25+ Best Meet the Team Pages for Your Inspiration

25+ Best Meet the Team Pages for Your Inspiration

A meet the team page helps your business make a great first impression and is key to building customer trust and loyalty. Such a page should make sure to cover basic information about the store and its founders, explain the purpose of the business, and encourage discussion or interaction.

Do you have a lot to say but don’t know how to compile an effective business presentation? Weblium explains the best tips and tricks on how to arrange your meet the team page on real-life examples! Interested? Stay tuned!

Here are some examples of successful team-presenting pages to help your brand site stand out from the crowd.

Series Eight

team pages

Series Eight chose a sleek design site to tell you about their services and team members. The page is dynamic, simple, and stylish. You first get to read about their sphere of activity, partners, and then the team. The agency uses sketch illustrations instead of real photos.

Strong points

  • Smooth transitions
  • Anonymous team-member presentation
  • A-single-styled everything

Emotion Theater NY by Weblium

meet our team

Theatrical ‘clearly-not-staged’ photos of actors is a perfect decision to present the members of a modern theater. All of them look elegant and too good to be real people. What is more, you can get inspired and choose this team page design on Weblium to build your website in a similar way.

Strong points

  • Smooth transitions
  • Brief theater description with the calendar of upcoming events
  • Heart-warming presentation of actors who seem to have just stepped off the covers of posters
team creative online

Lateral is a team of engineers and designers who will help you develop your company from scratch. As you visit their meet the team page, you will see a mosaic-styled list of all members. The photos are simply sincere and get animated as you move the cursor — people look in the same direction as to where you place it.

Strong points

  • Cool animations
  • The team-presenting page is simple and inspiring
  • You also get info on the company’s main offices

Mango Travel by Weblium

meet our team template

Mango travel offers safari tours you will definitely want to book. Just look at their brave and smiling team and you will immediately trust your life with them on a wild safari. Linking people’s descriptions to their social media accounts is an already proven way to raise your customer loyalty.

Strong points

  • Bright design
  • Photos of people showing real emotions
  • The About Us section contains informative answers on the company’s sphere of professional activity


atlassian meet the team

This software company decided to serve you with realistic photos of their team: a few pictures of people in the middle of brainstorming, the company’s premises, and activities employees do for team-building. You immediately want to work at Atlassian or at least order your website development from them.

Strong points

  • Clear interface
  • CAT at each page
  • Bright design with high-resolution photos 


team page design

Pitch describes itself in a simple and friendly manner. They want you to believe them but remind you that presenting your core values doesn’t always have to be dull and formal. After all, Pitch is a platform for making presentations.

Real-life photos and videos of their members during team-buildings and regular working hours let you take a look at the inside-outs of the company’s professional approach.

Strong points

  • Not staged videos and photos
  • Friendly approach
  • Cool illustrations

Space Agency by Weblium

meet the team pages

Another design agency decided to show you what they are capable of from the first seconds: great color choices, animations, transitions, and examples of digital content. You clearly understand how creative of an atmosphere reigns in this company and want them to introduce their wild ideas to your business.

Do you know what is the best about the sleek and stylish designs chosen by Space Agency? The fact that you can create an equally cool brand page with any Weblium meet the team template!

Strong points

  • Editing on point
  • Social media links to all team representatives
  • The list of upcoming events

Appetite Creative

our team page

These guys have a corporate symbol that they successfully use for branded animations, team photos, and making content. A lovely giraffe means how simple yet trustworthy your brand’s presentation can be. A ticker with the company’s goals and aspirations as a team is particularly entertaining.

Strong points

  • Smart color combo
  • Funny team-member photos
  • Brief yet inspiriting value description


meet our team examples

Their creative agency emphasizes its people. It starts straight away with colorful photos of all the team members. This is followed by CTA to become a part of their company. Finally, you have a contact button aimed at clients who want to order services of Pushers.

Strong points

  • Clear brand idea
  • Eye-catching photos of smiling members
  • Simple and friendly style


meet the team

This website-development company presents its core values clearly and concisely. The site design used restrained colors with blue prevailing, which is a good decision for an IT business. 

The first thing you see upon visiting their website are high-quality photos of the team. They are animated, so the person’s position in the company shops as you hover over the photo. A particularly cute decision was to single out the dogs as separate honorary members. 

