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Get your free month in 3 easy steps


Share with friends

Get your unique link in the account Refer friends tab. Send it directly to your friend or post on social media!


Friend buys Pro Plan

Wait for your friend to follow your link, sign up on Weblium, and pay for the annual Pro subscription.


Get 2 FREE months

Once your friend buys an annual Pro subscription, you get free access to the Pro Plan for 2 months.

Benefits for your friends:

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    Easy to use

    One day is enough to build a great-looking site with no skills at all.

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    Extended library of templates

    300+ ready-made templates for any business, just choose yours.

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    No upsells

    Everything you need (Hosting, CRM, Pop-ups, Google Analytics etc.) is already included in the Pro Plan.

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    Support 24/7

    Fast and friendly support will gladly help you any time. 


  • How many friends can I invite to join Weblium?

    As many as you want! 1 friend brings you 2 free months, while 10 friends — 20 free months. Basically, the more friends you invite, the more free months you’ll get!

  • How can my friends get a discount?

    Your friends need to click on your referral link and sign up on Weblium. They will be able to buy an annual Pro subscription with a discount of 50%. 

  • How will I receive a free subscription?

    Once your friend buys the annual Pro subscription, you will see your free months in your account Refer friends tab. Use them during your next payment to get free Pro months.

  • How can I give my unique link for friends?

    You can send it to them directly or share on your social networks. When your friends sign up using a link, Weblium knows that they came from you. As a result, you’ll both get a free Pro month.

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