How does Weblium help website designer Evgeniya create aesthetic websites

How does Weblium help website designer Evgeniya create aesthetic websites

Using Weblium, you can create websites with different styles and trends. The included features can help implement all the ideas on the website. This is why the best reward for us is your great websites on our platform and positive user feedback. 

Weblium continues sharing incredible stories of website designers. Today, our special guest is Evgeniya, who creates aesthetic websites. Read our article to learn more about aesthetics, recent trends, and Evgeniya’s path to website design.

Hello! Tell us more about yourself.

My name is Evgeniya. I have been creating websites for my clients using Weblium for several years now. I love your builder so much that I have created a course program about website development in 10 steps.

Tell us about your professional experience. Have you always worked in design, or have you had other jobs?

I started by creating blogs on the Blogspot platform (now Sure, there were no mega-design solutions, but the experience was fine: you chose the default template, changed fonts and colors, and this is it: you are a blogger.

I wanted to learn how everything worked there because there were no courses or educational materials. I had to click everything by myself. This skill was instrumental when I started working with website builders. 

After that, I worked as an SMM manager in a charitable fund. I decided that I needed to learn how to work with Photoshop and Illustrator because, by that time, there was a demand for commercial Instagram pages. I wanted to represent the fund and its work in the best way possible. 

When did you become interested in web design and website development?

I learned about website builders while working as the editor-in-chief of an online magazine for women. Simultaneously, I started creating websites on a builder. Honestly, it wasn’t that hard—it was much more accessible than working with WordPress.

When the full-scale invasion started, I started working as a full-time web designer because I had to decide what to do next. I left the online magazine.

How did you learn how to create websites? Did you have some courses, or all by yourself?

I used to learn everything by myself, so I had to learn the base. The only course I had was from Genius Space due to the requirement to understand all the terminology. 

Which services for website creation do you use?

After the beginning of the full-scale invasion, some clients told me they wanted to move from Tilda to another Ukrainian platform. We started looking for an alternative, and my client offered Weblium. And now Weblium is the best thing for my job. 

Weblium can create a one-page or multi-page website or business card, label, and store website unless you need personal accounts. 

What do you like the most about Weblium?

Everyone will mention this, but Weblium has a very intuitive admin panel. You go to the account and know where to click and which blocks to add. When Flex block was added, things became even better. I create incredible websites!

website built with weblium

What are your thoughts on the Weblium support? Were there cases when you needed to ask for help?

Support is always available, which I think is one more advantage, along with the intuitive admin panel.

When I first started working, I contacted support many times. I wanted to know how things worked. The response was as quick as possible. It took about one minute. I didn’t have to wait for a whole day. For example, you might wait your entire life with other website builders. 

How do you interact with clients while developing a website on Weblium?

Usually, clients come to me and say, “I need a website, but with further moderation and management. We don’t want to touch anything here.” But I don’t need to explain what and where to click. Of course, I always say everything will work perfectly, even without me. However, sometimes, I am asked to check whether everything works fine after customers change something on the website. 

What projects are you proud of? What can you share?

Friends once recommended me to a cinema production, Idea Film. It was a one-page website in two languages, and I needed to show their cases. Also, a recent project was the website of Andrij Homytskij, a trainer and founder of the Online Fitness Club. 

But in most cases, I am visited by clients from the fashion area, people who run courses. They are mostly cosmetologists, owners of aesthetic clinics, and manicure masters.

Weblium sites examples

Do you use the referral program?

Yes. I have my website on Weblium, and by using the referral program, I can offer my clients a 50% discount if they work with me.

 Weblium referral program

Are there any restrictions in Weblium?

Before Flex block appeared, Weblium was rather tight. However, after this block was added, the majority of issues disappeared. With Flex block, you can create all the design elements in Figma, transfer them, and adapt them conveniently. There are no difficulties with it. 

Tell us about your course. Why did you choose to create it, and what are its goals?

I’ve tried to make it several times, but something went wrong each time. There are well-known courses, and there was no way to compete. This is why I just started remembering how I started and noted essential points to me. After that, a complete program was created: 10 steps to your aesthetic and understandable website. 

This course will be helpful for non-designers — people who have only discovered Weblium and don’t work with Figma. I explain everything easily. 

The course includes tips on creating a one-page website, a website for a brand, and how to present your product. It will also be helpful for people who want to try themselves as designers or don’t want to pass the website creation process to anyone else. 

Weblium website example

You position yourself as an aesthetic website designer. What makes aesthetic websites different from regular ones?

Everyone has their own definition of aesthetics, and everyone’s perception of beauty is different. But in my opinion, aesthetics is about minimalism. If we are talking about website design, it is more about fonts and color schemes. For this reason, the 2 main methods I use in websites are picking font pairs and color schemes. I admire them and can spend a lot of time doing them. 

What aesthetic trends do you see now?

  • Visible borders. Simple borders and frames add more life to websites, and visible borders can add something unique to the other styles you use on the site.
  • Dimensional typography. Images attract attention, but dimensional typography will be more relevant this year. Huge fonts in monochrome color work nicely. Ukrainian fonts, dedicated to different Ukrainian cities, are very relevant now.  
  • Complex gradients add more depth to the design. They are an excellent choice for websites in a minimalistic style. Shades have to represent the mood of a specific element.

What advice can you give novice users who started working with Weblium?

I recommend reading articles in the help center. Everything is well-structured, and a person who opens Weblium for the first time will find interesting manuals. 

weblium help center

What are your plans for the future?

I want to improve my projects and develop my website design skills. Of course, I want to work with experts and famous people to create even more qualitative websites that will be understandable to the audience. 

I want Weblium to become even better so that I can fulfill even more demands and work with you even more. Even if we compare you 1.5 years ago to nowadays, you have improved significantly, and it is excellent and satisfying. 

In conclusion

We hope the conversation with Evgeniya will inspire you to create aesthetic websites. The intuitive interface and convenient features of Weblium website builder allow you to focus on the artistic process, providing the highest quality of your websites. Be inspired and create the best websites with Weblium.

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