How to Choose Illustrations for Your Website? Top-9 Services With Stock Images

How to Choose Illustrations for Your Website? Top-9 Services With Stock Images

Illustrations are one of the main aspects of a functional website, allowing you to set the tone for interaction with your visitors. They are a bit more complicated because they have different purposes, should complement the textual content, and should set the mood for the user. 

That’s why in this article, we’ll examine 9 services that will help you choose high-quality illustrations for your websites completely free of charge.

Please note that this is not the top list. All the services on the list are worth your attention because they contain different images suitable for various websites.

getillustrations best illustration websites

Get Illustrations is a library with more than 20,000 illustrations. The service’s main feature is that it offers not only high-quality illustrations divided by style but also illustrated icons that will perfectly complement your website. 

The illustrations are divided into different categories and contain not only various 2D images but also 3D models that will give your future website more volume and life. 

Advantages: many illustrations, division by styles, availability of icons.

freepik best illustration websites

This stock image service remains one of the most popular. Its main feature is that it includes not only illustrations for websites but also a large number of images and videos. 

You can see all media elements related to a particular topic by choosing categories. For example, there is a separate category for Christmas, where you can find videos, GIFs, images, and illustrations for your website to update according to the event. 

Advantages: an extensive library of various media elements, division by topics and styles.

unDraw best illustration websites

unDraw is a library of minimalist illustrations that are not categorized by topic. However, you can see all the illustrations at once, how they look, and what they are called. On the one hand, this is a convenient solution for people who need just a few illustrations to finalize their website and give it a unique tone. On the other hand, these are not full-fledged libraries where you can download an entire archive and use it at your convenience. 

However, this service is quite convenient, allowing users to avoid the images they don’t need and focus only on the ones they need. 

Advantages: illustrations in the same style, a large selection of images for the site, and the ability to select individual items from the library.

blush design best illustration websites

This illustration service differs from others in that each user can change the icons as they wish. The images on the site have different directions, so you can find trendy designs and more niche solutions, such as anime-style illustrations. 

To edit illustrations, you need to choose a style and change the elements you want; for example, add glasses for a person. After that, you can use your website’s unique design for other purposes.

Advantages: the ability to create unique solutions independently and in various styles, even for niche projects.

illustration kit the best illustration websites

Illustration Kit is all about customized illustration packs. The main feature is that the user has three collections of illustrations to choose from: Yippy, Ven, and Halo. 

When choosing a collection, you can use ready-made images that come with standard colors. However, you can adapt the illustrations and change the colors to your style. Changing 1-2 colors (depending on the collection) will already allow you to adapt the ready-made collections to your desired style.

Advantages: ready-made libraries with easily changeable colors.

Humaaans the best illustration websites

The service’s name speaks to its main specialization — illustrations with people. In this library, you can find high-quality illustrations that can be edited. For example, by choosing minimalistic images of two people, you can change all the elements, including faces, clothes, and legs, which will affect the positioning of the scene. 

You can also change the background elements, which will allow you to create a whole story for your illustrations. This tool will help you create a real story on your website. 

Advantages: fully customized illustrations with the ability to create independent stories.

drawkit the best illustration websites

DrawKit is a free illustration service with a large number of paid items. It’s not hard to find free images because they are marked “Free”. 

You can download free illustration packs without any restrictions. All collections are divided into themes and scenarios so that you can find images for various niche websites. 

Advantages: high-quality paid images, unique free solutions.

stiryset the best illustration websites

This service offers illustrations with people who are part of different stories. Various categories allow you to find the images you need quickly. 

Among the available styles are Rafiki, Bro, Amico, Pana, and Cuate. In addition, some categories allow you to choose illustrations for different types of websites. These categories are quite simplified, so you don’t have to search for the images you need manually, but you will be able to choose illustrations of buildings, transport, media, etc. 

You can also download individual illustrations for the site, so you can choose several items to improve the design. 

Advantages: a large library of illustrations, high-quality images, and easy navigation among styles and categories.

illustation the best illustration websites

Illustation contains a very extensive library of illustrations and icons. This service is a one-stop solution, allowing you to find high-quality content for your website and create a unique design using various elements. 

Each collection seems even more unique and individual, given the detailed descriptions. Thus, users with no experience in design will be able to create their own functional website from scratch.

Advantages: multifunctional library with icons and illustrations.

Which illustration service to choose?

The services mentioned above have many similarities and differences. Some offer a large number of collections with illustrations that will complement the arsenal of any designer, while others focus on providing customized options. 

Weblium allows you to add illustrations and icons. You can choose and edit various images for your website and add them through the editor. Unify and edit all elements on your website and make its design recognizable and functional.

Create your magnificent websites with Weblium!

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