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Tips and tricks for a creating and designing your own coaching website

Create coach website

There’s one most important question that every business website owner should ask himself: «what is my site doing for my business»?!
There are many beautiful sites on the Web that seem modern and even convincing, and we are sure that they cost some fortune to business owners, but they aren't achieving their owners’ goals!
A coaching website should fulfill many important tasks like building your credibility, helping you to get found in Google search, give our visitors exhaustive answers, gather leads, drive sales and so on.
Wanna find out how to create coaching website, that will earn you a fortune? Let's get into the details!
1. Your personality should be everywhere
YOU and you alone are the best selling tool of your business, so there has to be plenty of your personality on your website. You can use unique personal stories and amazing experiences and successes. Explain why your services are the perfect solution for your clients. Create a good bio to build a trust with your potential customers.2. Make it simple what you do and for whom
Listing your services gives nothing to your visitors – they want to know what you do in details and how you do it. More than that/. They want to know how you will solve their problems.
3. BlogBlogs add value for the visitors, especially if you write specifically for your potential clients, talking about their challenges and offering solutions to their problems.
Blogs give you the advantage to be found on Google – that’s a fact. Weekly blogs help to showcase your expertise, add value for the site and built strong relations with your readers.
4. Videos
If you want to make a huge step from a stranger from the Web to a trusted coach, use videos on your website – this is the fastest way to express your personality, build a trust and let your customers feel that you are a good fit!
Include a short «my story» video in the «about» section instead of many words. For example, this video can tell people about how you were brought to coaching, or you can give a couple of free coaching tips.
After people like this free stuff, they will definitely love your paid stuff!
5. Testimonials
If you already have some great results, show them!
When the visitors land on your website, they hardly believe all the excellent selling phrases they see. Some of them do not even consciously believe the testimonials. But subconsciously they do.

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