20+ Online Business Ideas You Can Start in 2024

20+ Online Business Ideas You Can Start in 2024

Covid-19 agenda, which is still in place, has taught the contemporaries a lesson about them as a society. Gratitude, selflessness, enthusiasm, and sheer courage — hopefully, someday, humanity will be able to remember these tumultuous yet extraordinary times by each of these virtues.

More and more businesses these days switch to online mode of operation. Hence, the channels of communication between entrepreneurs, ventures, and potential clientele become even more sophisticated. The opportunity to combine and reconcile owning an online business with your primary source of income, that is, your primary occupation, is what constitutes a significant benefit of digital businesses. 

The following article will introduce you to a list of internet business ideas that are currently considered promising, satisfying, and profitable. Understanding what makes these examples of electronic ventures the best online businesses to start in 2024, you are guaranteed to find yourself a safe path to converting your expertise into a material advantage and gain an exhilarating experience.

Ecommerce Store

Best online businesses differ, building mainly on the scalability of their potential customers’ outputs. Ecommerce is illustrative of businesses adopting online sales as a relatively more feasible and autonomous approach to marketing goods and services. Features, skills, and tools necessary to build an electronic shop from the ground up:

  • resourcefulness;
  • foresight;
  • credibility;
  • competence in handling basic technical tasks;
  • marketing research;
  • getting to know the competitors;
  • adaptability.

In the case of an eCommerce business, aligning forces with a trustworthy website builder. Weblium will help you create a professional-looking and unique website. Explore how to make a website with Weblium in this step-by-step guide

shop business idea

Mental Health Therapy

First things first, mental therapy comes in many different forms. Counseling, keeping a website about mental health, configuring a piece of software to manage medical records, starting a home healthcare agency — these are only some of the online startup ideas related to the sensitive and delicate subject of psychological health and wellness advisory. Genuine interest in other people, their pains, struggles, and insecurities, proficient and natural aptitude for delivering care to people afflicted with emotional or mental infirmity will be your baseline. Once you possess the qualities indicated above, contemplate the following objectives:

  • pick a niche you may be willing to concentrate on as a mental health therapist;
  • decide on the channels of communication between you and your prospective customers;
  • find a dedicated and committed team of specialists who will help you and guide you through the technical circumstances of owning a mental health and wellness consultancy business online;
  • take advantage of your preferred marketing channels wisely as you will be advertising your services.

Seeing others liberated from their afflictions is one of the most rewarding and purposeful experiences a person may have in their life. Cynically as it may sound, knowing that you have contributed to somebody else’s recovery is what makes being of service to others worthwhile.

mental health online business idea

Translation Bureau

An unwritten entrepreneurial contract holds that every small business, as it goes online, requires previous academic or professional training. Another maxim surmises that the premise of successful online businesses is constant mastering of skills and ever-lasting learning. In a globalized world, knowing a foreign language is a gift. Still, some sort of an unwritten convention exists, postulating that if linguistics or philology is your passion, your career is imminently bound up with teaching or tutoring. Luckily, that is not entirely true. Competence in a foreign language most certainly gives you a distinct advantage. However, developing other professional skills is strictly mandatory. Being proficient in foreign languages, you can build yourself a career in translation, starting as an online small business.

A business may require a translator’s assistance when they:

  • go online;
  • expand;
  • explore new markets
  • Search for additional marketing channels.

Business owners whose ventures are present online and in multiple languages come as professionally-looking and credible. In this context, the significance of adequate and compelling rendition of textual data in another language proves itself self-evident.

translation bureau business idea

Online Courses

 Preparing an electronic course is undoubtedly a viable online home-based business idea if you are set on earning a living without detriment to your permanent employment. Teaching an online course entails filming an educational video or a series of those, where you explain your area of expertise and interest. Next, it is mandatory to feature the footage on your website and social media accounts.

With an online course as your digital business idea of choice, your knowledge is your seed funding. To be able to elaborate a series of engaging and high-quality educational videos, you will need to:

  • Contemplate carefully a subject about which you feel confident enough to start teaching it to others;
  • Understand the mechanics and the possibilities of the devices that you have got your hands on to shoot video and record audio;
  • Acknowledge the significance of the quality of content you produce, the essence of a message you attempt to convey, and the decency of execution;
  • Pick and explore a screencasting application, such as ScreenFlow, Camtasia Studio, and the like, make sure your selection is tailored to your specific needs;
  • Proceed with caution as you will be recording and editing footage.    

