The Rise of No-Code Website Builders: Empowering Marketers and Revolutionizing Web Design

The Rise of No-Code Website Builders: Empowering Marketers and Revolutionizing Web Design

In the not-so-distant past, building quality websites was difficult and expensive, requiring skilled programmers and coders to create them. As lines and lines of complicated codes were needed to create a well-functioning domain, it was less accessible for entrepreneurs to build their online brands. 

This is no longer a problem today, as no-code website builders that allow users to create websites through initiative interfaces have risen over the years. Now, anyone can build a stunning business website without writing a single line of code. 

Benefits of No-Code Website Builders

Building websites without the need to code everything yourself with software like Weblium brings many benefits for designers and content creators. These benefits have led to no-code website builders gaining popularity within the industry. Some of the core reasons why online businesses should use no-code website builders are: 

It’s quicker 

Coding a website can take teams a long time, requiring more planning, work, and testing time. By using no-code builders, you can create live, stunning websites in a matter of hours. 

Instead of writing lines of code to program a particular asset on your website, like a sign-up form, you can instantly add it to your pages with one click. 

no code website builder

It encourages innovation

The ease of use and ability to quickly change your website when using no-code site builders encourage play and innovation. As you can easily change color schemes, positioning of text, and more, there’s more scope for trial and error to help you land on a perfectly designed template. 

When building with code, making changes and alterations is much more complicated and intricate, meaning the design process is usually more rigid. Innovating with no-code website builders lets you easily play with new web design trends to see how they fit your brand. 

Ben Knegendorf, Co-founder of Dropship Breakthru, says, “The ease of use inspires creativity. It’s easy to experiment with different layouts and options, helping you find a design that works for your website. When building websites through code, you can’t use this on-the-fly innovation.” 

It’s cheaper 

No-code website builders are much cheaper than paying web design specialists and coders to build your domain for you. Many website builders, including Weblium, can be used for free, empowering blog writers and small businesses to get a digital presence without paying a lot. 

Many website builders will also offer an elevated premium service you need to subscribe to. This will give you access to more features, unique templates, and a better domain name. Weblium Pro starts at just $8.25 for a month plan. 

price of best no code website builder

As building a no-code website is easier, you’ll also need fewer people to work on it, making it even cheaper. 

You get good analytical capacity 

Many no-code website builders have analytical functionality built into their programs. When you log in, you can view key data to see how your website performs online. This includes things like page views, click-through rates, and more. 

Furthermore, website builders will usually have built-in SEO compatibility as well. This makes them perfect for marketers and businesses, as with Weblium, you can easily add tags, breadcrumbs, redirects, and schema markup. 

Adding this functionality with a coded website would be more complex and require you to connect separate analytical software. 

How do no-code website builders work? 

Despite the misleading name, no-code website builders still use code to create a website. However, this software uses an initiative interface so the user doesn’t need to code the website themselves, often utilizing a drag-and-drop functionality instead.  

Web scraping is another skill that has become democratized for non-developers, with the rise of no-code web scraping tools that make it easy to gather data that can be used to populate websites.

When you add a feature like an image carousel, the software is automatically writing the required code for it in the backend based on the features that you’ve selected. 

Volodymyr Shchegel, VP of Engineering at Clario, says, “The user interface of no-code website builders is like a mask; it hides the complicated code from the user, instead showing the visuals that this code creates. This technology has made website builders more intuitive, hugely benefiting website owners”. 

How to get the best out of your no-code website? 

When using a no-code website builder, you should know a couple of things to get the most out of them and maximize the potential of your website. These tips include: 

Using plugins 

Plugins are software additions that you can add to your website to increase functionality. Many website builders have plugin stores from which you can connect additional functions. Using plugins is a great way to customize your no-code website, as you can add extra types of content to your site, such as forms and booking calendars. Plus, plugins can also be used to improve the SEO optimization of images and help you add metadata that can boost the visibility of your content. 

Another popular type of plugin focuses on security. Jesse Galanis, Content Manager at Tech Lockdown, says, “Security is super important when building a business website. Many plugins can help improve and protect your website, so be sure to use them when creating a website. 

Learning a little code

This tip may seem that it defeats the point of using no-code website builders, but the truth is that knowing basic code can help you elevate your website further and obtain greater control over how it looks and operates. 

For example, knowing basic HTML can help you add deliberate features within your content, such as clearly defining what your header tags are, and it can also help you embed video and set specific colors. This improves SEO and functionality. 

Basic coding is an excellent skill to have in your back pocket and is one of the many web designer base skills you should know. 


No-code website builders like Weblium have changed the game and made it much easier for businesses to build an impressive domain online. Making it more accessible ensures everyone can thrive online and showcase their brand in the best light. 

Weblium no code website builder

No-code website builders are constantly improving and will remain the future of digital design. Adopt a no-code website builder to revolutionize your site and maximize your potential. 

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