What’s New in July: Weblium CRM, Enriched Pop-ups, and More Templates!

What’s New in July: Weblium CRM, Enriched Pop-ups, and More Templates!

It was hot here in July. And by “hot” we mean great new features tailored to small and medium businesses of any niche. Check them out!

Weblium CRM

No more lost requests, no more external integrations! Now you can gather and manage all the deals without leaving your Weblium account, even on the go. CRM is the best way to organize your business’s day-to-day workflow, and here’s why.

All Replies — In One Place

The replies from all the contact forms appear in the CRM instantly and can be accessed with a couple of clicks. No need for multiple accounts and third-party tools.

All Replies — In One Place

Custom Funnels

You can create and manage funnels to match your business model perfectly. You can even add a separate pipeline for each website in your account for easier navigation — there is no limit!

Custom Funnels

Adding Deals Manually

This is a great feature if you have other channels for taking orders apart from your website. Add up deals and their descriptions to the general flow to view the whole picture of your business’s performance.

CRM adding deals manually

Budget Calculation

Calculate the budget stats on each stage of the funnel. For example, you can see the total income in the final stage, or track the expected payments in the “Pending” stage. 

Budget Calculation


We keep expanding our pop-ups functionality so that you can boost your sales even further!

Pop-up Triggers

A number of triggers available for your pop-ups allow you to target various audiences and display an offer/call-to-action right when it has the most impact. Show pop-ups on page load, on page scroll, on leave intent, and combine various scenarios to achieve the desired effect.

Pop-up triggers

Pop-up Frequency

When it comes to the pop-up windows which could potentially interrupt your visitors’ browsing, it’s best to stick to the quality over quantity principle. Set up the frequency which will be comfortable for your audience but still serve your business goals. 

Pop-up triggers

Pop-up Layout and Animation

Add a creative touch to your pop-up window by selecting how it will appear before your customers. Should it bounce-in or should it slowly fade-in on a page? It’s up to you! Besides, you may want to adjust its width in the layout tab. 

Pop-up animation

Online Bookings with YCLIENTS

If you offer appointment-based services, it would be a great idea to allow your customers to book a time slot right from your website. Add a YCLIENTS widget to accept bookings and manage your schedule more efficiently. 

Online bookings with YCLIENTS

Templates of July

In July we released 8 brand new templates, making it 247 available templates total! Check out new arrivals.

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