Best Coming Soon Landing Page Examples + How to Create Your Own

Best Coming Soon Landing Page Examples + How to Create Your Own

“Coming soon” landing pages can save you the time for branding or rebranding of your enterprise. This type of web pages can also be a proper tool to attract new customers, which translates into new leads and stronger online presence.

While you will be preoccupied with preparing to furnish your new website with crisp and professional content, a coming soon landing page will serve to shape expectations of your target audience. Also, thinking through a design of a coming soon page can guide you through the process of making decisions regarding the aesthetics of your future website while it is still in the stage of development.

Best coming soon landing pages not merely inform; they also inspire and reignite entrepreneurs’ passion for whatever it is that they do, as well as the customers’ interest in the products or services the entrepreneurs provide for them.

Why Do You Need a Website Coming Soon Page?

New website coming soon announcements work as both triggers and anchors. The point is, launch pages do not benefit the entrepreneurs alone. Best coming soon pages offer internet users as consumers an efficacious experience searching for things on the Internet that are important to them. They build suspense within the target audience and set up their expectations at the same time. Launch pages are important because they:

  • enhance lead generation;
  • are compatible with SEO systems;
  • establish fine reputation;
  • conceal the process of building a full-scale website;
  • inform the visitors about the date of launch;
  • bolster online presence by cross-promotion of the brand’s official accounts on social networking platforms.

A new website coming soon announcement can be a perfect instrument for you to strategize your venture’s online presence. Knowing how to build an under-construction page is not to be underestimated.

Best Coming Soon Page Examples

Check these coming soon landing page design inspirations which may help you stay on the right track as you’re pursuing making a coming soon landing page of your own.


coming soon landing page

Despite the technologically sophisticated appearance of its landing page, the website itself is intended for publishing poetry. Dark theme, plain readable font in white, and gradient coloration of the logo solidify proper organization of the analyzed one-pager, making it a coherent whole.

Design Islands

pre launch landing page

This coming soon page inspiration from Vita Vrebac epitomizes coherence and tastefulness. The harmonious color palette harmonizes with the design of the minimalistic and neat illustration. The colors are vibrant. The white font prevents the design from looking oversaturated. The ‘Get notified’ button is strategically placed, right next to a field to enter an email address. Smart, intriguing, and somewhat feisty text complements the visual character of this incredibly effective yet simple coming soon page.

Coming Soon Template (Visual) for a firm offering building services and/or supplies

website coming soon message

This ‘website under construction’ visual sample comes from an English artist who goes by his first name, Jonathan. The design at hand effectively delivers a message to the visitors of this new website coming soon landing page. The message itself involves informing the visitors about the expertise, the quality of goods or services produced or delivered by the venture it advertises. Color palette serves as a unifying element here.

The minimalist design of the illustration, which is the focal point of the analyzed coming soon website, also appears endearing. This coming soon page example humanizes the construction industry.

Coming Soon Page Design Template by DStudio

coming soon website ideas

Thinking out of the box comes in handy when building a coming soon web page. It is possible to approach the business of launch page design and maintenance from a standpoint where efficient communication and visual content are priorities. Bright optimistic colors, dark-colored font, and visual representation of channels for communicating with the ventures’ representatives, and featuring customers’ feedback are the advantages of this sample.

Website Under Construction Template from Weblium

new website coming soon announcement

The color scheme of this sample is slightly hazy. The color palette complements nicely the softness of shapes and textures. The soon-to-open page features the option of subscribing to email newsletters from the brand and its social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. All in all, the basis of this design sample appeal is its delicacy and tidiness.

Coming Soon Countdown Template for Leaf Company’s Website by Weblium

coming soon page examples

Dark-themed calming background, which is, basically, a high-resolution photograph of green leaves covered with dew or raindrops, works well in this particular case. Refreshing and soothing, it provides the visitors with an instant update on when exactly to expect the launch of a full-fledged website. Besides countdown, other strong suits of this design are social media integration and email subscription options.


Coming Soon Landing Page for Leaf Company by Weblium

best coming soon landing pages

Leaf Company coming soon landing page offers the visitors an ample amount of information about the company’s services. To reward the prospective clientele for waiting, the company ensures it processes and responds instantly to the customers’ requests.

