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Launching a dentist website is a huge advantage for your practice:

Tips and tricks for a creating a dentist website

51% of clients look for a dentist online by using search engines.

13% of clients will visit a new dentist because of positive reviews and feedback.


Organic search can bring 300 or more visitors per month.


Start with thinking through your dentist website homepage

Here are the world’s best practices how to make an effective dentist website that we’ve done for you

You have little time to attract visitor’s attention.

Use this time to speak about highlights that set your practice apart. Consider placing a video – it can increase the number of clients by 2,5 times. Think about your homepage as a magazine – go with simple text and a catching image.

Add some more pages to your dentist website

Bios & qualifications.

Every person looking for a dentist looks for safety and reliability. Provide the basic information about the team. Tell about education and gained degrees, professional experience, achievements, and other significant details that are an advantage for a new visitor.


List all procedures and treatments your clinic offers. You can go with a general list or separate pages for each with links gathered on a common page. It is preferable to include details about each, so a visitor can understand clearly what they are offer and how much it is going to cost.

Contact page.

An opportunity to contact your clinic easily guarantees that more prospective customers will make it to the end and schedule an appointment. The more options you provide, the more people will reach you. A phone number, email, and online form are obligatory.


Tell a few words about your clinic in general – when it was founded, who is the founder, what is special about it and so on.

Final touch: nice-to-have dentist website pages


Customers are curious about a place they are going to attend. Showing around online is a great idea. Display some facilities and office features to make it familiar. Boast a little with some great equipment you’ve got.

Payment & insurance

Explain everything about dental insurance and payment options. There might be some nuances, but still clients will be grateful for the basic information. The rest will contact you to specify the details.


Let clients leave reviews, let new visitors track the feedback – it is the proof of credibility and transparency. Ask your clients for a permission to post before-and-after photos – they speak better than any words and descriptions.

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