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Some people are afraid of doctors, the others are concerned about what they are going to hear

And everyone wants to be certain they are save in your clinic. This is why the homepage of your medical website should be reassuring. Tell about your in one or two sentences. Prove your reliability with several facts, numbers or achievements.

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Improve usability by placing “Search a doctor” form here

For more flexibility, you can extend it by including more options: find a doctor, request an appointment, find locations etc.

Final touch: nice-to-have food & drink website pages


Share the results of your discoveries and achievements — if they are not a commercial secret or restricted access data, of course.


54% of patients are completely comfortable with their providers seeking advice from online communities to better treat their conditions. Even more people share their stories on social media and special communities. One can appear on the base of your clinic.

Get involved

Many people willing to donate money and blood, to assist with patient care or entertainment for children. Giving a chance to participate increases trust rate, helps to handle some working moments and has a positive influence on reputation in general.


If your medical center doesn’t conduct research it still shouldn’t prevent you from sharing the latest healthcare news and achievements. Provide general tips and recommendations, share insights and show everyday life of crew and patients.

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