How to Create a High Converting Landing Page? 3 Important Steps

How to Create a High Converting Landing Page? 3 Important Steps

Due to the fact that many companies have gone online lately, there is a growing need for creating high-quality websites in short terms. If you want to know how to make a high converting landing page as easy as possible, this article is for you.

As we have already mentioned, a landing page is a special site that is designed to draw the visitor`s attention and motivate him to take a certain action on the site.

The purpose of a landing page is to turn visitors into leads, i.e. to order a service, buy a product, download an app, subscribe, etc. We will pay attention to both the visual component of the site and its technical features, which will help to achieve the desired result.

Stage 1. Focus on form

Let’s start with the outside of the question, i.e. a visual part of a landing page. It is the design of your page that makes the first impression on visitors when they open the site. Poor web design will just force the visitors to leave the landing page and go to your competitors.

Think about the structure of your landing page

A successful one-page site contains clear blocks, each of which has its own purpose. Using the blocks you can divide the one-page site into visually clear parts that will be easily perceived by visitors. In these blocks, you can specify all the information that a visitor expects to see.

The sequence of blocks on the landing page also matters. The information in each part should follow common logic. First, you need to let visitors know what the page is about. Then you need to present your products or services. Finally, it’s important to push the visitor to take action. When thinking through the structure of your landing page, remember that all the blocks will be united by a common goal.

пример структуры лендинга

Example by

You can make a header that leads to various blocks on your page – this is very convenient for users. But, as the examples of good landings show, you don`t always need such headers. A small number of blocks and a repetitive call to action eliminate the need to create a header.

Determine the color scheme of the page

The color scheme of a good landing page is certainly related to the idea of the product or service. Also, the color of your landing page can match the colors of your brand. Whatever colors you will prefer, remember about the sequence. Too many colors can make your site look flashy.

At the same time, the right shades will have a positive impression on visitors.

Increasingly, examples of good landings include the use of contrasting black and white. Thanks to this combination, you can creatively underline the characteristics of the product. The animated page design reveals the features of the Centros bike.

Using contrast, the company also emphasizes the safety of using the bike both day and night. The first image shows a bicycle on a white background.

цветовая схема лендинга


When scrolling through the landing page, we see a bicycle with glowing headlights in the night.

White and black colors, appropriately used in the background and in fonts, make a deep impression on visitors.

Write eye-catching headlines

пример заголовка на лендинге


When planning how to create a landing page, remember that visitors want to get the information they need as fast as possible. This means that a well-structured text will be a key to a quick perception of the information, even when the visitors scroll through the page without reading into the text.

To draw attention, you can use a large print for your headlines. The readability of the heading also depends on the number of words in it. Try to make the headlines as informative as possible using a minimum number of words. This will make it easier for visitors to understand what information is contained in the block. In addition to main headlines, the landing page may contain subtitles that also briefly deliver the essence of the text.

Make your text readable

читабельный текст на лендингах


The readability of the text depends on the font you choose and the organization of the information. As this example of a high converting landing page shows, the font should be contrasting. Also, lists are an effective method of increasing the readability of text on the landing page. Marked and numbered lists allow you to highlight the features of your product or service.

Download quality images

изображения высокого качества на лендингах 


The gallery is an extremely important element of any site. So when you’re planning on making a high-quality landing, look out for multimedia. Using photos and videos, you can clearly demonstrate all the characteristics of your product or service. Of course, in this case, the images should be of good quality, so that the visitors could easily see the details and features of the product.

Moreover, a beautifully organized gallery brings aesthetic pleasure to customers. You can show your creativity and choose the most successful view of the gallery and the way the images are located. Photos picked up in the same color scheme will also look very attractive. As we can see in the example of a high converting landing, the company successfully uses photos of the real work process. These images fit perfectly into the light color scheme of the landing page.

Place buttons that contain a call to action

кнопки на лендингах


Since the main purpose of the landing page is to motivate the visitor to take action, it is important to think about how to place this call-to-action (CTA).

First, you can use different formulations of the main action. For example, the phrases “Order delivery,” “Make delivery,” “Make a request for delivery” and so on will serve the same purpose, without confusing users with different options.

Secondly, it is possible to use unified action formulations in the button. As you can see, the example of a good landing page to promote a device for a wheelchair has two buttons. A clear call to action is found several times on the page. For those who are not ready to buy the product immediately, they offer a test drive.

Thinking about how to create a high converting landing page and how to formulate calls to action, don’t forget about the design of the buttons. They should draw the attention of the visitors. It is important that the buttons match the overall style of your landing.

Stage 2. Take care of the contents of the landing page

Of course, scrolling through the page, users will pay more attention to the headlines and graphics than to the text. But this does not mean that this part of the landing page can be neglected. Let’s take a look at how to make a high converting landing using content.

Clearly present the features of your product

содержание лендинга


When it comes to a good landing page, visitors should get maximum information about the product or service. Things that may seem obvious to you can play a crucial role for customers in terms of making decisions. The purpose of the landing page is to provide objective facts and details of a particular product or service. That’s how people will know exactly what they will get.

Describe the benefits of your products or services

преимущества продукта/услуг 


In addition to the basic characteristics of a product or service, it is important to present the benefits the customers can get if they choose your product. In other words, you can show how a product or service can make their life easier. You can also demonstrate what customer’s pain you can exclude because making decisions about purchasing goods or services is an emotional issue. Accordingly, the visitors will know what they will lose if they do not take advantage of the offer.

