Get From Rags To Riches With Affiliate Marketing

Get From Rags To Riches With Affiliate Marketing

How many times have you dreamt of waking up rich one day? The truth is you can easily achieve it with affiliate marketing. Good news is, there are lots of affiliate marketing opportunities for beginners. Once you go for it, you will easily make your dream come true.

Nowadays, the web is flooded with affiliate marketing, it’s literally everywhere. Bloggers across the world are making really huge profits from promoting different products and services to their followers. That’s basically because of affiliate marketing why blogging is so lucrative these days! 

Spare just ten minutes of your precious time to learn the secrets of how affiliate marketing can make you rich!

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

To begin with, let’s make sure we are on the same page and perfectly understand what affiliate marketing actually is. In fact, this global industry is now estimated at over $12 billion, which is quite impressive since it’s still quite young. 

So, what’s affiliate marketing? If you simply google it, you’ll see the following affiliate marketing definition on Wikipedia

what's affiliate marketing

To put it simple, affiliate marketing happens when you promote some products and get commissions for each sale you make. That’s how easy it actually works. 

Basically, the companies let you have a piece of the cake for bringing customers to them and, consequently, boosting their sales. You might wonder what’s the catch? The truth is, there is no catch. Everything is transparent and quite simple indeed. 

Affiliate Marketing - merchant, marketer, consumer

In fact, affiliate marketing is so easy that it’s getting a more and more popular source of income for affiliates as well as companies. 

Nowadays, as many as 81% of brands worldwide rely on affiliate marketing programs to boost their sales. That’s how influential referral programs are in the modern world! 

Why so? The main reason is that it requires really small investments. Besides, you only get paid if your lead makes a purchase or any other required action for a successful deal. 

That’s why affiliate marketing is considered performance-based marketing. So, it’s really important to know how you can effectively promote products so that you make sales. 

Besides, we highly recommend promoting only those products you’d buy yourself. Because if the product or service is really great, it should sell itself. 

Moreover, you don’t want to deceive people and make them buy something shitty. Go only for really useful promotions, and you’ll ripe truly stunning results!

Can Affiliate Marketing Make You Rich? 

Naturally, that’s the main question since we at Weblium want you to get rich through affiliate marketing programs. While you certainly won’t wake up a millionaire the next day after you get registered on various affiliate marketing platforms, you can still see the result quite fast.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

If you wonder if there’s a chance you can become a millionaire with affiliate marketing, the answer is yes. Of course, it takes a lot of time and effort. But there’s nothing on earth you can achieve without these essentials of success. 

There are many cases when people got from rags to riches because of affiliate marketing. For instance, it took Jason Stone less than 2 years to generate over $7 million through affiliate marketing programs. What a miracle, huh?

In fact, it’s not that stunning if you take a look at some affiliate marketing statistics. According to VigLink, 9% of affiliate marketers make as much as $50,000 a year. And you can surely earn that much too!

Take a look through just a few examples of successful affiliate marketers. That’s how rich they have become because of affiliate marketing!

successful affiliate marketers

That’s how lucrative affiliate marketing is! And you can do that too! That’s basically the answer to your question. So, yes, of course, referral programs can make you rich.

Naturally, it requires your time and effort. But think of how rewarding it is!

Perfect Age for Affiliate Marketing Business

If you are uncertain whether you are too young or too old for that, look at these statistical findings to dispel all the doubts. 

affiliate marketing age groups

As you can see, it’s never too early or too late to go in for an affiliate marketing business. People start this lucrative online business at any stage of their lives. 

However, they are more likely to achieve success being aged from 25 to 54. And if you fall under this age category, your fancy profit is almost granted. So, what are you still waiting for?

Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money?

As we have learned already above in this article, you can make money with affiliate marketing online by promoting different products and services.

However, to begin with, you certainly need to find worthy affiliate marketing platforms where you can get affiliate marketing products to promote. 

Each platform has different terms and conditions as well as referral commission rates. That’s why we recommend carefully looking through our recommended platforms to decide which one suits you best. 

What is Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Affiliate Marketing Amazon Associates Program

Amazon Associates is probably the best program for beginners.

  • It’s easy and free to join.
  • There’s over a million products to advertise. 
  • Amazon supplies with linking tools to make it easier for you.
  • You can earn up to 10% commission based on the product category you choose.

amazon associates rates

The best way to make money with Amazon Associates is to create your own website where you can advertise Amazon products. Good news, you can do that on Weblium without any coding or design skills. Besides, it’s absolutely free of charge!

Create Your Site

Promoting Amazon goods on your website is a really great option if you have no funds to invest. Basically, that’s how you can enter the affiliate marketing business with no money at all. 

You only need to think of your website niche and start promoting relevant products for this niche. Fortunately, Amazon provides banners and all the necessary materials. So, you won’t really waste your time while filling in your blog with affiliate marketing on Amazon. 

