20 Best Therapist Websites for Your Inspiration

20 Best Therapist Websites for Your Inspiration

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The first thing you see after visiting the page is the beautiful panoramic photo of nature. It calms you down and encourages your mental balance. Apparently, this is how sites for psychologists should work. Finally, there is still room for functionality in this site’s clear and intuitive design — the menu is quite useful.


Ripple Effect Spiritual Therapies

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In addition to beautiful photos and inspiring slogans, this page contains the FAQ section, testimonials, the calendar of events, and buttons that allow you to book your next therapy retreat session in a few clicks. All these elements are important for creating the best therapy websites.


Think Psychology by Weblium

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The site was also created using the Weblium template. It has a very clean design, there are no eye-catching elements, so everything looks professional yet informal. Similar to other best therapy websites, here you get to see the credits, testimonials, and statistics perfected by smooth transitions.


Modern Life Therapies

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Modern Life Therapies offers a clean, fresh, and attractive design perfect for the niche. The buttons you see on top of the page invite you to explore more info about the company and book an appointment straight away. Besides, you can purchase the consultation straight via the site.


Hands Above Therapy

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Sleek transitions and high-resolution full-screen photos are definitely in demand for many professional sites. However, it makes even more sense to use them on websites for therapists. Do you like this design? You can choose a similar therapy website template on Weblium and create your site in half an hour!


Dr. Lisa Novak by Weblium

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This site created on Weblium uses a friendly approach to inspire trust in the customers. It has all the relevant sections for a beautiful presentation of the specialist’s profile and the services Dr. Lisa offers. Links to social media help this page gain even more points! Web design for therapists is easy with Weblium — you can start building your site now.


Engage Home Therapy

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This is a responsive and easy-to-understand private practice site aimed at the older generation. Well-written descriptions, a list of the services offered by a psychologist, and a 24/7 feedback form are great advantages of this site. An intuitive design provides the target audience with everything needed!


All Abilities Therapy Group

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Contrary to the previous one, this children’s therapy site created on Weblium will appeal to kids. The menu is well-organized with all the necessary website sections offered at once. What is more, the response form allows you to leave your request for further consideration! The best therapist websites from our list offer such a feature.


My Recon Therapy

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A nice advantage of this mental health company website is an online appointment and schedule manager. This allows the corporation to confidently organize its work and be more open to clients. Quality photos, the program intro, and a registration feature make the site more entertaining.


Rewire Me

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This site has a responsive and mobile-friendly layout. It offers smooth transitions and many exciting sections: the blog with articles, links to social media with the Instagram account preview, and inspiring slogans. Rewire Me feels like home and encourages you to book the session or at least dive deeper into psychology.


Baltimore Therapy Group

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This psychologist website is an excellent solution for all specialists and professionals interested in promoting their services. It has very high quality and modern design, which boasts relative minimalism and the presence of all the necessary sections.


Therapy Group of DC

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Starting a site with a video is always a great idea! Keep the visitors engaged and you will encourage them to book a therapy session. All in all, this page contains lots of data and stats concerning the customer service analysis. You can use a similar approach instead of lengthy testimonials.


Mindshift Psychological Services

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This site, available in three languages, starts with a useful menu presenting all the platform’s sections. Two buttons on the top of the page invite you to book your appointment faster! All this contributes to more effective sales. If you need any help — use the feedback form.


Bergen County Therapist

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Dr. Stephen J. Oreski decided to keep a medical theme for his therapist website design. The page has several useful sections, various blocks, and components, including “Services” and “FAQs”. In addition, you can book an appointment with one click.

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Fresh colors, animations, and a modern font are what we like about this one. Schedule an appointment from the start or scroll to the bottom of the main page to find out more about the company’s values and services.


Faithful Counseling

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Counseling websites that offer to create an account engage the users and encourage them to choose your services. Faithful Counseling is an online psychotherapy platform with a sleek design that inspires trust and the desire to register.


Emma Neumann Psychotherapy

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A bright background and a story-telling approach to presenting your services are a cool way to appeal to your target audience. If you are sure that your potential clients enjoy creative solutions, dare to try something new!


Emma Peck Therapy

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A few words of self-presentation, natural colors, and big buttons with understandable functions. Therapist website examples like this aren’t just clear and intuitive. Most of all, they work!


Low Country Counseling

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Presenting counseling services can be done in many ways. Low Country Counseling decided to choose a friendly approach, smooth transitions, informative menu, and offering all the vital info on top of the page.


Ann Arbor Counseling Services 

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This site clearly explains its target audience from the first seconds. You get to know who they are and how to contact the organization — just click on the main menu. The platform also offers informative articles and tips for clients who have never been to a psychotherapy session. 

Therapist website tips and tricks

Should a therapist have a website?

Psychological consultations, training, and life coaching require a minimum investment from a specialist — just be a good master of your craft and tell people about what problems a specialist is ready to solve. The best way to provide information about your services is through a website.

How to create a therapist website?

Weblium, the best website builder for therapists, strives to simplify the creation and management of web resources, so everyone can launch a website on their own. You do not need to hire developers or have programming skills for this, just enjoy our all-in-one website constructor. 

What makes a good therapist website?

Find the balance between an attractive design and staying professional. It means choosing a website template that reflects your personality but keeping all the functionally vital elements. Tell about yourself or your team and invite the person to try your services. Optimizing the site for all devices is also important. Luckily, Weblium has already taken care of that.

What should be included in a therapy website?

The best therapist websites always offer feedback forms, an opportunity to book an appointment in a few clicks, and a section with testimonials. If it’s an online counseling platform, there should be a contact form.

In conclusion

Create the best therapist websites for free in our convenient Weblium website builder — add sections, multimedia files, set up feedback forms, and much more! You don’t have to be an expert in web development to create a quality website for a psychologist.

Advantages of creating websites of private specialists in our website builder:

  • The adaptive layout of templates for correct work on any device
  • The ability to quickly select the desired design of the site for your theme
  • Simple internal website builder interface.

Psychological assistance and individual coaching are becoming leading types of care services. People more and more often prefer to address their problems to a specialist who would help find an answer to difficult life questions, and would suggest how to behave in a given situation. Besides, most of those interactions happen online. Thus, a quality website for a psychologist is a must for any professional who wants to follow the market trends!