Please, note that creating an online course will not generate immediate profit for you. However, this free online business most certainly translates to steady income and incremental brand awareness.

Digital Products Development

 A successful online business starts with a pure zest to advance the agenda pertinent to your preferred specialty. Acumen to information technologies involves proper code writing skills since the latter are a key to efficient development and production of applications and websites. The two main options, approaches to tackling the process of elaboration of digital products, are:

  • development proper, that is, manufacture of applications, programs, and websites for sale;
  • positioning oneself as a service provider.

For instance, you may design themes or templates and sell them to parties searching for self-assembly techniques to make a website. The scenario mentioned above stands opposed to mandatory face-to-face interaction with prospective customers and offering them customized turn-key solutions building on their specifications and demands.

IT Recruitment

IT Recruitment is one of the top online businesses, and it lies at the confluence of information technologies and human resources consultancy. This particular online startup idea requires a great deal of technological competence and few people skills. Sociability, tech-savviness, charisma, and considerable knowledge of psychology are your initial funding. Other resources and skills needed to build a thriving IT recruitment business online include but are not limited to:

  • competence about the specifics of the labor market within the IT industry;
  • crises management aptitudes;
  • flexibility;
  • stress resistance. 

Science and technology are expected to last, and humanity will keep advancing them as long as unresolved mysteries persist. Both said domains positively correlate with the preservation of humanity’s knowledge and the progressive development of civilization. Those who identify with IT Recruitment as their online business idea of choice appoint to themselves the task of being conduits, messengers reconnecting the stakeholders in the industry with the industry’s visionaries.

Women’s Community

According to Forbes, the percentage of purchasing decisions women make varies from 70 to 80. The notorious discrepancy in the financial reward system for men and women remains unresolved. Starting a small business online is a) a way to offset the negative impact of the disparity mentioned above and b) a tool for women to fulfill and develop their potential. Top online business ideas for women include but are not limited to:

  • freelance writing and proofreading services;
  • social media consulting;
  • commissioned artwork business;
  • health and wellness coaching;
  • event décor;
  • professional photography;
  • graphic or web design;
  • digital content editing;
  • pet care;
  • virtual personal assistance and errand services;
  • child care and tutoring;
  • fashion boutique;
  • tailored clothes store.

Decide on your niche, explore it carefully and thoroughly, focus on the solutions already there, and remember to do your best with what you have. Hence, you are guaranteed to grow both professionally and as a person. More importantly, thus you will realize that with whatever you do, you can make a difference and help make the world a safer and happier place.

community online business idea

Video Production

Video production is one of the most popular online business ideas for beginners, and there most certainly is a plausible explanation for that. YouTube is a platform for makers of videos to showcase their work. Hence, the social network turns dynamic visual content into a communication tool. To go through with the said internet business idea, filming, and editing videos would be essential. The possible options to narrow down your field of expertise include:

  • video production services;
  • teaching a masterclass;
  • editing;
  • managing sound-track libraries;
  • preparing tutorials of different kinds. 

Perseverance, tenacity, meticulous attention to detail, eloquence, and profound respect for technology, the appliances that you will be working with, are absolute necessities to turn your passion for camerawork into a successful online business.


If you consider yourself a self-conscious person, launching a podcast can help you with the struggles that you may have. It is one of the best online businesses to start from home because it correlates with diverse possibilities to convert your knowledge into a profitable online business.

The tools you may need to start a podcast:

  • audio-recording software installed on your preferred device;
  • call-recording software;
  • high-quality microphones;
  • premium-class headsets or headphones.

The assets that will help your small online business get discovered, grow, and evolve are as follows:

  • efficient collaborations with other influencers;
  • peaceable advertising campaigns via your social media channels and personal website;
  • Non-aggressive call to action campaign aimed at your audience: gentle, decent, and sincere request for them to leave feedback and consider helping you promote your podcast. 

