The Best AI Website Builders

The Best AI Website Builders

Wondering how you may use AI to create your website in a flash and boost your performance? Your sure-fire solution is AI-powered website builders.

You already know about all the advantages of ChatGPT, Midjourney, and DALL-E. But you can generate a functional website from scratch using artificial intelligence. In this article, we will unpack the best AI website builders for you.

Please consider that this is not a rating but a top list. All the listed AI Website Builders have both advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to try them and see which one is the best AI website builder. You can find here free AI website generators and ones with paid plans. Without further ado, let’s dig deeper and discover their pros and cons.

weblium best ai website builders

Price: Free

We are glad to introduce our AI Builder. It works simply and requires little information to create your website. First, you need to include the name of your company. Secondly, tell AI more about your brand and its aims. After you receive your website, edit it as you want. 

The main advantage of this builder is that you can change the content of the generated website with other AI tools. Create text and images with integrated AI Writing and AI Visual features powered by OpenAI tools. 

It will be the best AI website builder for designers and small business owners who want to try new ideas. The opportunity to fully edit content will allow you to enhance and adapt the generated design to your needs.

wixadi best ai website builders

Price: Starting from $8.5 per month. Free access is available. 

Wix ADI allows interesting generation solutions that can provide you with a great and complete website for your needs. The working algorithm is simple enough:

  • Create your Wix account;
  • Select your design preferences and purposes of your company;
  • Choose the best homepage that complements your vision;
  • Generate other pages and edit them. 

It might take longer than usual but may provide various design solutions. Many users also demand the opportunity to choose. A customizable website will come as a great field for experiments. 

However, it might not be the best free website maker due to its limits. You’ll get the best experience with this AI website builder only if you buy a paid subscription. 

framer best ai website builder

Price: Starting from $5 per month, a Free subscription is available. 

Framer provides various AI generation features. The free plan is mainly for checking the tool and seeing whether it suits the user’s needs. 

  • The Mini Plan ($5 per month) gives you the option to create landings. It is the cheapest plan with plenty of limitations;
  • The Basic plan ($15 per month) gives you enough space to create a personal site;
  • The Pro plan ($25 per month) gives you tools to build large websites. 

Such a tool is a great solution for all website creators. The opportunity to build a wide range of websites will be good for personal brands, businesses, and designers. 

hocoos best ai website builders

Price: $15 per month. Free access is available.

Hocoos is an AI builder that provides users with a unique quiz-like manner of website generation. The user has to answer 8 questions to receive a website. It usually takes only 10 minutes to convert ideas into a fully-made site.

The main advantage is that after the website generation, you can edit it and get different marketing tools. You can use stock images from the library to improve your platform. 

This platform is mainly focused on the creation of stores. This is why business owners can use all its advantages. The main idea is that by answering simple questions, you can get a qualitative website without difficulties.

b12 best ai website builders

Price: Starting from $42 per month if you are paying annually. 

This tool provides a basic generation process with improved website optimization. The working process is relatively simple. You need to provide information about your business and then choose the fonts and colors you want to see on your website. 

After that, the platform allows you to use different SEO and marketing tools. You can link social media and messengers and set up your store. 

This tool is amazing for e-commerce websites. It has various features necessary for stores and simplifies the website creation process by highlighting the most essential points for stores. 

getresponse best ai website builders

Price: Free.

Using this artificial intelligence tool, you can get several templates for your website. GetResponse uses the data that you provide to create a website you need. It can be a regular landing page or a complete website with several pages to edit. 

After that, you can edit the received website according to your needs. The platform can be used to create any type of website. You can also use AI tools to customize the content of your website. Full customization means that you can upload all kinds of content you want to see on your website. So if you are used to working with designers or copywriters, you can implement their work into an AI generated website. 

bookmark best ai website builders

Price: $24.99 for a business plan and $11.99 for a professional plan.

Bookmark is an AI generator mainly focused on cooperation with businesses. It uses information about your brand to provide you with several templates to choose from. 

After receiving an entire website, you can customize it freely with generated content. Also, you can edit the website how you want. Feel free to add content created by your team or use some stock photos. 

The Main Advantages of AI Builders

AI builders provide precious advantages for all users. Compared to regular drag-and-drop, AI brings them to the next level by providing highly beneficial features. The features will make you at least give AI builders a try.

advantages of ai website builders


It might be difficult for users with a lack of time and/or experience to get along with drag-and-drop builders immediately. Of course, templates might fix it, but AI builders will come in handy when one needs something more unique.

The website generation takes almost no time, and you can get a complete website in a couple of minutes. It will have content on it and will represent the brand personality.

Automated development process

The development of the website is fully automatic. It means that the only thing you should care about is different e-commerce integrations and content. You don’t have to think about different nuances, such as usability. 

