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Jacks at all trades need a handyman website – proved by the latest surveys:

Tips and tricks for a creating a handyman website

64% of people prefer outsourcing house tasks in order to spend time elsewhere.

53% never even try to fix something broken before calling a professional.


73% of house owners wait until several problems appear before calling a handyman. All of them have the Internet.


Start with thinking through your handyman website homepage

Here are the world’s best practices how to make an effective handyman website that we’ve done for you

People conceive a message communicated through visual images better.

Meet prospective customers with a nice picture: a beautiful house, a smiling handyman at work or anything that can be associated with reliability. 

Final touch: nice-to-have handyman website pages


Do not hesitate to demonstrate the results of your work. This page will add credibility to your image and become a constant reminder that you do your job well. 


The majority will prefer you to come with all necessary materials instead of buying them independently. Arrange a shop with materials and accessories of proper quality so you can be sure in the final results. 


Whether you decide to go with testimonials, reviews or ordinary comments, this page will manifest your transparency and openness to communication. 


Introduce the people, who will come to customers and help to solve their problems. People like to see familiar faces.

Handyman website templates

Wow Sofi - weblium

Wow Sofi

POTRENDOO - weblium


La Famiglia - weblium

Lectro Store

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