O.M. - restaurant website example

Visit the website:

The rotation of certain blocks is quite an interesting idea. Certain website elements immediately draw the visitor’s attention.

The Rosa

Visit the website:

Take a look: the photos of the dishes look very natural in this well-designed and beautiful surroundings. The site is built using the Parallax Restaurant WordPress theme, which allows you to dynamically tell your story.
This is probably the thing that makes it a perfect solution for restaurants, bars, cafes, and bakeries. Once again, we come to the conclusion that the best web design can be created without much effort.

Le Bernardin restaurant website example

Visit the website:

Depending on your location, the scrolling of this website will work either vertically or horizontally. An unusual navigation solution is an outstanding idea.

The Clove Club

Visit the website:

The site is created in a landing page style with the classic scrolling. The combination of text and graphics looks very harmonious.

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The website is designed in calm, soft shades. Introductory videos and photos here are really worth watching!

Le Mugs

Visit the website:

In addition to high-quality beautiful images and well-chosen combinations of colors, it is the website’s animation that grabs visitor’s attention. In addition, the menu page design is unique and very beautiful!

Michi Ramen

Visit the website:

The Asian themes are clearly traced in the website’s design. The visuals perfectly display every dish you can try here. The daring typography, the modest layout and prodigious call to actions are the things that make this site stand out.
In addition to the thematic images, you should also pay attention to an interesting font.

Blackhouse restaurant website

Visit the website:

The thing that immediately grabs your attention here is the amazing contrast of fonts and colors. Exploring the website, on each page, we evidence the amazing opposition of black and white shades.
Also, we want to highlight an interesting, typographic font. Various design elements also refer to the old traditions of printing.

El Burro

The website’s design grabs your attention with its vivid, rich image and color contrasts. Acid shades are successfully combined with calm, pastel tones.

Gourmet Natural

Visit the website:

You can clearly notice the lovely local motifs in this website’s design. The graphics are also quite attractive: images successfully complement the corporate identity.

La Marcha: restaurant website example

Visit the website:

The design of this resource uses parallax and it seems like it is well thought out. Not only the attractive fonts grab your attention; the thematic vector images are used. Pay special attention to bright, “juicy” images/ that successfully fit the website’s theme!

Paddock restaurant website example 

Visit the website:

In addition to the uncommon arrangement of the website blocks, the Paddock website has a fascinating UI/UX component: the website consists of only three pages; however, all the crucial information successfully fits them! This is a great example of a successful information placement and thoughtful structure!


Visit the website:

You can find this beautiful place in the city of Menton (France). The restaurant specializes in local Mediterranean cuisine. The website’s design is made in a sunny, marine style with characteristic French hints. The buttons for ordering a table and banquet are located in the most prominent place.
On the main page, you can immediately see the brief description of the restaurant, the specialties of the cuisine, the team and the special meals.


Visit the website:

The restaurant is famous for its modern Peruvian cuisine. Some people even know it as the best place to eat in the whole of Latin America in 2017.
Pay special attention to this website’s design. After the page loads, we can start the journey.
It’s a good idea to place the button for ordering a table at the most prominent part of the page.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns restaurant 

Visit the website:

The first thing that inspires you is the fact that this restaurant has an ecological concept in creating dishes. But then, when you visit the website, it is the design that blows your head off.
The basis of the UI here is the usage of the printing style and high-quality themed pictures.

Block 16 restaurant website

Visit the website:

Block 16 team have worked well on the design of their website. High-quality, rich images, and videos are really inspiring. The structure of the site and its content are also well thought out.


Visit the website:

This restaurant website uses the effect of parallax scrolling. The fonts and vector icons are well-chosen. The astounding beautiful images, as always, grab all your attention. High-quality, bright and detailed photos attract your attention and successfully demonstrate many wonderful examples of local cuisine.

Astrid & Gaston

Visit the website:

The design of this website is dominated by calm, restrained shades. The developers have paid much attention to the images of dishes and the interior of the place. They have chosen a very good font that perfectly fits the overall concept.


Visit the website:

This restaurant is located in Clayton, Minnesota (USA), so the classic American motifs are seen in the website’s style. The web-resource was created in the form of a landing page: its characteristic features are high-quality images and peculiar navigation.

Sign up and create your perfect restaurant website for free with Weblium! Use the multiple advanced tools to make an excellent tool to increase your online presence and get more customers in no time!

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