Beginner's Guide to E-Commerce Marketing on Instagram

Beginner's Guide to E-Commerce Marketing on Instagram

Are you finally planning to utilise Instagram as an e-commerce platform? Now that’s a bold step! 

Launching your business on Instagram can be challenging if you’ve never done it before. Even seasoned marketers are still learning the ropes as they go! Get a head start with this quick guide on e-commerce marketing strategies to implement on Instagram. 

Post Unique and Creative Content

As we scroll our Instagram feeds, many photos and reels catch our attention in the first few seconds. Perhaps the content is new or instantly feeds our curiosity. 

When brainstorming content for effective e-commerce marketing, ensure your content is a breath of fresh air. You want to strike a chord at first view. This step may take some time, but the outcome is always worth it.  

Write Meaningful Captions

While it’s alright to compose punchy and short headlines, you’re not maximising your caption limit this way. We’re not saying you should write a lengthy essay about your product. Instead, take time to draft captions that talk about the benefits of your product and service. 

It’s also the perfect opportunity to share an anecdote related to your business or the story behind your brand. 

Be Consistent

As cliche as this may sound, consistency is always key. This statement especially rings true for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to launch their businesses on Instagram. Consistency online entails posting content habitually and ensuring it still provides great value and insight. 

Consistency doesn’t mean you have to upload photos, reels, and stories 24/7. It’s more of setting up a fixed schedule to create and post enriching content and ensure you stick with your plan. 

Even with the content you post, keep your branding consistent throughout. Assume you run a luxury business shop; your audience would not want to see posts like employer branding or the greatest meals in your area because they are unrelated to your business. 

Set Up Instagram Shopping 

Most buyers nowadays want a one-stop shop for all their needs. Instagram Shopping is the best direction to take if you want more customers to buy your products online.

Instagram Shopping makes it simple to place all your products in one catalogue. Additionally, potential customers can contact your customer service through direct messages.

Collaborate with Content Creators

Time and time again, word of mouth is one of the most popular ways to gain potential customers. The same goes for e-commerce marketing on Instagram. Collaborating with a reliable influencer who makes content within your niche can help your brand gain more reach and increase conversions.

Engage with Consumers through Instagram Story

One of the best ways to engage your followers is by using Instagram Story’s poll, quiz, and question stickers. When you have a new product release or want to know what your followers want to see from your brand, use Instagram Story features to your advantage. These features make it easier to gain consumer insights without pulling out all the stops.

Use Hashtags

When posting content on Instagram, it’s good to use about 3-5 hashtags per post. Too many hashtags waste character space you can use to create valuable captions. Avoid using saturated or overpopulated hashtags. 

Instead, add niche hashtags that capture your product or service well. Although, you don’t have to take too much time coming up with Instagram hashtags since they are not the end all and be all of your e-commerce marketing strategy. Your choice of hashtags should be intuitive and relevant to your business.


There are more ways than one to widen your business’s reach on Instagram. Instagram as an e-commerce channel requires building an effective marketing strategy and utilising your resources well.

For effective e-commerce marketing on Instagram, it’s best to reach out to experts, or even hire a social media agency, who can handle the work. This way, you can focus on the rest and ensure your business is smooth sailing. 

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