Weblium Affiliate Program

Weblium Affiliate Program is another great affiliate opportunity for beginners. To take part, you need to have a Weblium Pro account. And here is the commission you can earn for promoting Weblium on the web.

first promoter vs shareasale

As you can see, Weblium pays even higher commission than Amazon. Besides, this affiliate program is really great for beginners since it doesn’t require any special skills at all. It’s not even necessary to create another website for that.

You can simply share your referral link with friends on social networks. Weblium even provides the text for social shares, so you shouldn’t really bother at all. Check out this useful blog article for more details about where to start affiliate marketing with Weblium. 

ShareASale Website for Affiliate Marketing

ShareASale is another worthy affiliate program for beginners as well as experienced marketers. 

  • ShareASale offers flexible payout options, both digital and standard. 
  • There’s a wide range of products to promote. 
  • It requires a little technical know-how to set up.

What makes ShareASale a trustworthy referral program is that it’s been operating for almost twenty years so far. 

ShareASale affiliate program

On ShareASale, you can also choose what niche of products or services you want to advertise. Check out what an immensely wide range of categories you can choose from for promotion: 

  • Accessories, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Shoes, Clothing
  • Business, Office, Marketing, Productivity
  • Art, Music, Photography, Music Reviews, Supplies
  • Automotive, Cars, Trucks, Rentals, Supplies
  • Computers, Electronics, Hardware, Software, Peripherals
  • Auction Services
  • Online Dating Services
  • General Web Services & Webmaster Tools & Search Engine Optimization
  • Financial, Banking, Loans, Credit
  • Gifts, Flowers, Baskets, Cards, Candy
  • Education – Children, College, Professional
  • Rewards Programs – Freebies, Free Stuff
  • Food & Drinks – Grocery
  • Health, Sports & Fitness
  • Insurance – Personal, Business, Home
  • Gaming & Lotto, Games & Toys, Books & Media
  • Home & Garden, Moving Supplies
  • Careers & Jobs
  • Shopping Malls
  • Legal Services & Law Practices
  • Travel – Airfare, Hotels, Bookings, Cars

As you can see, there’s quite an array of different categories you can choose for promotion! All you need is just to pick the industry that appeals to you most or the one you are competent in. That’s how you can achieve the best results!


Undoubtedly, affiliate marketing can make you rich. There are so many bright examples of how people got from rags to riches thanks to different affiliate marketing programs. All you need for now is to choose the one that appeals to you, create your website, and start making cash online now!

Please share in the comments which affiliate program you like most of all. We also want you to share with Weblium your affiliate marketing achievements!


How affiliate marketing works?

To put it simply, affiliate marketing happens when you promote some products or services and get commissions for each sale you make. That’s how easy it actually works. 

Is affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme?

Not at all. In pyramid schemes, usually, only one person gets benefits, and it’s certainly not you. Whereas, affiliate marketing grant benefits to all parties, including the merchant, affiliate platform, and you! Besides, you don’t need to buy any goods or services to promote them. So, it’s absolutely riskless. 

Is affiliate marketing legal?

Sure! Don’t worry about that! It’s a perfectly legal business, just make sure you pay taxes to your government, and everything will be fine.

Who regulates affiliate marketing?

Normally, there are special concerned government agencies that regulate affiliate marketing? through the enactment of laws and legal regulations

What are the most prominent affiliate marketing success stories?

Missy Ward makes $500,000 yearly because of affiliate marketing, John Chow makes $50,000 monthly, and Ian Fernando gets $1000 daily! Shall we go on? Go for referral programs now! And maybe we’ll write about your success story in our blog one day.

Can I start affiliate marketing without a website?

Of course, you can. However, without a website, the only way to promote is to use paid ads. And it’s a rather costly alternative, while on your website blog you can advertise absolutely for free. So, the choice is yours!

What’s the best niche for affiliate marketing?

It evidently depends on what you define as ‘best’. If you are looking for the most profitable niches, they normally include

  • Health and Wellness
  • Wealth and Money
  • Romance and Dating
  • Gaming and Betting

Can you do affiliate marketing on Instagram?

Absolutely! In fact, Instagram is so very popular nowadays that it makes truly the best social network for promoting using paid ads. 

Which companies do affiliate marketing?

Frankly speaking, there’s quite a wide range of such companies. Check out the most popular ones:

  • Amazon Associates
  • ShareASale
  • Gearbest
  • GoDaddy
  • HostGator
  • MaxBounty
  • ClickBank
  • MilesWeb
  • eBay Partner Network

Is affiliate marketing worth it?

No doubt! We have already shared with you the brightest examples of how people have become incredibly rich and successful because of participation in referral programs. And you still doubt whether affiliate marketing is worth it? Come on! Of course, it is!

How much does affiliate marketing make?

Actually, it all depends on your skills, the goods or services you promote, the commission rate, and so many other factors. There’s no fixed salary for so-called affiliate marketing jobs. However, you already know that you can make even $1000 a day with referral programs if you are successful enough!