Parallax scrolling works well for this web page, which manifests itself through a background image of a table with a laptop and a computer mouse on it. The image points to the organization’s expertise, specifically, assisting small businesses with their strategy, analytics, and branding. The merit of this webpage is, therefore, the harmonious interconnection between form and content.

User Interface (UI) Design by Namika Haiji Hamasaki

coming soon landing page examples

Ecommerce meets technology in the UI design example at hand. The sample is comprehensible, brief, and crisp. The illustrations are endearing. By offering insight into the specifics of the undertaking’s expertise, the brand asserts itself as responsive, responsible, and trustworthy. Beige, ochre, deep green, and burnt brick color work nicely together, enhancing the page’s coherence.

Upstate Design Collective

website is coming soon

This new website coming soon template stands out because it breathes energy. The under-construction page contains some 3D elements. This example also excels because it exploits clear juicy colors. The source’s call to action is effective and unaggressive. A bright and lively color scheme is placed against a clear simple background, which enhances the overall neatness of the page.

Coming Soon Countdown Website

site under construction

Here’s an example of masterful use of Adobe’s lighting effects. Deep purple color goes nicely with the almost translucent tone of the font. This simple coming soon page is effective because all its elements — colors, textures, lighting effects, fonts, location of buttons — work well together.


coming soon landing page

The design of this coming soon page example is commendable. The effect of paint splashed across the center of the template draws the visitors’ attention to important bits of information.

Bright colors lead a viewer’s eye to the headline, the RSS email feed, and the play button. Closer to the logo and the foreground, the color splatter takes the shape of a floral ornament, adding a twitch of symbolism to this coming soon page.

The message that the design of the page sends is arts and culture bringing order into an otherwise chaotic and cruel world.

Lilly’s Table

new website coming soon

Crispiness, clarity, and vibrance are the distinctive features of the one-page website advertising the emergence of Lilly’s Table website. The color palette slightly resembles the aesthetics of the 1960s-1970s. The abstract shapes refer to gastronomic culture, which, essentially, represents the field of expertise of the enterprise.

This page also features links to a blog and twitter account owned and moderated by a party who is looking to start a functioning full-scale site.

Creative Joomla! Design Book

new service coming soon

Imprecision is a characteristic feature of this soon-to-launch page. The illustrations allude to blackboard sketches. The design of this one-page website allows its owners to supply to the visitors a sufficient amount of information about the future website. The soon-to-be page features subscription options for email newsletters and the brand’s account on Twitter.

This particular example of a coming soon web page demonstrates the real meaning and significance of effective communication between consumers and producers of goods and services.

Rumble Labs

website coming soon message

The example of a coming soon page at hand typifies effective delivery of a message about the enterprise’s mission and vision to the target audience in a straightforward and friendly manner. This relatively simple coming soon page presents the relevant information intelligibly.

Bright colors against the black background add energy to the webpage. Giving credit to the venture’s partners helps to establish the reputation of the venture itself as a credible and successful undertaking.


new website coming soon announcement

Simplistic metal-color background reminds of a sheet of foil. The design based on associations bolsters the websites’ relatability. A logo placed right in the center of the page personifies the brand’s aspiration to keep pace with modern technology. Grey, black, and orange colors add a futuristic look to the page. Nothing in excess is the guiding principle of this coming soon website idea.

What Makes a Perfect Coming Soon Page?

Finding a trusted website builder can be a great place for you to begin contemplating the specifications of your soon-to-come page. Weblium is an organization with more than 300 website templates in its portfolio. Ready-made designs can be tailored to the needs of making a launch page. If you want to facilitate the entire process for you, create a coming soon page using the Weblium website builder. So you can focus on more important things affecting how your business turns out more directly.

To recap, here are some tips for you to ruminate on before you proceed to making a coming soon page:

  • Be brief, but make sure to provide the target audience with a substantial amount of information.
  • Make your launch page crisp, neat, and user-friendly.
  • Contemplate carefully the textual and visual content you will be crafting for your launch page.
  • Give your best effort to balance visual aesthetics, informativity, and fluency of delivery.

Weblium can be your trusted partner on your quest to produce a professionally-looking coming soon page. Thus, the quality of your product or service will have your undivided attention.

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