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Abilities of Weblium landing page builder

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 Free hosting and SSL certificate. Built-in online shop functionality. Adaptability of a landing page to the parameters of any device. 2 + millions of icons and images. Integration with CRM systems, web analytics, telephony, and booking services.

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Ready-made templates

Templates save time and facilitate the process of creating a landing page. They are easy to edit based on your needs. All Weblium templates have been crafted by professional designers in keeping with the requirements of contemporary web design. Using a template can gain you some time to make the process of building a website easier and more exciting.

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Weblium CRM

Add contact forms to your landing page to smoothly receive feedback from the visitors of your website. All requests and survey responses automatically and instantly go to a built-in CRM. Here you will be able to make deals and keep track of them stage by stage.

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Pop-ups attract the users’ attention and help to boost sales. With Weblium, you will be able to create them seamlessly and in minutes. Place your promotional offers or collect your clients’ contact information with the help of pop-ups.

Step-by-step instruction on how to create a landing page from scratch


Pick a template

Use one of 300+ ready-made templates. For convenience’s sake, all templates have been organized by category and niche. Look through the templates and pick the one that suits the essence of your business best. Please, note that you will be able to change color schemes, blocks, and fonts in the next stage.


Change the design of the template you have picked

After you have selected a template, edit it so that the landing page looks and functions the way you want it to.
 Global settings of your website’s style will make it unique with one click. Pick a color palette, fonts, and buttons to be followed throughout your website.
 Add missing or remove the unnecessary blocks to and from your website. The library has categorized them for your convenience. Each category has several block options to choose from.


Fill up your website with content

 In the finished blocks, replace the existing text with your own. This is an important stage because the text will fully reveal the information about you or your product to the visitor. Write the text by yourself or hire the services of a professional copywriter.
 It is possible to replace the images, too. The built-in library of ready-made images will help you choose the fitting ones. Whenever possible, post real photographs of people using your product or service.


Set up your landing page

 Select and connect a domain to a website.
● SEO settings: fill in the Title и Description sections for each page.
 Connect Google Analytics, a web analytics service.
 Add third-party services, such as online chat or email marketing tools.


Proofread and publish your landing page

Before you click on the "Publish" button in the editor, take a step back and look at your website from the outside using the “Preview” button:
 Make sure the website is free of typos and grammatical errors.
 Check the form on the website by filling it out yourself.

The website you’ve been dreaming of can be created right here

Purpose of creating a landing page


To go online and present your business.


To announce an event and use a landing page for online registration.


To sell goods and services online.


To promote a new venue to attract new visitors.


To carry out advertising campaigns, limited offer promotions included.

Create a high converting landing page

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What blocks do you need to add to a landing page?

Depending on the purpose and niche, some blocks can be replaced by others. Nice-to-have blocks are as follows:

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your USP is what makes your product or service stand out from that of your competitor's. On the first screen of the landing page, put your proposition to the visitors of your website so that they can understand straight away why they should choose you.

Call to Action/CTA

Use call to action (CTA) buttons to entice visitors to purchase, register, request a consultation, or do something else. Place calls to action at the top/middle/bottom of the page.


Use a bulleted list format to outline your benefits. Your advantages are a short description of a product or service that makes you easy to distinguish from other actors in the industry. Adding 5 to 7 points should suffice.


Use a bulleted list format to outline your benefits. Your advantages are a short description of a product or service that makes you easy to distinguish from other actors in the industry. Adding 5 to 7 points should suffice.


Usually, people want to know how much they have to pay before they contact you. It is not mandatory to indicate prices on the website, but it is advantageous. In this case, you will know that the people who have contacted you are interested in your services/products.

“Social Proof”

People often let others guide them when they are unable to choose by themselves. To help your prospective clients to make informed and independent decisions, consider the following tips:
 Provide them with textual feedbacks from those who already are your customers;
 Consider placing video interviews or feedbacks;
 Inform about positive reviews on third-party websites;
 Add logos of your commercial clients.

Contact form

Keep your feedback forms short and ask your potential customers only for important information. Users can only provide a name and an email address or a phone number.

Ready-made integrations

Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"

Ready-made integrations

Weblium allows adding additional plugins to your website to expand its functionality


Weblium customers’ feedback

Find out why over 130,000 website creators have opted for Weblium

  • Illustration

    Pam Knight

    Marketing Specialist

Amazing platform, super easy to use and fabulous support team who never give up on you until they find a solution for you, even if you are being a tad thick! It’s a relatively new platform but has surprisingly few problems, and those that come up are solved quickly and efficiently and since I am one to really push the boundaries, if anyone was going to find the glitches it would be me! Well done Team Weblium!

  • Illustration

    Jacquey Dougherty

    President at Dougherty Financial Consultants, Inc.

Weblium created a very professional website for my Insurance Agency/Accounting Firm business. When I indicated that I wanted to be able to add news items/blogs on a regular basis, they were extremely patient with me in training me how to do it. They took the time to send me videos that were extremely user-friendly and easy to follow. When I have a question, I email it and a consistent member of the staff gets back to me literally right away. I highly recommend Weblium!

  • Illustration

    Hillary Moon

    Hillary Moon Performance Art

I had a Facebook page but wanted to share my work with more potential clients. When I found Weblium's offer, it seemed too good to be true at first. But Weblium did a great job! They built the website I needed and helped me learn how to manage it. 10/10.

  • Illustration

    Kate Goncharova

    Mimodels Management

We decided to create a website since it’s the best way to showcase your talents in modeling business. Weblium created a site that both meets our expectations perfectly and is pretty simple to manage on your own. I can vouch for the quality of this service


  • How long does it take to create a landing page?

    The procedure takes a minimum of 30 minutes. We suggest investing a substantial amount of effort not into changing and setting up a template alone but into preparing content for your website as well. Producing a meaningful and truly high-quality unit of content for a landing page can take up from few days up to few weeks.

  • How to make a landing page attractive to visitors?

    1. Make it clear.
    Come up with the headings that convey the essence of whatever it is that you may have to offer. Try to avoid generic and vague wording.

    2. Produce top-quality content.
    Texts that you craft should be interesting and of use to your readers and prospective customers. Texts like that liven up a landing page, pique the audience’s interest and help it to better grasp your offer.

    3. Use appealing images.
    Visual cues convey additional information for your website’s visitors. Exploit high-resolution images, illustrating exclusively the best qualities of your product or service.

  • How to get traffic to your landing page?

    1. Contextual advertising.Contextual ads are the type of promotional campaign where you pay commission every time a user clicks on one of your notices. It is possible to configure contextual advertising with the help of Google Ads.
    2. Targeted advertising.Targeted advertisements are pre-paid promotional campaigns on social networks. Thus, you may pay for your ads to be broadcasted via different platforms, such as Google Ads.
    Do not forget the even regular posts (un-paid ones) can also help generate traffic to your landing page. That may work if you have already established your target audience.
    3. SEO promotion.Read the Weblium SEO-promotion guide. Remember, quality and optimized content is key to promoting your enterprise online effectively.

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