Podcasting is a promising field. As a new instrument, it most certainly will continue to change. The fact is that in a world where the amounts of information continue to increase exponentially, every unit of quality content that is relatable matters. In this particular case, Discoverability means new partnerships, sponsorships, and openness to experimenting with formats and mediums.

podcast online business

Personal Blog

Modern technology makes it possible to monetize what has been initially intended as an electronic journal or diary. A personal blog is a small online business idea that you can start quickly and turn into a passive yet regular benefit. To ensure your personal blog evolves, call in for Weblium’s services because this website builder offers a personal website creation option tailer to take the form of a blog. Boost your enterprise by:

  • featuring sponsored postings;
  • accommodating extraneous advertisements;
  • marketing products of your device.

Throughout the process that involves the identified stages, it is pivotal to stick to the customer-oriented approach. The benefits of creating a tightly knit community of devoted and inspired followers are difficult to underestimate. Gain audience confidence by doing your digital business with professionalism, diligence, and integrity.

Still uncertain about whether or not launching a blog has any prospects? Please, note that blogging changes swiftly, and the skills required to keep a blog going are transferrable. Potentially, blogging can get you away into the worlds of e-commerce, virtual coaching or tutoring, and affiliate marketing. Writing is a skill essential to virtually all top online businesses. Additionally, written communication ranks second to none when it comes to safety, authenticity, and dependability.

Starting a blog, you are metaphorically signing a long-term agreement, a commitment to invest your time and effort into this venture. Finally, the beauty of this online business idea lies in the fact that it suits beginners and skilled internet users equally well.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist is one of the most in-demand occupations to date. Oversaturation with information is a definitive quality of the modern mediascape. Businesses need texts optimized to search engines’ algorithms, mainly because they realize how crucial the concept of findability is. The services that SEO encompasses are as follows:

  • content creation;
  • eCommerce optimization;
  • link building;
  • one-time offer of a service package.

Proper structure and organization have some definite elegance to them. Both can contribute tremendously to establishing the image of your brand as an expert in the industry. SEO is not to be underestimated, and that is a fact.

seo online businesses

 Radio Station

Launching a radio station is one of the best businesses on the internet because its possibilities in terms of flexibility are unrivaled and articulate. Starting an online radio station is the best online business to start these days because the segment of the media landscape pertaining to music is remarkably diverse and dynamic. To start this digital business from home, you may still need to do the following:

  • crystallize a philosophy for your brand;
  • build your brand identity;
  • move cautiously and with profound respect for other people’s work as you will be harmonizing your venture with the copyright law;
  • assemble a collection of decent hardware and understand its capabilities;
  • Pick the pieces of software and explore them.

The appearance of a website for your radio station, whether or not you will be broadcasting the news and weather forecasts, specific genres, styles, and forms of music to focus on — each of these decisions you will have to make upfront. If you are passionate about music and technology, all these efforts will most certainly pay off if you choose to launch an online radio station.

Marketing Agency

The only thing even more dubious and elaborate than price formation is comprehending the principles according to which goods and services are marketed. If you consider starting a marketing agency as your internet business idea of choice, you most likely feel confident about the abovementioned matters. Though, there may still be some conventions that you should know. To get through with the plan of setting up an online marketing agency business, be sure to:

  • feel rightly confident about your level of experience and skills;
  • reduce the risk of failure by working as a contractor first;
  • elaborate a feasible business model;
  • disambiguate your respective field;
  • contemplate the development plan.

Marketing is not easy, mainly because everything it entails exists within the virtual environment, changing constantly and rapidly. The principles laid out in this section are mere guidelines that may help you stay focused throughout the process of founding a marketing agency online.

marketing business online

SaaS Product Development

Software as a Service (SaaS) massively facilitates reconnecting businesses with their respective potential clientele. SaaS product development is the best online business option for experts in IT, computer studies, and associated fields. SaaS technology is accessible, foreseeable, affordable, extendable, and relatively low-maintenance. To make your best online business a success, the following categories of products are there for you:

  • CRM;
  • Time tracking software;
  • Video and graphic management tools;
  • SMM;
  • Accounting;
  • Marketing automation;
  • Project management;
  • Team communication;
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Customer support;
  • Billing and payment services.

SaaS system is ramified, covering practically every aspect of private entrepreneurship entering and functioning within the digital media landscape. Thus, it is ideally suited to solve the small online businesses’ challenges. With SaaS, you will have various software products to choose from to cater to your customers or use by yourself.    


