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Tips and tricks for a creating an electronics website

Is launching another electronics website a good idea? Let’s take a look at numbers:

E-commerce sales account for 18% of total sales of electronic appliances stores.

7 in 10 people have bought at least one piece of electronics online during the last 12 months.


71% of shoppers believe they will find better deals online than in stores.


Online electronics sales are expected to increase by 56% during next five years, particularly thanks by considerable smartphone penetration.


E-commerce sales are growing nine times faster than traditional in-store sales since 1998.


Start with thinking through your electronics website homepage

Here the world’s best practices how to make an effective electronics website that we’ve done for you

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Your homepage should stand out among other websites a user has already visited. Do everything to win those couple seconds of attention and interest a visitor.

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Place some exclusive and hot offers to show you know everything about the latest trends and guarantee favourable terms for purchase. Below you can feature popular categories for those, who are looking for something specific.

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And don’t forget about design – animated elements, pleasant colors, minimalistic icons. Make your electronics website homepage eye-catching, then users will remember it and come back for more shopping.

Add some more pages to your electronics website The pages electronics websites usually consist of

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Make sure the selection is wide enough to attract customers. Add price and in-stock sign to every item card. Don’t forget about the system of filters for easier search.


Display all hot offers on one page. People like discounts, custom kits, seasonal sales and similar offers. Featuring a couple of those will boost your sales.

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In addition to resorts, you can offer package tours. Some prefer beach rest, while the others prefer to visit several places on one trip and see as more new places as possible.

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Track user activity to find out, what your customers like the most. Display those items on a separate page. Most likely, more people will be looking for what is common popular choice.

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Delivery and payment options, return policy, support, general terms – explain general issues once to save everyone’s time.

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Email address and phone number are the essentials. Social networks are preferable, as well as online chat. If your store has physical locations, include a map with those, too.

Final touch: nice-to-have electronics website pages

About  On the one hand, customers are not very interested in the history of a web shop or a retailer. On the other hand, it makes your image more credible. 
Blog Research proves that video reviews boost sales more than twice. Add some tips about how to choose appliances. Tell about the latest innovations. Finally, you will come up with an educational and entertaining online magazine, which will encourage readers to shop here. 
Services Even appliances of the best quality break sometimes. Offering maintenance and repair services will increase the number of people willing to buy electronics on your website.

Electronics website templates
Use this templates as starting point for your unique website

Wow Sofi - weblium

Wow Sofi

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Lectro Store

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