What Makes a Good Website?

What Makes a Good Website?

The amounts of information increase at a frantic pace. Hence, cyber landscapes also transform rapidly. New websites are launched every minute of every day. Over 1.7 billion websites are already there

In light of this statistical data,  explaining what makes a good web page, as hard as it may seem, is an absolute necessity. Great simple websites are different, but they also come with a string of qualities that make them similar. The notion of what makes a great website narrows itself down to clarifying what a good website should have. This article discusses characteristics of a good website, for the benefit of you and your venture, and these qualities are as follows:

Proper design and functionality

Your website mirrors the identity of your brand. Quality websites are crisp, neat, authentic, and easy to navigate. Thanks to the rapid advancement of science and technology, there are plenty of companies offering website-building services. Weblium is a website builder that has in its portfolio a total of 300+ website templates developed by professionally trained and tech-savvy designers. You will be able to effortlessly configure the said templates based on your requirements and needs.


Beautiful websites are hassle-free. Should you be set on making a good website, consider making it accessible to people with disabilities. Consider investing a sufficient amount of effort into producing professionally-looking, fresh, and intelligible content, both visual and textual. An efficient web page helps the visitors distinguish fluently important information from supplementary. Seamless navigation entails making all pages, blocks, and sections of your website readable and aesthetically pleasing. Another exceedingly crucial circumstance is selecting only high-quality content and guaranteeing that it functions swiftly and adequately.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices

In a world where life moves at a hectic pace, you should consider making your product attainable for your prospective clientele. Your prospective clients should be able to access your resources no matter where they are in the world or what kind of device they are using. Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and such seem here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. As a party owning a website, even if it is only a one-pager, you need to make sure it appears appealing, clean, and functional on all types of devices.

whar makes a good website

The freshness of perspective and high quality of content

As an entrepreneur, you have to embrace out-of-the-box thinking. The freshness of perspectives involves letting your creative juices flow to produce genuine and credible content. To ensure the premium quality of content, you would be featuring on your website. You may also have to admit the significance of proofreading, revising, and editing. What makes a website effective, after all, is the balance of different forms of content, their harmonious combination, and the absence of mistakes.

difference between good and bad content

Properly configured CRM

As an owner of a venture who seeks to optimize and solidify the online presence of the venture itself, you should not underestimate responsiveness. The concept implies establishing the relationship of trust and respect with your potential customers and, essentially, every person who reaches out to you.

The concept of approachability also presupposes swift and adequate response to visitors’ and customers’ requests. Cyber and media landscapes are designed to enhance people’s mobility. As a party directly involved in constructing virtual environments, you should consider that mission and do what you can to accomplish it efficiently.

Please, consider familiarizing yourself with this article to understand better the mechanics of CRM and why this technology is essential for your business. 


Aspire to deliver information as intelligibly as possible. Fluency of delivery matters because it helps expand the audience. Make a statement about why you have chosen to put up a website and go online clear to your clientele. Consider featuring contact forms, newsletter subscription option, links to your enterprise’s social media accounts on your website’s landing page. Should follow this suggestion, you may want to make each of the features easy to find and use.

what makes a good website checklist

SEO compliance

Amazing website design is not enough for establishing an online presence that benefits your enterprise. What makes a website great is keeping in mind how the visitors would feel exploring it. User experience is crucial because it not merely answers the question of what a good website is. It also typifies the humanization of Information Technology as one of the most rapidly developing industries and areas of expertise. SEO instruments, such as articulate integration of keywords, phrases, and headings, can help make your website discoverable. Here, you will find more information about how to utilize SEO tools effectively and with their help to better grasp what makes a website great.

qualities of a good website


What makes a good website is professionalism, commitment, and a little bit of unconventional thinking. To see how the principles laid out above can be practiced, please, check this list of website design examples of good websites.

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Thomas Phillips
Thomas Phillips
Jan 12, 2022 4:56 pm

Interesting article and good advice. Thank you