Becoming a virtual expert on healthy eating will have your comprehension of the physiology of the digestive tract and the chemical properties of food products tested. Profound knowledge of biology, chemistry, and medicine should blend harmoniously with the explicit definition and adequate interpretation of the concept of wellness on your part.

Before you proceed with having your dream of becoming an independent online nutritionist fulfilled, make sure you are aware of the necessity to interact with people daily online or associate with them off-network. Once you feel that you meet the criteria above and are prepared for the challenges that come with the occupation, be sure to go through the following stages to turn your small online business idea into a viable and advantageous undertaking:

  • Design your business;
  • Initiate the procedure of becoming registered as a legal entity;
  • Set up a tax payment plan with the competent authorities;
  • Start a business account in a trusted bank and order a credit card;
  • Institute business accounting;
  • Procure all necessary certificates, licenses, contracts, and permits;
  • Arrange insurance;
  • Establish your brand;
  • Build a website;
  • Launch a phone system.

A secret to building a successful digital business around the notion of educating people about healthy eating habits is to stay constantly and genuinely interested in improving the quality of other people’s lives. Do your utmost to encourage people to eat healthily and show them that good nutrition is not necessarily expensive and can be delicious. In the end, making somebody else feel inspired and empowered is a key to more fulfilling and meaningful entrepreneurship.

nutritionist internet business idea


Dropshipping is compatible with the notion of e-commerce business. It is comparatively inexpensive and can start with a ready-made product shipped from a supplier to a buyer. As an interlink between a supplier and a customer, you will not have to overburden yourself with issues like packing and discharge. Dropshipping is a fitting choice for entrepreneurs who:

  • Seek for a work-around to stockpiling products in a physical location;
  • Pursue mastering their outsourcing skill and establishing contacts with makers of products or related parties;
  • Wish not to be bound to a workplace. 

To launch a dropshipping store, as an entrepreneur, you may have to handle appropriately some technical and legal formalities that come with registering a business with the authorities. The latter, in turn, is obligatory. You will have to decide on a product that you will be selling. Next, you might need to research your hypothetical competitors. Aligning forces with a trusted supplier is an absolute necessity. You will have to build an electronic dropshipping store and promote it, which can translate to the optimization of your business. Weblium can help you to make a dropshipping electronic shop. The website builder has a variety of payment systems built-in, options for effortlessly exporting and importing goods.  

Dropshipping business idea

Online Webinar

A webinar is a term that denotes a seminar designed to take place online. It is one of the best online business ideas for beginners because you are guaranteed to grow with a party in charge of it. Webinars positively correlate with a sequence of benefits, such as expanding the pool of contacts, finding new prospects, accumulation and systematization of content, and attainability.

Hosting a webinar that is workable involves the following pivotal tactics:

  • Deciding webinar’s subject matter and purpose;
  • Structuring and systematizing content;
  • Determining product’s duration, date, and time of release;
  • Producing an electronic presentation to accompany the talk;
  • Choose whether you want to do a webinar all by yourself, co-host the event, or ask another expert to lend their talent;
  • Verify that all the instruments work well;
  • Pick and configure the software to stream your webinar;
  • Market your webinar;
  • Remember to practice regularly for good results;
  • Do a webinar;
  • Reprocess and refocus your product.

The most challenging aspect of hosting even the best online businesses is getting the internet users into the habit of paying for products and services that they purchase online. As far as the technical specifications go, some of the most popular software choices to broadcast a webinar include Google Meet, Skype, and Zoom. More professional applications are WebinarJam, LiveStream, and GoToMeeting. EveryWebinar and Stealth Seminar have a built-in record option and will help you bolster the flexibility of the items of content you produce for your webinar.

Copywriting Agency

 Assuming that you can write and are passionate about it, you may find yourself in need of figuring out how to start an online business. First things first, decide on the services you will provide and make sure to demonstrate your work to your prospective clientele. Build your online freelance copywriting business from scratch — start small and scale your business up by adhering to the following rules:

  • Be sure to work in an environment with a stable internet connection;
  • Own a website to advertise your services;
  • Register your business, get insurance, and set up a finance tracking system so that you can manage your taxes;
  • Strategize by elaborating a course of action, a business strategy, and intended customers;
  • Decide on what services you will provide as the owner of an online freelance copywriting agency;
  • Forge your brand identity;
  • Determine the pricing;
  • Collect the examples of your work and build an online portfolio;
  • Polish your skills and grow professionally;
  • Draw up a legal contract;
  • Set up a system to organize all your financial information. 

