15 Best Dental Websites for Your Inspiration

15 Best Dental Websites for Your Inspiration

A dentist website is a working way to reach a new audience and increase the number of customers.

The list below includes websites that have been built on the Weblium platform, as well as other examples of great dentist websites. After studying competitors’ websites and drawing up a rough structure, you can evaluate which approach is best suited for the implementation of your project.

East End Dental

dental websites

The essence of this clinic’s approach lies in anxiety-free dentistry. If you are scared of doctors, you will be glad to hear that modern dental offices carry out pain-free treatment. The website visitors can read the blog about dental problems, apply to work in East End Dental, or book an appointment.

In general, the website is clear and quite useful. It is one of those cool dental websites that inspire confidence and look fresh.

Strong points

  • The ‘Book an Appointment‘ button on the main page
  • A convenient blog
  • Cute illustrations and clear design

Pearl Dental by Weblium

dentist websites

This website for a dental clinic offers you all the necessary information from the start: their address, working hours, and contacts. As you scroll down the main page, you can read about their services and prices. Pearl Dental also provides before-after photos and patient reviews.

Finally, you can request a free consultation by leaving your contacts in the answer form. This website was made using Weblium.

Strong points

  • Fresh design in corporate colors
  • The ‘Reviews’ section
  • A feedback form that you can use to receive a callback

Smile Direct Club

websites for dentists

This website belongs to a company producing teeth whitening and straightening kits. As you first open the page, the bright design and fun photos attract your attention. You get to know the products they offer as well as prices.

Smile Direct provides you with real-life reviews and offers everything needed for a website promoting teeth whitening products. You can read testimonials, order a kit, or leave a request and receive a callback.

Strong points

  • Many interactive buttons that allow you to leave a request or receive a ready answer
  • Sections of the website explaining how it works 
  • The prices and product photos are on the main page

Winning Smile

dental web design

We got a brief website with laconic design and a minimum of information. Such websites for dentists work too! Many people rely on brevity when they choose a medical institution. Thus, if you receive all the needed information on the main page, the rest is unimportant.

Strong points

  • A ‘Call Us’ button
  • Informative website sections explaining the working hours, who the company is, and what are their contact details
  • Laconic design

Sullivan Heights Dents by Weblium

dentist website design

Providing testimonials is a great approach to gaining customer trust. Thus, many businesses apply this trick. What about a dentist website? Sullivan Heights, a kid’s dentistry, decided to share the stories of their little clients as well! This allows other clients to make sure they will have a pleasant experience visiting the clinic before they book an appointment. By the way, you can do this in one click.

The website has an intuitive interface and pleasant design. This is obvious since it was made using Weblium dentist template! You get to know about all of the services offered by Sullivan Heights, the methods they use, and their staff straight on the main page.

Strong points

  • You can request an appointment with one click
  • All the services and their prices are on the main page
  • A separate blog section with kid’s stories


great dental websites

As you open the website, you immediately see a pop-up window where you can leave your request and receive the answer on Messenger. The design may be too overwhelming for some but it is definitely catchy and works well. The Bulovka website is available in two languages.

Strong points

  • Bright design
  • A pop-up window where you can leave a request
  • They have their e-shop where you can purchase a voucher for a teeth whitening procedure

Penn Dental Medicine

best dentist websites

This university dental clinic website is straightforward and clear. You get a somewhat formal design as the clinic works for the student only within the limits of the University of Pennsylvania. In general, this web page offers you everything needed to quickly book an appointment, provides info about their specialists, and gives tips for the clients.

Strong points

  • A pop-up window offering a $25 coupon for new clients
  • The Blog section
  • Video content and lots of useful info
  • Social media links

Smile Delhi

dental office websites

Using high-quality photos of smiling people is one of the most effective tricks for the best dentist websites design. Smile Delhi shows you not only stock photos, but real-life before and after photos of their clients, shares testimonials, and explains how to book a visit.