Entering the market, entrepreneurs formulate a unique trade offer, i.e. what distinguishes their product or service from similar offers of competitors. The main task of a high convertible landing page is to emphasize this uniqueness.

Users like to get additional benefits, so they actively respond to all sorts of promotions and special offers. The combination of a specific benefit and limited offer (e.g. discounts during a holiday) leads to increased sales. At the same time, it is important, to be honest with visitors and make real promotional offers.

Bring visitor to taking an action

When the target audience gets to the landing page, it goes through several stages:

  1. acquaintance and understanding the necessity;
  2. learning the characteristics, profits, and benefits;
  3. making a decision.

To convince visitors to take action, it is important to be persuasive. Of course, you have to show the characteristics and advantages of goods or services. You can also demonstrate to users how you work or how you cooperate with customers. It is also important to focus your customers’ attention on why they should choose your company. The more persuasive your arguments are, the higher is the possibility that the customers will take action. Use relevant icons and subtitles to provide attractive information.

Provide visitors with contact details



Contact information on the landing page is also an important part of the site. If a company provides users with several types of communication, it increases their trust. Therefore, it is important to provide a phone number, and email address, and physical address if possible. Using integrated maps, you can also identify your company’s location so users can find it with ease.

Modern landing pages often include contact forms. These forms allow users to send you a message quickly and easily and clarify any details they are interested in. Similarly, integrating landing page with social media will not only allow people to get more information about your company but will also increase their trust in the product. In general, the variety of ways of communication has a positive impact on the status of the landing page and the organization itself.

Stage 3. Set up your landing page for search engines

The “technical” aspects of the landing page will not be visible to users. However, a good landing page should be visible to search engines. SEO, or search engine optimization, is an integral part of any successful site. In this part, let’s address the requirements that significantly affect the promotion of the landing page in the search results.

Choose the keywords


For people to find your landing page, their search query should match the content on your page. That’s why it’s important to choose the keywords that will be found in the descriptions and headlines of the landing page. In this case, search engines will be able to determine the relevance of the site to user requests. The more accurate the keywords match the needs of customers, the better the chances of the page getting into the top search results.

Note that keywords won’t just be used in the text visible to users. You need to include keywords in the name and description of the landing page that are scanned by search engines.

Think about the website address

The address bar is visible to both users and search engines, so it’s worth paying attention to its optimization. When setting up a site, it’s important to avoid auto-generating addresses.

It should be understandable to users and easy to remember. So, if you want to create a really good landing page, you’ll think about adding keywords to the name and address of the site.

 Edit the metadata

Metadata of the site is, in simple terms, data about the data, i.e. the information about contents that your site transmits to search engines. Metadata is important not only for scanning the landing page by a search engine. This information is also important for showing a page in search results. The most significant are the title (or SEO headline) and meta description.

The SEO page header is necessary in order for search engines to correctly display the name of your landing page among other search results. If you don’t manually write a heading for search engines, the search engine can show a snippet of the page. If you want to make a heading that will be correctly displayed and visible to users, it should consist of 60 characters.

A similar situation is observed with the description of the landing page. The meta description is, in fact, a summary of what the site is dedicated to. And if you’re worried about how to make a high converting landing page, you need to create an accurate site description for users and search engines. Be aware of the need to use your keywords. Also pay attention to the length of the description. You can use as many characters as you want, but search engines correctly display descriptions that are up to 160 characters long.

Make images understandable to search engines

How to set alt attributes to images in Weblium Editor

Visitors will see the images you have picked up only when they get to the landing page. Search engines at this stage cannot see images the way users perceive them. Therefore, when configuring a site, it is important to make descriptions that characterize photos and videos for search engines. These descriptions are called ALT text and they can be edited manually. The keywords in text for images help search engines understand how media files related to page content.

Check the mobile version of the landing page

мобильная версия лендинга

As more and more users prefer to use mobile devices, search engines prefer sites that have an adaptive design. When thinking about how to create a high converting landing, be sure to check how your page looks on different devices. Thus, your landing page will target a wide audience.

How to create a high converting landing fast?

It may seem that all of the above will take a long time and the game is not worth the candle if you need to create a landing page quickly. In fact, there is a thing that will make your life easier. Using website builder and ready-made templates is a secret to the quick and easy creation of a landing page.

First, ready-made website templates are developed by specialists to meet the needs of the business. In other words, carefully thought-out template blocks will tell you step by step how to make a good landing page to present your service in the best way.

Secondly, all parts of the template are made using one color scheme and one style. Carefully selected fonts will match the overall design. So you can focus on how to present your product or service to make it special. And professionally made template will save you from having to think about how to create a one-page high converting site with beautiful visual design.

Thirdly, the website builders allow you to make the necessary changes in visual mode. If necessary, you can choose any background or font that will correspond to the idea of your landing page. Moreover, using a website builder, you can optimize the pages for search engines. You’ll be able to add the necessary keywords, the page title, and edit the site description. This way the search engines will know what they are dealing with.

How to make a high converting landing: summary

To make a high converting landing page, you need to highlight and show visitors the benefit they will receive from your goods or services. This can be achieved with visually appealing design, carefully designed page blocks, and repeated calls to action. For good search results, you need to take care of the keywords and correct description of the site. To simplify the creation of a high converting landing page, you can use a website builder and ready-made templates that correspond to your business niche.

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