The AI makes the website and follows all the usability guidelines. Your AI-generated website is, in fact, ready to use immediately. Even the website’s content is generated, so all the stages of development are fully covered.

Intuitive interface

It is effortless to start building your website with an AI generator. The interface is entirely understandable for beginners and requires no special knowledge. To work with an AI builder, you need to do the following:

  1. Specify the name of your company;
  2. Tell AI more about your company and brand;
  3. Specify the type of the website you need.

That is everything you need to do to get a website. After that, you can edit all the blocks of your site. Moreover, the process of creation will require no special skills or knowledge. All you will have to do is just give information about your company.

Unique design for all types of business

The main advantage of AI is that you get a truly unique solution. As we mentioned before, you will get a non-template website. In simple words, AI gives you a template created just for you. 

But what do you do if you don’t like the generated design? The answer is pretty simple. You can try to regenerate the website or edit the first one to adapt it to your needs. Specifying what type of website you need and what the primary goal of your brand is will make the job for AI much easier and highly increase the chance that you will like the design you get.

Space for experiments

As described earlier, it might look like AI builder is focused on fulfilling the demands of business owners. However, designers can benefit from such a tool. 

Including that AI builder significantly reduces the time required for website creation, designers and marketers have much more space for different experiments. By generating a template for their needs, they can check other theories, try new solutions, and see how they work. 

It will be a much more cost-efficient and time-efficient solution since you can generate a website and start editing it in ten minutes.

Compatibility with other AI tools

The opportunity to use other AI tools is crucial. While you get your website with pre-generated content, you might think about changing it. And integrations with other AI tools will help with it. 

For example, on Weblium, you can use AI Visual and AI Writing to generate more content for your website. Such a solution will allow you to implement all the advantages of AI tools to boost your website efficiency. Moreover, it also provides more space for experiments.

Cost-efficiency and SEO

The creation of the website with the help of AI will save a lot of money. By doing it, you don’t have to hire specialists or develop design and writing skills. Moreover, free AI website generators are common nowadays.

What is even more critical is that you can use generated texts and images for better optimization. Spend some time filling out your website, adding products or more information about your brand, and start promoting it online.

Why You Should Give a Chance to AI Builders?

AI builders come as the next step in website development. They significantly reduce time and money consumption and provide users with magnificent ready-to-go sites. Now, when many AI builders are just developing, you can try them for free and check out their solutions. It will help you choose the best AI website builder for your needs. 

Moreover, they allow you to create a website and fill it out with unique content without cooperating with anyone but AI. 

To ensure your website will be as good as you imagine, specify all your demands clearly to the AI, tell it more about your brand and company, and don’t forget to mention what type of website you need. It will help you create just the website you were looking for.


What is an AI website builder?

AI Website Builder is a feature that allows you to create a site without involving any specialists for this task. You can get the specific type of website by including all your demands and wishes about your future site. AI builder generates not only the overall structure and design of your website but also provides you with brief texts and generated images for such a need. However, you can also edit your website any time you want and add all the crucial information and photos to your site, changing its appearance and navigation in order to make it even more suitable for your demands.

Why generate a website with AI?

AI website creators have a lot of advantages that will be useful for both designers and business owners. The main benefits of this feature are the following:

  • Websites are generated really fast; in most cases, it will not take longer than 10 minutes;
  • You are getting a qualitative website with a developed user path and navigation;
  • Content generated with AI reduces the time needed to fill your website;
  • You can start using the website immediately;
  • The received site is fully customizable, and you can change everything. 

Such an option will be great for experimenting and checking different theories. Moreover, landing pages created with the website will help you increase the conversion rate of an existing website and attract more customers quickly. 

What is the best AI website builder?

The best AI website builder depends on your demands and requirements, but we will gladly recommend the Weblium AI builder. With the assistance of this feature, you will be able to generate websites for free. 

Now, this is an entirely free AI website generator with no limits. All you need to do is specify information about your brand, choose the type of website, and edit it. The received website can be changed and edited like the one you created with a template; the only difference is that the generated site is unique and made just for you and your company. 

Can AI replace web designers?

No. It is doubtful that even the best AI builders will replace web designers. Even the best AI website builder will lack souls. You should use such a feature as a great and helpful tool. 

Both designers and business owners can create it in order to get a base for their future sites. The generated website will immediately include the essence of your brand. Still, with some editing, you will be able to turn a well-generated site into a perfectly designed platform for your company. However, it should also be noted that AI website builder is also great for quick tasks.

Which AI can write a website code?

AI Website builders are mainly focused on creating no-code websites. It means that they use drag-and-drop elements, arrange them in blocks, and combine them into a seamless website. 

Nonetheless, there are AI tools that provide code generation. One of such is ChatGPT. The latest versions are capable of providing a code for a website, but only if you specify your demands clearly. For example, you need to explain what you want to see on your website and how it should be implemented.

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