Strong points

  • High-resolution photos
  • Dogs as team members
  • Brief company presentation at the bottom

Cloud Horizon

meet the team introduction examples

It is logical for IT companies to focus their page on data and facts. However, Cloud Horizon chose a more human-oriented approach. They decided to provide child photos of their team members and describe whom they wanted to become when they would grow up.

Photos rotate and change as you hover over them. This is a fun design solution solely for the fact you can get stuck on this meet the team page reading about every child’s dream. The website also offers a complete description of its history and core values.

Strong points

  • Using child photos
  • A comprehensive brand description
  • Fun animations
team page example

Another creative agency couldn’t help but come up with a usual team presentation. Ueno gives you some fun photos of their team members in different costumes and surroundings. Then, you can read more about their professional approach and all the stuff connected with corporate values.

Finally, Ueno shows you the backstage of what it feels like to work around creative people: parties, spontaneous photoshoots, and a heart-warming atmosphere.

Strong points

  • Cool pictures from a professional photoshoot
  • The list of benefits connected with working at Ueno
  • Authentic photos from the real life of the company


employee pages

This design agency transformed its brand site into an animated movie poster. All the team members appear to be Hollywood stars with epic poses and marvelous transitions.

Since Lebowski makes advertising campaigns and projects connected with the movie industry — such an approach is fully understandable.

Strong points

  • An outstanding site design
  • Bright colors and lots of high-resolution digital art
  • Animations and effects all over the site


Miro meet our team

Bright colors and interesting design solutions in the form of unusual geometric shapes attract attention. Miro, a cooperation system platform, immediately explains its field of activity and the mission of its team. 

As you scroll down, you can read about their history and specific numbers indicating statistics. A list of the company’s investors and main team members is also presented in eye-catching frames with short descriptions. 

Strong points

  • Unusual design
  • The emphasis is on the company’s mission
  • A site gives a playful yet reliable impression

Rethink Ideas

cool staff designs

This company presents its members in the form of characters on stands like collectible toys. Rethinkers aims to help you transform your business from a different perspective. Thus, its employees are one-man bands capable of multiple solutions for your brand.

Strong points

  • All the people are presented on the site, others are marked as ‘coming soon’
  • Sleek transitions and cool design

Rock Kitchen Harris

meet our staff template

As you visit the RKH meet the team page, you will be amazed at the style these guys chose to tell you about their employees. They are presented like cartoon characters, which gives you a game-inspired feeling. The whole website is full of non-standard solutions and visual tricks to let you understand how creative the whole team is.

Strong points

  • Playful manner and unified style
  • Cool illustrations
  • Simple and brief member presentation


team page examples

This design agency consists of a few members but you can clearly see how passionate they are about the job they perform. You can notice a timeline of when each person started working at Drexler as well as high-resolution photos depicting bright emotions of the company’s employees.

Drexler’s website is minimalistic yet useful. You get the look and feel of their approach and can immediately understand whether it coincides with your expectations.

Strong points 

  • Stylish transitions
  • Member photos play a central role in the brand presentation
  • The website transforms Baltimore’s local time when in sleep mode

Globule Bleu

team bio examples

Globule Bleu decided not to show high-resolution photos of their team. Instead, they made a single puzzle consisting of different photos employees took themselves. Thus, you get a general picture of the company’s fun approach and friendly atmosphere.

Strong points

  • You can read more about each person upon clicking on the photo
  • What is more, you will see their quotes there
  • One of the most successful meet the team bio examples


website team page

A timelapse is a unique decision when it comes to presenting your team’s work. After all, what can be more pleasing than watching office workers in their natural habitat?

However, the approach of Matchstick is not as plain as you would think. Scroll to the end of the page and you will notice pictures of all the team members. Place your cursor on any of the photos to see the magic happen.

Strong points

  • An entertaining timelapse
  • Fun photo editing
  • Unified style of team presenting — a professional photo shoot was involved

Blue Leadz

meet the team

Can digital agencies stop coming up with more and more exciting meet the team pages? Obviously, they can’t. Blue Leadz decided to connect its members’ personalities with their favorite memes.

Click on any of the employee photos and you will see their self-association: fun GIFs, viral movie moments, and sketches are just amusing.