Advertising agencies need professional copywriters’ services. Maybe, these institutions can be the right place for you to start pitching your venture. Participation in the networking event will help you establish a reputation as a real professional in the industry. Do not get intimidated or discouraged by asking the customers you have previously worked for to recommend you to their associates. Once you have all these aspects adequately addressed, you will have your business ready for action.

Book Subscription Service

The subscription-based business model is compatible with the concept of e-commerce business. It is popular among starting entrepreneurs in particular because it is a rapidly developing form of enterprise. One of its most noticeable benefits is that it enables an owner of such a venture to predict their profit and essentially guarantees them a steady income. It is possible to describe book subscription services as particularly flexible and scalable, so, to launch one, be sure to:

  • Grasp the potential customers’ purchasing habits;
  • Study your competitors;
  • Rationalize the logistics;
  • Make pricing decisions;
  • Produce a business plan;
  • Know what is required from you to handle all legal issues and act accordingly;
  • Advertise your venture;
  • Finesse your enterprise.

An unwritten contract between a party providing subscription services and a customer interested in receiving this particular type of service suggests that the shareholders enter a long-term business relationship. It is essential to always keep in mind that once a customer commits to you, they expect only the very best quality of service and products they are about to obtain. Starting a book subscription service is guaranteed to offer you an unparalleled sense of content in being involved in the process of preserving the knowledge of humanity.  

Book Subscription Service business idea

Online Astrology Consultancy

A mass cultural delusion to some, a hobby that imbues with arcane knowledge, astrology can be a slippery slope of an idea for a business on the internet. Delivering astrology consultancy services online suggests it is mandatory to register your business with the authorities. Besides, you might need to invest in it just to keep it going at the very beginning. Check out the list that follows to make sure you fully grasp what launching an online astrology consultancy may entail:

  • Developing a plan and a strategy;
  • Registering as a legal entity;
  • Signing up for taxation;
  • Starting a bank account and ordering a credit card;
  • Arranging a business accounting mechanism;
  • Attaining all the necessary permits and licenses;
  • Obtaining insurance;
  • Building the identity of your brand, to make it recognizable and memorable;
  • Creating a business website;
  • Setting up functioning communication channels.

Networking can be an excellent mechanism for you to boost your venture. Consider the possibility of offering your clients some spectacular merchandise as a manifestation of care. Hence, you will be able to enhance loyalty amongst the existing customers and attract new ones.

online astrology business idea

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be described as a pure expression of the significance of establishing and sustaining business partnerships. The business model benefits from your online presence by using your social networking platforms, a blog, or a personal website to recommend products and services. Affiliate programs can work for those who enjoy shopping, no matter how experienced they are as internet users. You might also want to consider pursuing affiliate marketing because:

  • Affiliate marketing is relatively easy;
  • The business model makes shopping a rewarding and meaningful experience;
  • The venture is designed to help increase passive revenue.

To become an affiliate marketer, a starting entrepreneur may need to sign up for an affiliate program, such FlexOffers, Affiliate Future, or ShareASale. Consequently, you will need to study and comprehend how your affiliate program of choice works. You will also have to select a product you may be interested in advertising, as well as a platform to help you accomplish all your objectives as an affiliate marketer.

Concluding Thoughts

The purpose of this article is to answer the question of how to start an online business. Some of the enterprises discussed in the piece are free online businesses. Others may require a material investment on the part of those who launch them. Being an entrepreneur can be tricky, even daunting, especially when figuring out the technical circumstances. Going online comes with a set of merits, but it also exposes a business to new challenges.

Putting your business into cyberspace may be daunting, but this is how you grow as a businessperson and comply with the callings of the present era. Weblium can become your faithful companion on your path through establishing your brand’s online presence wisely. The website builder will help you seamlessly create a professionally looking and authentic website from the ground up and in no time. Putting up a website is an integral part of the process of establishing your brand’s online presence.

Find something you adore and can be considered an expert in, turn it into a profitable undertaking, and enjoy the process.

Do it because it is worthwhile, do it because you are worth it.


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