Strong points

  • You can request an appointment in a few clicks
  • A virtual tour feature is a very cool feature — you get to see the inside of the clinic before you even visit it
  • The website offers all the vital info in the page header


best dentist website design

Animations are always a good idea! Smilestone decided to use them to catch your attention straight from the start and encourage you to book an appointment.

The website transitions are smooth and exciting — the whole page looks like a video page. What is more, you have all the necessary information at your service. This is an example of one of the most interactive websites for dentists we have seen.

Strong points

  • An interactive design
  • ‘Request the appointment’ button is present
  • Links to social media

Doha Dental Center

best dentist websites design

This clinic even has an app that you can download to make an appointment or follow your treatment history. However, the website itself has everything needed to benefit from dental services. You can read about the clinic, reviews, career prospects, request an appointment, check the working hours, and view the gallery of before-after photos.

You can also check an interactive table with statistics that are updated in real-time. It includes the number of cases, years of experience, and happy client reviews. Top dentist websites integrate this page section since it is very interactive.

Strong points

  • ‘Request the appointment’ button is present
  • Many useful features allow you to study all the info before the visit
  • Statistics that are constantly updated

AmeriDent Lab

best dental websites designs

Red is not a color particularly associated with medicine, but it works quite well in the case of AmeriDent. A bright call to action on a red background immediately explains what the clinic is up to. This is an example of a great dentist website with quality photos and smooth operation. 

Besides, you have a separate menu with prices that you can open to the table with all the services.

Strong points

  • Bright colors
  • Smooth transitions
  • High-resolution photos

Tend Dental Clinic

best dentist website

Tent Dental Clinic boasts of a minimalistic design that will attract the attention of visitors who rely on the aesthetic part of the dental clinic. Medical institutions that follow modern design trends inspire confidence since they know how to approach a young audience.

Strong points

  • All the necessary info is present
  • Cool modern design
  • Smooth transitions and pleasant navigation

LA Dental

best dentists websites

This dental website is laconic and interactive. Similar to many other dental clinic websites, LA Dental chose blue as their central color. You can read about the prices, treatment methods, and all the contact details straight on the main page.

Strong points

  • Pop-up form
  • ‘Book Your Appointment’ button
  • The section of the website presenting the team is present

Luka Dental Care

dental office website

Luka Dental Care is another example of an effective dental website. The main page consists of details concerning the work of the clinic and many interactive buttons. Nevertheless, a laconic website layout doesn’t mean you cannot access all the needed information. Here you have the contact details and  ‘About Us’ section.

Strong points

  • Convenient menu 
  • Links to social media are present

Manhattan Periodontics

dental clinic website

This clinic looks luxurious and offers you top-notch services. You can predict the quality you will get judging from little details. Pay attention to design choices, the brevity of the information offered, and all the certificates that the clinic can boast of. You get the look and feel of luxury, which was definitely the purpose of this NYC clinic. Thus, Manhattan Periodontics has one of the best dental websites in terms of design.

Strong points

  • Elegant design
  • Interactive buttons to receive a callback or make an appointment
  • You get an explanation of the technologies offered at the clinic
  • Real stats specifying the experience, number of successful cases, and reviews


After reviewing examples of 15 successful websites, we noticed that the best dental websites have some things in common. As a rule, they include:

  • Answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Forum or blog with articles about the dental practice.
  • The section ‘Question — Answer,’ in which the specialists of the clinic answer the questions of patients.
  • Cool photos of real people before and after treatment.

Everything must look professional and honest. You shouldn’t use stock photos of doctors, but real shots of the clinic and the specialists working in it. Stay away from copy-pasting medical articles and offer original and competent texts that help people. In addition, the website must be optimized for mobile devices — the mobile-only category is growing, many users do not access the Internet from desktops at all.

We recommend using the Weblium platform to create a website for a dental clinic. Weblium offers thematic templates with a suitable structure, as well as all the necessary blocks, widgets, and applications that you need to organize the work of the company’s online representation. This will help to save a lot on website development, and it will be much more efficient to spend money on the high-quality filling of pages with content.

Well, it is now time to create your dentist website on Weblium!

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