Strong points

  • Memes on point
  • A pinch of humor has never made matters worse
  • Dynamic video header 

Lettering & Calligraphy School by Weblium

meet our staff template

This lettering school decided to present its coaches in a tried and tested way — a quality photo with a clear description always works for a good meet the team page. What adds to the friendly atmosphere are buttons linked to the social media profiles of the coaches — you can check each of them on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Strong points

  • A bright page header
  • Informative company’s description
  • Professional photos in high-resolution
  • Social media references

Capoeira School by Weblium

team page template

Capoeira is a school of dance fight based in Dubai. Their team-presenting page describes the brand’s mission, work schedule, and gives statistics on the number of their courses and students. It also gives you an insight into what coaches work at Capoeira — strong, well-built, and inspiring people.

Strong points

  • Quality photoshoot photos
  • Personal descriptions of the coaches
  • Buttons calling you to book your first training session

Recovery Clinic by Weblium

our team page template

This medical clinic decided to use a patient-oriented approach. They show you a team of doctors who will lead you on your way to recovery in a simple yet formal approach. Blue, often associated with the medical sphere, was chosen as the main page color. 

If you want to find out more about the clinic and its methods — you have a button linked to their YouTube channel as well as CTA about making an appointment. 

Strong points

  • Official approach
  • High-resolution photos
  • Scientific descriptions

American Women’s Community by Weblium

meet the team page template

AWC helps people implement changes in their communities and advocate for their rights. All the members of this organization seem extremely open-hearted and strong-willed people passionate about what they do. You can see it in their descriptions and smiling photos.

Strong points 

  • Clear design and layout solutions
  • Minimalistic illustrations
  • Annual reports of the AWC organization at the bottom of their meet our team

Handyman Company by Weblium

meet the team page template

This page offers an informative explanation of the company’s professional sphere, team members, and prices. You get to see the specialists you can choose from depending on the type of help you need.

Do you feel intrigued and inspired? Choose your Weblium meet the team template to create an equally exciting website! Start just now for free.

Strong points

  • The company offers reasons why you should choose them
  • The price list is visible on the first page
  • High-resolution photos of the handymen

Finance Spot by Weblium

meet our team examples

Finance spot is an accounting company that chose a formal yet clear approach to present its team. Despite the photos you will see upon scrolling down their main page are depicting people in strict suits, this solution is extremely successful for a finance company. 

Strong points

  • Corporate colors used
  • Sleek design solutions
  • Brief description of professional services offered by Finance Spot

Left Space by Weblium

meet the team introduction examples

This coworking space also decided to use a popular trust-ensuring trick — Left Space added social media references of all their team members. You can open their profiles to make sure they are real people who want to help you work in comfort.

Strong points

  • Authentic photos
  • Clear design
  • The list of the company’s partners and testimonials

Why is “Meet the team” page important?

The Who we are page also called the About page , or the team-presenting or presentation page is the space on your website where your visitors learn more about you and/or your brand and your company. Meet the team pages should contain a description that covers all aspects of your business but also introduce your team as individuals with their own aspirations.

Many marketers underestimate the impact a well-written employee pages can have on their business. You can use it to write a perfect summary of your brand’s story, mission, and goals. Start turning visitors into loyal customers with effective Weblium templates.

What should I put on my “Meet the team” page?

Here is a detailed list of content for the team-presenting page.

🎯  Your vision and mission — it is important to focus on your customers and offer them what they expect from you. What are your main services/products and what mission do they fulfill? Transmit your values ​​and your culture as a brand or what created the DNA of your company.

📖  Your story — take your visitors through the different stages that have marked the history of your business. You can explain to them where, when, and how you started and everything that has happened since. This is an opportunity to present the highlights and achievements of your company, all in an engaging tone.

🧑‍💼  Your team — add an emotional element by detailing the people who work for your brand every day. People connect more easily to faces, so don’t hesitate to expose your team’s full potential.

📷  Visual elements — let loose on the graphic elements that will help visitors understand what you do. Adding a nice video telling your story or introducing people to your products is a great idea.

How to make “Meet the team” page? 

If you’re using Weblium, editing your meet the team page will be easy – all the means for it are already built into your template, so all you need to do is add your website information. Here are the step to creating your team-presenting page:

  1. Register with Weblium.
  2. Choose the template for your future page.
  3. Update the information: add articles about your company, testimonials, upload photos of your team members.
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